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From Ian:

A defeat for Ben & Jerry's, and all of BDS
Even when the Arab boycott stronghold was breached in the 1990s, the tools continued to be used by our enemies – now by left-wing organizations and Western countries – which were enthusiastic about embracing the anti-Zionist vision and isolating Israel with fervor that would have put the Nazi campaigns to shame.

For the Left, the outline was clear: to bring an anti-Israel atmosphere into every sphere of life, to ostracize the Jewish state and prepare the ground for the expansion of sanctions against it, all the way to government and international institutions.

Israel was targeted from all directions, and yet, it did nothing. The peak of the wave occurred around the turn of the century, which is no coincidence. The Oslo Accords and the disengagement policies only reinforced the boycott movement. A little bit more effort, the activists believed, and Israel will break.

And they spared no effort: Israeli scientists were excluded from international conferences and projects, international companies cut ties with Israeli tenders, and talks of boycotting corporations and banks that dared invest in Israel became common knowledge.

The trend began to change when Israel and its allies – Jewish communities in the Diaspora, first and foremost – stopped turning the other cheek and began to retaliate against our enemies.

We are beginning to see the fruits of their efforts with the Ben & Jerry affair, a victory that would have been impossible without continuous efforts to spread the truth: that boycotting Israel is antisemitic, and as such, is intolerable and unacceptable.

And yet, the fight is not over. There are still battles against the boycott movement to be fought, but the ice cream precedent is sweeter than ever. Our bravery brought us a victory.

PragerU: Is Israel An Apartheid State?
Does Israel discriminate against Arabs? Is it today's version of apartheid South Africa? Olga Meshoe, herself a South African whose family experienced apartheid, settles the question once and for all.

Canadian Government Defunds Project Led by Consultant Who Ranted About ‘Jewish White Supremacists’
Marouf also described Jews as “loud mouthed bags of human feces” and vowed to expel them from Israel.

“When we we liberate Palestine and they go back to where they come from, they will return to being voiced bitches of thier (sic) Christian/Secular White Supremacist Master,” he said.

On Tuesday, Minister Hussen issued a statement confirming that funding to CMAC, which was provided by Canadian Heritage, “has been cut and their project has been suspended.”

Calling Marouf’s words “reprehensible and vile,” he demanded to know how CMAC “came to hire Laith Marouf, and how they plan on rectifying the situation given the nature of his antisemitic and xenophobic statements.”

Responding to the news, Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) said it is “relieved” but that “many questions remained unanswered.”

“The Canadian government committed an egregious error by funding an organization and its ‘anti-racism’ project whose senior consultant repeatedly posted antisemitic tweets. Far too often, antisemitism is not treated as the serious form of hate that it is, coming from both sides of the political spectrum,” said FSWC Director of Policy Jamie Kirzner-Roberts.

He continued, “Antisemitism must never be tolerated. We expect Canadian Heritage and its leadership to explain where they went wrong and how they will ensure organizations and their members that promote antisemitic views will not receive government funding in the future.”

Marouf’s attorney, Stephen Ellis, has denied that his client feels any “animus toward the Jewish faith as a collective group.”

Worst. Antisemtism Defence. Ever.
An article published today in the Guardian, written by Leyland Cecco, reported on a recent row inolving revelations that Laith Marouf, an adviser to the Canadian government on anti-racism initiatives in the country’s media, had a history of vile antisemitic tweets. The Canadian Housing, Diversity and Inclusion Ministry announced on Monday that it suspended the program and cut funding to Marouf’s firm, called the Community Media Advocacy Center, whose stated mission is “To disrupt settler colonialism and oppression in the media”.

Here are some of Marouf’s tweets:
“I have a motto: Life is too short for shoes with laces, or for entertaining Jewish White Supremacists with anything but a bullet to the head,” Marouf said in reference to Israeli Jews.

In another tweet, he said: “You know all those loud-mouthed bags of human feces, AKA the Jewish White Supremacists; when we liberate Palestine and they have to go back to where they come from, they will return to being low-voiced b*****s of their Christian/secular white supremacist masters.”

