Wednesday, February 09, 2022

When I heard about the Whoopi thing, I thought, “She’s right. The Jews are not a race.”

Five minutes later, my husband asked if I’d heard about the Whoopi thing. He said, “You know, she’s right. We’re not a race.”

Dennis Prager appears to agree with both of us.

So no. It wasn't what Whoopi said about race that angered me. It was when she described the Holocaust as white people doing stuff to other white people, and worse yet, when she said (emphasis added): “Most of the Nazis were white people and most of the people they were attacking were white people. So to me, I’m thinking, ‘How can you say it’s about race when you’re fighting each other?’”

This is how Caryn Elaine Johnson alias Whoopi Goldberg describes the Final Solution. 

“Fighting each other.” Tell me, Caryn. When was that? Because I missed that part of history. Was it when we were in the cattle cars? In the gas chambers clawing the walls? Being sent up in smoke? I am not at all convinced that "Goldberg" is ignorant of the meaning of her words. 

To describe Hitler's Final Solutions as “fighting each other” is worse even than blaming the victim. In Whoopi's mind, there is no difference between aggressor and victim, Nazi or Jew. To Caryn/Whoopi, all white people are just . . . white people. What they do to each other is no concern of hers. The Holocaust? Just white people fighting it out. 

Whoopi's description of the systematic extermination of millions of Jews as white people “fighting each other,” reminds me those who refer to the “Israel-Palestine conflict” to describe a situation in which Arabs terrorize Israeli Jews in order to steal their land.

Lies are lies. Call things as they are. Or don't, and expose your naked Jew-hate to the world.

It wasn’t white people fighting white people, it was Nazis killing JEWS.

It's not an “Israel-Palestine conflict,” it’s the Arab War Against the Jews. 

Perhaps worse than the business with Whoopi are the stupid things people are saying about the "Goldberg" affair. Some examples:

1) Whoopi doesn’t know she’s an antisemite

 Oh, COME. ON.

Her stage name misappropriates a classic Jewish surname combined with "whoopee," like "Big deal. A Jew." (Way to get attention Caryn Johnson--because without the eye-popping offensive name, you couldn't make it on your own).

Her recipe for JAP chicken depicts, or rather caricatures Jewish housewives as wealthy people who make servants do their housework, while they make themselves beautiful. Reminiscent of the old South?

She designed and marketed a Chanukah sweater of an octopus menorah, the octopus being a classic image used in antisemitic cartoons, to suggest that Jews are at the top with their fingers in everything, exerting control over the entire world. 

And of course, the excrement she so lately spewed about the Holocaust. But some of her fans have selective hearing and choose not hear the disdain in her voice when she refers to “white people,” and lumps us all in one basket. Whoopi fake Goldberg doesn’t think Jews are more special than other white people. She doesn't believe they deserve any special compassion.

That’s naked hatred, baby. And if you are too stupid to see it perhaps you’ll do us the favor of not reproducing.

2) The Jews ARE a race because DNA

Did your momma drop you on your head?

3) B-b-b-but she apologized

Why do people give a pass to naked Jew-haters when they apologize in order to shush their detractors? Adolf Eichmann spoke Yiddish and a bissel Hebrew to ingratiate himself with his Israeli captors. This was also meaningless. 

Learn from the past.

Look, I’ve tried to stay out of the discussions, for the most point. I don’t like arguing with people. Either they get it after a reasonable try, or they don’t. Whoopi is a racist, a naked Jew-hater, and the Jews are not a race.

But after a wonderful day of not talking or thinking about Caryn/Whoopi Fake-Goldberg, i.e. Shabbos, I booted up my laptop (with some regret at parting from a nice relaxing day complete with gourmet meals, snacks, and books) and found a request from a friend for my help. She knew it was Shabbos for me but when I got back on, could I please help her.

I looked and Oh GAWD. It was the Whoopi thing again with a bunch of bloviating fools spouting off on a comments thread, all so impressed with their own importance. 

Except for my friend. She was being reasoned and logical, but couldn't get anywhere at knocking sense into their heads, a useless exercise, of course. She knew that Whoopi was wrong, but didn't know how to persuade the idiots on her thread. I actually thought she was doing a great job of explaining why the things Fake Goldberg said were vile, and told her so, but she wanted me to weigh in and so I did.

This was not my usual crowd and I wasn't sure what to say to them. I didn't know how much to say to them: how much they could absorb. So I just started writing and the following free-form essay/rant evolved. It’s not polished writing and it’s even a little repetitive, but I decided not to stealth edit and just share it here, as is:

The Jews are not a race. They are a nation, a peoplehood, an indigenous people, and a religion. Jews come from many races, just as Christians do.