Targeting Irwin Cotler, who was appointed by Canada’s Prime Minister as an envoy against antisemitism, he tweeted: “The Jewish White Supremacist Summit hosted by Apartheid Canada PM @JustinTrudeau, was the brain-child of @IrwinCotler the Grand Wizard of Zionism in this Colony,”

He also referred to Zionists as “white Jews who adopted Nazism and created Zionism.”.
Jew Hater Roger Waters Appears on Chinese Propaganda Network
Roger Waters, an anti-Israel activist and cofounder of the rock band Pink Floyd, on Monday appeared on a Chinese propaganda network.

The now-78-year-old anti-Israel activist, who in 2020 discussed Israel's alleged role in George Floyd's death with the pro-Hamas Shehab News Agency and in 2017 tried to cancel a different band's Israel concert, is now touting pro-China views.

China Global Television Network (CGTN) America, based in Washington, D.C., is an arm of the Beijing-led propaganda network China Central Television. In an interview with CGTN America about China's sovereignty over Taiwan, Waters attacked American media.

"You won't catch me watching MSNBC or Fox or anything in between because it's all nonsense. It's all propaganda, all of it … and they're doing it as an exercise in control," Waters said.

Waters compared American media's coverage of U.S.-Taiwan relations to Nazi Germany and to George Orwell's 1984.

"It's the same kind of technique that, dare I say it," Waters said, "the Third Reich used in the '30s in Germany: You have to identify somebody. They identified the Jews. … Once you identify your enemy it's much easier to control the people because you close down the window of attention that they have."
Pot & Kettle: Roger Waters Lashing Out at West’s Banning Russians
Roger Waters, co-founder of the British rock band Pink Floyd (who has since been banned from the band over his antisemitism), on Tuesday, lashed out at the attempts to cancel Russian culture in the West, saying it’s completely idiotic and insane when Western nations refuse to cooperate with Russian artists and musicians.

Waters told TASS: “It’s completely idiotic. And just shows the way these people’s brains were, to ban concerts of Tchaikovsky’s music or tell people they can’t read Dostoyevsky. It’s insane, obviously.”

It probably is, about as insane as Waters’ attempts to ban Israeli art and artists in service of the BDS movement. In 2015, Waters published an open letter in Salon criticizing Rock musician Bon Jovi for performing in Tel Aviv. He ran a petition in 2017 urging Radiohead to cancel a 2017 concert in Israel. Also in 2017, he co-signed an open letter to Nick Cave asking him to cancel his concerts in Tel Aviv. Cave did not cancel the concerts.

Waters narrated the 2016 documentary The Occupation of the American Mind: Israel’s Public Relations War in the United States, about the “methods used by Israel to shape American public opinion” (his version of the Jews controlling the media conspiracy theory). In 2020, Waters said Israel was responsible for the murder of George Floyd because the IDF taught US police officers the restriction techniques used in the murder.

In short, everything for which he blames the West about boycotting Russia, Waters has done to Israel and Jewish organizations for close to 20 years now.

PreOccupiedTerritory: Non-Jew Happy To Tell Jews What Jews Believe (satire)
A gentile took the opportunity again today to lecture a member of the Hebraic tribes on what such membership demands and entails, a pastime in which he indulges with some frequency, according to observers.

“Access to abortion is a Jewish value,” insisted Chester Anthony, a progressive activist, in conversation with a Jew. “Real Jews are pro-choice.”

“Also true Judaism is anti-Zionist,” he added. “Real Jews oppose the State of Israel and want Palestinian control over all of historic Palestine.”

Anthony considers himself knowledgeable enough about Judaism and Jewish history to pontificate on what Jews should and should not do. “Jews should have learned from the Holocaust not to mistreat minorities under their rule,” he has stated, in reference to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Other lessons from the Holocaust, such as the realization that Jews cannot depend on non-Jews for safety and security, and must protect themselves by whatever means necessary, plus any lessons for non-Jews regarding their inaction while millions died, remain absent from his rhetoric and political thinking.

“Education is a Jewish value,” he has also asserted, even as he criticizes insular Jewish religious communities for structuring their lives around maximizing the study of Jewish texts. While Anthony has not spoken outright his assumption that assimilation into wider society is a Jewish value, the sentiment shines through in many of his pronouncements on the subject of Jews. An interlocutor once asked him to explain the inconsistency between “Real Jews are pro-choice” and his argument that the state must force the insular communities to study and exhibit proficiency in secular subjects. Anthony blocked the tweeter and reported him for harassment.
The Philadelphia Inquirer Hides Antisemitism — Again
Antisemitism, The Philadelphia Inquirer warned in 2018, is “rising.” But the newspaper is doing its best to hide what it once acknowledged was a growing problem. Indeed, the Inquirer has launched nothing short of an advocacy campaign on behalf of a woman who once said that “Israel doesn’t have a right to exist.”

On August 23, 2022, the Inquirer filed a dispatch entitled, “She was fired for being publicly pro-Palestine. One year later, no one is hiring her.” However, in more than 1,600 words, reporter Massarah Makati failed to inform readers that Natalie Abulhawa, a one-time private school teacher, was fired for not only saying that Israel doesn’t have a right to exist, but for attending rallies where signs read “Jews control the U.S. Senate.” That seems like an important detail.

Instead, the Inquirer portrays Abulhawa as being fired for purely being “pro-Palestinian.” The newspaper posits her dismissal as being part of a dastardly plot to silence “pro-Palestinian” voices.

But Abulhawa isn’t “pro-Palestinian.” Nor can it be fairly said that she is merely critical of Israel. Her own statements, readily available to the Inquirer, show otherwise.

Abulhawa’s own words deny Israel’s right to exist, and seem to condone violence against Israelis. Canary Mission, a website that catalogues antisemitic statements and organizations, has a publicly available list of the one-time teacher’s troubling comments.

For example, on August 5, 2016, Abulhawa tweeted: “Fk each and every single Zionist on this planet. I hope they rot in f*king hell. Fking cts.”
Guardian is clueless about Israel's security fence
A review by Steven Poole of a new essayistic travelogue titled “The Edge of the Plain: How borders make and break our world“, written by James Crawford, was published in the Guardian on Aug. 11.

The Guardian piece touches on several walls or barriers in various locations throughout the world featured in Crawford’s book, including what Poole refers to as the “so-called separation wall built by Israel”, which, Poole ‘reveals’, “initially tried to get everyone to call it a ‘fence'”.

In fact, the overwhelming majority of the security FENCE does indeed consist of wire FENCE.

Poole continues:
A glimmer of light relief is provided by Crawford’s observation of a graffito on the barrier: “Make hummus not walls.” He buys a can of spray paint and contributes his own graffiti: a stencilled recreation of the Sumerian phrase for “no man’s land”. The sociologist Baha Hilo explains to the author the wall’s effect. “This wall doesn’t really separate Palestinians from Israelis, you know,” he says. “Because there are Palestinians and Israelis on one side and Palestinians and Israelis on the other side. But the wall is an obstacle. Is it an obstacle for a Jewish Israeli person? No. A Jewish Israeli doesn’t experience a checkpoint. They greet you, give you a nice wave. That is a checkpoint for them. As a Palestinian it is something else. The wall is an obstacle between Palestinians and Palestinians.” The great Israeli novelist Amos Oz, for his part, has written that it is time for his country to “finally awaken from the hypnosis of the map”.

First, Baha Hilo, a graduate of Birzeit University with a degree in Sociology, is not an academic, but an anti-Israel activist who fancies Che Guevera and appears to reject the legitimacy of a Jewish state within any borders.

Moreover, contrary to his suggestion that Jews don’t face restrictions on their freedom of movement in the West Bank, Israeli Jews are prohibited from crossing into Palestinian cities located in PA-controlled Area A.

But, the biggest deception, beyond that of the comments by the “sociologist” quoted in the book he reviewed, is the failure of Poole to even acknowledge that Israel’s fence was of course designed for one reason, and one reason only: to protect against suicide bombers and other terrorists who used to cross the previously porous ‘border’ in order to murder and maim innocent Israeli civilians during the 2nd Intifada.
HonestReporting Forensic Work Exposes More New York Times Freelancers Who Praised Hitler, Palestinian Terror
HonestReporting Holding Media Outlets to Account
While the NYT’s swift response is to be commended, the incident casts serious doubt on the media’s ability to properly vet their local workers and sources. Seemingly, multiple news outlets failed to take notice of the antisemitic past of these local hires.