Through the ages, the Jew was always the scapegoat whenever anything went wrong for non-Jews, and even when nothing went wrong. The fact that Jews stubbornly refused to convert to the much later religions of Christianity and Islam, caused a great deal of resentment.

These religions, which both have as their basis, the sacred writings and basic tenets of Judaism, were meant to be accepted as superior to Judaism. They were meant to supersede Judaism with replacement theology. The fact that Jews stubbornly refused to accept the superiority of these religions, clinging to their own God and their own commandments, made them an object of resentment.

Sometimes that resentment led to pogroms, where non-Jews would release tension by entering a Jewish ghetto and killing and raping Jews. Jews were not allowed to enter certain professions through the ages. Jewish musicians were forbidden to play certain musical instruments*. There were expulsions, we were put into ghettos, sent from country to country, place to place. And no matter what they did to us, we clung to our God; our desire to return to our land, which we never lost; and our Torah.

The feeling that grew and grew over thousands of years of resentment was that if only the Jews could be eradicated, the world would be a better place.

Hitler, may his name and memory be erased, spread the theory that the Jews were a race: a race of untermenschen. If you look up this word in the dictionary, it means: "a person considered racially or socially inferior."

Hitler said the Jews were vermin: like rats, lice, and cockroaches. They infiltrated and proliferated. As such, they needed to be eradicated.

By expounding the theory that the Jews were vermin, it became, in the eyes of the German people, and much of the rest of Europe, okay to exterminate them. The Jews were a malignant pest.

Before this, there was no concentrated effort to eradicate the Jews in toto. Murder went against the moral code that most people accepted, no matter their religion. But Hitler's theories, as expounded in Mein Kampf and other writings, gave moral permission to murder Jews. Because the Jews were no longer like other people, but a race of vermin.

If you look at old copies of Der Stürmer, you can see how the Jew is depicted as a pig, a rat, and various other types of vermin.

Hitler told Germans that they were a superior race, when they were no race at all. He said the Jews were an inferior race and needed to be exterminated.

Hitler even used the bogus science of phrenology in order to lend credibility to the idea that the Jews are a race. There were charts of the different regions of the head, showing how the Aryan and Jewish skulls differed. Supposedly, our skulls would give us away. That is, if circumcision wasn't enough. I imagine his idea was to show that just as black people and Asian people have different physical characteristics, so do Jews.

The entire point of all of this was to give license to kill.

Hence, even though neither Aryans nor Jews are a race, the Holocaust was definitely about race.

The irony is that Whoopi said that the Holocaust was about white people doing stuff to other white people. So if the Jews are not a race, how are they white??

The Jews are not white. First of all, we originate in the Levant, and many of us are swarthy until today. Because we were expelled from our land, and wandered the earth, we picked up other characteristics, mostly through rape. But also because people of all kinds converted to Judaism through the centuries.

If you have ever visited Israel, you will see that most Israelis pass for Hispanic. That is because most Israelis settled in other parts of the Levant after the Romans expelled us. They stayed swarthy, and retained our original physical characteristics.

I will tell you the truth. It was not the race thing that bothered me the most about what Whoopi said. It was when she suggested that the Holocaust was just white people killing each other. As if there were parity between the Nazis and the Jews. As if the Jews were aggressors, equal aggressors, and it just two kids in a sandbox fighting it out.

This is not what happened. You know what happened. So does she. The Jews never had any power or control. We weren't aggressive or fighting the German people. We were just trying to live our lives in peace.

But when the chips were down and the economy was in dire straits, the people needed a scapegoat, and that scapegoat was the Jew. By directing their energy to the task of exterminating the Jews via the Final Solution, Hitler mobilized the people and gave them a focus and hope. So they were all onboard with seeking out every last Jew, herding them into cattle cars and systematically gassing and burning them.

It was the theory that Jews were a race that gave them permission to do all of this. And it was never whites doing stuff to other whites or whites doing stuff to each other.

Whoopi is a repugnant person who appropriated an obviously Jewish surname, combining it with a ridiculous first name in order to make herself famous. She couldn't rely on her own name and her talent, so she exploited the Jews and made fun of them by adding that clownish first name. She was caricaturing the Jew, and it was not dissimilar to what Hitler did: imputing to them certain characteristics and making them a laughingstock, somehow LESS than people. Untermenschen that could be caricatured and ridiculed as a separate and subhuman "race."

Like I said, not polished or well-written. But apparently effective. Because not a single comment--in a very LONG and contentious thread--followed my treatise on the subject of Whoopi Goldberg, the Holocaust, and the history of the Jewish people. 

They’d just been shut down by The Vard. 


*See, for instance: Alexander II lifted the ban on “loud instruments” in 1855.


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