Hanona, Hijjy, and Salem are not unfortunate exceptions. In fact, they are only the most recent, egregious examples that we have uncovered in our role as a media watchdog. In the last year alone, HonestReporting’s investigative work has resulted in multiple journalists being fired or no longer featured by The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, and the BBC, who fired Tala Halawa after we revealed that she tweeted “Hitler was right.”

As we continue to fight for accuracy and fairness in reporting on the Arab-Israeli conflict, we ask you to support our work by regularly visiting our website and signing up to receive our free IsraBites newsletter.

We also encourage our readers to contact us if they spot anti-Israel bias in the media and to share our articles through social media channels.

Lastly, you can help fund our work by making a donation.

Together, we will continue to ensure that journalists are properly held accountable.

New Report Claims Book About Jewish Notary Who Betrayed Anne Frank’s Family Is ‘Disgracefully Untrue’
A new report claims a book that names a Jewish notary as the leading suspect who betrayed Holocaust diarist Anne Frank and her family to the Nazis is full of mistakes and “manipulations in the provided evidence.”

“The Betrayal of Anne Frank: A Cold Case Investigation,” published in January by Canadian author Rosemary Sullivan, concluded that the Frank family and other Jews hiding with them were likely to have been betrayed to the Nazis by Dutch Jewish notary Arnold van den Bergh.

But this month, Dutch publicist Natasha Gerson published a report on — a platform dedicated to the Jewish community in the Netherlands — concluding that Sullivan’s book is no more “than a scam well played” and listing a number of major misrepresentations, including mistranslations which had allegedly incriminated Van den Bergh as a traitor to the Frank family.

Sullivan was not available for comment as of Tuesday afternoon.

The Frank family hid from the Nazis in a secret annex in Amsterdam with other Jews during most of the war, but they were arrested in August 1944 by an SS officer who was tipped off about the hiding place. They were sent to several concentration camps and the young diarist died in Bergen-Belsen.

Gerson claims she debunked a claim in the book that Frank’s father, Otto Frank, received an anonymous note implicating Van den Bergh in the betrayal of his family and that he covered it up because the notary was a fellow Jew.
CNN’s Rising Hate_ Antisemitism in America
In the face of a rising tide of anti-Semitism, CNN deserves praise for presenting its special report Rising Hate: Antisemitism in America, but it’s important to note the report had both positive and negative aspects, including crucial omissions.

The positives included, for example, a statement by ADL leader Jonathan Greenblatt that anti-Semitism has “become a political prop for people on both the right and the left.”

Also positive was host Dana Bash’s statement that “Over the past five years, FBI data shows Jews have been the victims of hate crimes more often than any other religion.”

A further positive was Bash’s interview with Cassie Blattner, a Jewish student at SUNY New Paltz who was kicked out of a sexual assault survivors group she co-founded because she shared a pro-Israel Instagram post. Blattner was told by her former friends that “because I’m a Zionist, that that means I’m an oppressor. And that means that I am not against all forms of oppression, which means that I’m not against sexual violence.”

But why would a Zionist be viewed as an oppressor? The answer – entirely omitted by CNN – is because of anti-Israel propaganda, much of it from CNN and its media colleagues, and groups like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the UN. This media/NGO complex delegitimizes Israel and helps give a green light for attacks on Jewish students on American campuses.

And while, as mentioned above, the program did point to anti-Semitism coming from both the left and the right, a glaring omission was the failure to actually name any guilty parties on the left.

For example, CNN omitted any mention of “progressive” politicians like Representatives Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, who have frequently engaged in blatant anti-Semitism when launching attacks against Israel. Examples include Omar’s Tweets charging that “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel”:

TikTok Video of Jewish Flag Vandalized at Interfaith Site in Vienna Draws Condemnation From Local Officials
The Jewish community in Vienna and local officials condemned an act of vandalism in which youths tore down a flag representing Jewish faith this past weekend.

The incident, which was shared widely on social media, was filmed at the construction site of the “Campus of Religions,” an interfaith center in the Austrian capital. The video, posted on the social media service TikTok, shows three youths climbing on a flagpole and dragging the flag with a Star of David down until it is completely destroyed.

Local law enforcement authorities have opened an investigation against three unknown perpetrators on suspicion of defamation of religious teachings and damage to property, according to press reports.

“The act of vandalism that occurred on the construction site of the campus of religions is intolerable,” stated Vienna’s mayor Michael Ludwig, confirming that local authorities have been informed and are investigating the incident.

Oskar Deutsch, president of the Jewish Community of Vienna, tweeted that he was “disturbed” by the “antisemitic” vandalism on the campus of religions.

The Campus of Religions site is being built as an interfaith meeting place for the Catholic, Evangelical and Orthodox churches, as well as Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists and members of the New Apostolic Church.

In a joint statement, the eight religions in the Vienna peace project condemned the act of vandalism at the site and expressed their dismay, announcing that they will not “tolerate such abuse and degradation.”

“When one religion among us is attacked, all are attacked,” the statement read. “We condemn any form of antisemitism – in word or symbolic deed.”
When Israel learned never to rely on anyone else for defense
When the massacre finally ended, the surviving Jews resettled in Jerusalem. Some Jewish families tried to move back to Hebron but were removed by the British authorities in 1936 at the start of the Arab revolt.

In 1948, the War of Independence granted Israel statehood but further cut the Jews off from Hebron. The city was captured by King Abdullah’s Arab Legion and ultimately annexed to Jordan.

When Jews finally regained control of the city in 1967, a small number of massacre survivors again tried to reclaim their old houses. Then-defense minister Moshe Dayan told the survivors that if they returned, they would be arrested and that they should be patient while the government worked out a solution to get their houses back. Dayan never got around to it–I guess he was too busy giving away Jewish rights to the Temple Mount.

The Memorial of the Jews of Hebron, as submitted to the British High Commissioner of Palestine, closes with these tragic words:

In the name of sixty-five slaughtered, fifty-eight wounded, and many orphans and widows; in the name of the remnants of the plundered and tortured, we accuse:
- The [British Mandatory] Government, which did not fulfill its duty and provide protection for its peaceful and defenceless charges.
- The Governor, Abdullah Kardos, and the Commander, Cafferata, who deprived us of the means of appealing for help and defence, betrayed us with empty promises and gave the murderers and robbers their opportunity.
- The police, which did not fulfill its duty and behaved with contemptible baseness.
- The emissaries of the Mufti and the Moslem Council, in particular the Sheikh Talib Narka and his colleagues, those mentioned above, as well as those who have not been mentioned, who proclaimed the massacre and permitted murder and rape.
- Also, the [Arab] inhabitants of Hebron (with the exception of some families) who did not rise up to help their brothers and neighbors in accordance with the commandments of the Koran…

Some 93 years later, that memorial still rings true. Terrorists are still attacking innocent Jews in Israel. The United Nations simply watches and, most of the time, finds a way to blame Israel. The world body even claims that Hebron, the first Jewish city, part of which was purchased by the Jewish Patriarch Abraham, doesn’t belong to the Jews.

The Hebron massacre taught the future State of Israel that it can never fully trust any other nation. The Jewish State must protect itself as it deems appropriate because when push comes to shove, history has taught the Jews, just like 93 years ago in Hebron, that if the eternal Jewish homeland doesn’t protect one else will.

On that Sabbath, in 1929, the first piece of the Holy Land ever purchased by a “Hebrew” became an occupied territory. And except for a small Jewish enclave, it still is. The indentations for mezuzahs of 1929 Hebron homeowners can still be seen on doorways in the now empty souk.

May the memories of the victims killed on August 23 and 24th, 93 years ago, always be for a blessing.
Here’s Why Media Are Ignoring Palestinian Authority’s Glorification of 1929 Hebron Massacre
On August 24, 1929, sixty-seven Jews in Hebron, then part of British Mandatory Palestine, were killed by Arabs incited to violence by baseless rumors that Jews were plotting to seize control of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

While the massacre started in Hebron, rampaging Arabs also murdered Jews in Jerusalem and Safed. Over the course of one week, Arabs killed 130 Jews.

The Hebron Massacre sent shock waves through Jewish communities in Palestine and around the world. It led to a more coordinated Jewish defense, manifested in the professionalization of the Haganah – the official militia of the Jewish community in Palestine — that later became the nucleus of the Israel Defense Forces.

But even though the Hebron Massacre generated widespread news coverage around the world in 1929, the annual celebration by the Palestinian Authority of the pogrom until the present day is simply ignored by the international press.

This blackout could be the result of inconvenient chronology. Since the Hebron Massacre occurred before the creation of a Jewish state or army, the murders fly in the face of the media’s standard origin story that frames Israel’s establishment in 1948 and expansion as the result of a preemptive war of survival in 1967 as the sources of the conflict with the Palestinians.

Maurice Hirsch has written extensively about the PA’s ongoing love affair with the perpetrators of the Hebron Massacre. Every year, Hirsch notes in Palestinian Media Watch, Jerusalem’s supposed peace partner marks the execution of three Hebron Massacre murderers – Muhammad Jamjoum, Fuad Hijazi, and Ataa Al-Zir – by the British mandatory government.

In 2019, PA TV marked the execution of “the three heroes” and used the opportunity to add that they have become “a legend of self-sacrifice for the homeland” and that “souls that have been sacrificed for their country will not die.”

This is nothing less than PA-sanctioned incitement to kill Jews.

Jesse Eisenberg to Direct, Write and Star in Film About Jewish Roots, Family and Holocaust History in Poland
Jewish actor Jesse Eisenberg will direct, write and star alongside “Succession” actor Kieran Culkin in a film about two estranged cousins who travel to Poland after their grandmother dies to learn about her life and, in turn, join a Holocaust tour, Screen Daily reported.

“They have a funny, fraught relationship,” Eisenberg, who has family roots in Poland, said about the main characters in “A Real Pain,” which will begin filming March 2023 in Warsaw.

The “Social Network” star added about his new film, “it’s a bittersweet story, as we realize maybe we don’t fully belong together, but against the backdrop of this incredibly dramatic history. I’m trying to ask the question: is modern pain valid against the backdrop of real historical trauma? I think I’m speaking to the experience of people [in their 30s] who go back and it’s foreign to them – and now suddenly real.”

Supporting the project is the US production company Fruit Tree, which also produced Eisenberg’s feature directorial debut, “When You Finish Saving The World.” The Oscar-nominated actor said he hopes to use “as much of the crew as I can bring” from his first film alongside a Polish crew. He noted, “luckily I’m shooting in a country that has an amazing film tradition.”

Eisenberg has explored themes surrounding the Holocaust in his previous projects as well in his 2013 play, “The Revisionist,” which was inspired by a trip he took to Poland where he met a second cousin who survived World War II.

In the 2020 drama “Resistance,” Eisenberg took on the lead role of real-life French mime Marcel Marceau, who was a central figure in the French Resistance against Nazi forces and helped rescue Jewish children during World War II. Eisenberg, who lost family members in the Holocaust, previously said his family hails from an area in Poland very near to where Marceau’s father came from. The actor said playing Marceau on screen was “the most fulfilling experience I’d ever had.”
Nick Cave’s earthly treasures - review
Tuesday night’s two-and-a-half-hour concert by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in Rishon Lezion was like an old-fashioned tent revival but under the crystal clear sky.

And the 64-year-old black-suited, black-haired Cave alternated between passionately advocating for the devil and the angel throughout the riveting performance that encompassed much of his almost-40-year career.

Concert-goers who attended one of Cave’s two legendary 2017 shows at the Menora Mivtahim Arena in Tel Aviv commented that there was no way to compare them – they were equally righteous in their own way.

Cave appeared in fine spirits, frequently bantering with the sold-out crowd of nearly 15,000, and regularly placing his faith and well-being in them by surfing out into the front rows while not missing a line.

The Bad Seeds – with Cave’s Bono-to-Edge foil, guitarist and violinist extraordinaire Warren Ellis – must be one of the most formidable ensembles in the rock universe, and they followed and cajoled Cave to heights of frenzy and moments of beauty.

What songs were performed?

Songs like “From Her to Eternity,” “Tupelo” and “Red Right Hand” were at times terrifying in their intensity, as was the ominous “Higgs Boson Blues” with its otherworldly shout-outs to Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus.
Maccabi Haifa's Champions League advance stuns Israelis
Israel's Maccabi Haifa soccer club on Tuesday advanced to the Champions League group stage for the first time in over a decade, beating Serbia's Red Star Belgrade 5-4 on aggregate in the Balkan country.

Following a thrilling 3-2 win at Sammy Ofer Stadium in the northern Israel city of Haifa last week, Maccabi's win came in dramatic style on a 90th-minute own-goal from the Serbian side, clinching the 2-2 tie.

The win means Israel's "Greens" will join 31 other teams in European soccer's biggest competition, where it will compete against the best-of-the-best teams for a shot at the UEFA Championship.

It will be Maccabi Haifa's third-ever appearance in the group stage, and the first for an Israeli team since Maccabi Tel Aviv's run in 2015. Haifa found itself in a hole early after a goal in the 27th minute and another score 15 minutes later, going down 2-0.

But seconds after an Israeli penalty shot was blocked, Maccabi defender Daniel Sundgren sent a strike from almost 100 feet out to make the score 2-1 heading into halftime. As a scoreless second half came to a close and the teams headed to a tie on aggregate – the combined number of goals scored over two or more games – a corner kick by Maccabi's Omer Atzili was awkwardly deflected by a Serbian player, sending it into his own net to give Israel the lead and the win.
Jewish History Museum Inaugurated in Moroccan Port Town
A museum dedicated to Jewish history and culture was inaugurated in the Moroccan port city of Tangier on Friday.

The new Beit Yehuda museum is housed in the Assayag synagogue, which was founded in 1890 and abandoned for more than 60 years before restoration plans were announced in 2021, Morocco World News reported.

Morocco’s Ministry of Culture financed the rehabilitation work, which cost 2 million Moroccan Dirhams (about $190,000), while the Jewish community donated funds to help build out the museum space.

Mohamed Mhidia, the wali or governor of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region, was among the local officials who took part in the inauguration, along with Omar Moro, the president of the regional council of Tangier. Also present was Serge Berdugo, secretary general of the Council of Jewish Communities of Morocco.

The Jewish community in Morocco dates back to pre-Roman times, and included some 270,000 people in 1948. The population shrunk significantly after Israel’s founding, with an estimated 2,000-3,000 Jews living in Morocco today. Casablanca is home to the country’s largest Jewish population, while less than 200 are believed to live in Tangier.

In July, King Mohammed VI endorsed a restructuring of the local Jewish community, including the establishment of foundation to safeguard its heritage and a commission dedicated to Moroccan Jews living abroad.
UK man who survived concentration camp as baby finally learns his family’s identity
Holocaust orphan Jackie Young searched painfully and unsuccessfully for the identity of his biological father for most of his life.

He has known for decades that he was born to a Jewish Viennese woman in her early 30s, who was deported in June 1942 to Maly Trostenets, a Nazi killing center near Minsk, Belarus, where she was murdered. The woman’s name, Elsa Spiegel, appears on Young’s original birth certificate. It was noted that she was unmarried, and the space for the father’s name was left blank.

Young miraculously survived as an orphaned infant for two years and eight months at the Terezin (Theresienstadt) camp-ghetto in Czechoslovakia.

Now, thanks to the help of two specialists in Jewish genetic genealogy, Young knows not only his father’s name but also that he has living relatives on his paternal side in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Israel, and possibly Hungary.

“I’ve been waiting for this news for six decades. I’m not alone anymore,” said the 80-year-old retired London taxi driver. As far as he knows, he was the only child of his biological parents, and his adoptive parents, Ralph and Annie Young (Yanofsky). Get The Times of Israel's Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories

Young came to the attention of American genealogists Jennifer Mendelsohn and Dr. Adina Newman thanks to a The Times of Israel article on Young’s appearance on the BBC television program, “DNA Family Secrets.” Mendelsohn and Newman are the administrators of the 10,000 member-strong “Jewish DNA for Genetic Genealogy and Family Research” Facebook group.

The BBC show’s geneticist, Dr. Turi King, was able to allay Young’s long-held fear that his biological father was a Nazi.

Young had theorized that the only way he could have survived Terezin was for his father to have been a Nazi who protected him from mistreatment, and from being one of the 9,001 children deported to extermination camps in the east.

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