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From Ian:

A Misunderstanding About Anti-Semitism
Only diseases can have cures, and anti-Semitism is not a disease: It is a perfectly normal human reaction to an anomaly that has persisted for just over 2,000 years, ever since starving Jews migrated in great numbers to food-rich Roman Egypt and its splendid capital of Alexandria, where they quickly outmatched the local Greek-speaking elite not only in Greek philosophy but also in Greek athletics—and in business too, no doubt. The Greeks reacted not by competing harder, but with murderous mob attacks. Thus, anti-Semitism was born, already so fully formed that nothing has been added by all the anti-Semites in history ever since. That the Jewish side of the story is well known through texts by Josephus and Philo, while the original denunciation of the Jews by then-famous philosopher Apion is lost (except for the bits quoted by Josephus as put-downs), proves just how right Apion was: Primitive Hebrew shepherds and peasants arrive, and in no time at all they take over everything, even Greek philosophic literature, in which Philo now occupies 10 volumes in the Harvard’s Loeb Classical Library and Apion has none, zilch, and nada. (Loeb was a Jewish banker, of course.)

What infuriated the Greeks was that the Jews stubbornly preserved their identity, even when they threw away their Bedouin robes to sit in togas to debate Aristotle and “continue” Plato’s writings, even when they abandoned Hebrew for Greek in their daily lives, and even when they exercised in the gym just as naked as the Greeks—and walked off with the prizes. By the time Philo paid a call on the Emperor Gaius—aka the colorfully murderous, pan-sexual Caligula—to ask him to fire his anti-Jewish Governor Aulus Avilius Flaccus and stop the riots, two of the five quarters of Alexandria, the New York City of the Roman world, were mostly Jewish. Gaius, incidentally, joshed Philo about the weirdness of not eating pork, but did recall A.A. Flaccus, who ran into a sword upon his return—an early case of undue Jewish political influence.

Apion & Co. were unpleasant but not irrational, because the extraordinary success of Alexandria’s Jews certainly had no straightforward explanation. They should have been at the bottom of the queue, not at the top, considering that ambitious and well-educated Greeks were arriving in the city all the time, and that many of the indigenous Egyptians were already very well educated urban folk (the rubbish heaps of just one of their small towns, Oxyrhynchus, have yielded the fragments of many literary scrolls).

There was only one logical explanation for Apion and all anti-Semites ever since: The real reason Jews stayed away from the wide-open temples in which all decent folk publicly gathered to worship the gods with sacrifices, libations, and hymns was to conspire in their secretive and literally godless synagogues to do in the gentiles, conniving and conspiring to defraud them of their just rewards while pretending to mumble incomprehensible prayers in their weird tongue.

The obvious remedy against the perpetually conniving Jews was simply to keep them out—a humanitarian solution actually, for no violence was needed. And for two millennia after the Alexandria riots, countless towns, many cities, and some entire countries did just that.
StandWithUs: The rise of Antisemitism in New York City.
Antisemitic incidents are up by 82 percent in New York City. Blind hatred must be stopped!

The Australian: Albanese needs to show some spine (click on the twitter link)
The examples of anti-Semitism emanating from Corbyn and his crew are legion, but just a few examples should suffice. He once defended a blatantly anti-Semitic mural depicting hook-nosed bankers playing Monopoly on the backs of the poor. He suggested renaming Holocaust Memorial Day “Genocide Memorial Day”. He placed a wreath on the grave of Black September terrorists. Last month, the BBC aired an explosive documentary detailing Labour’s abject failure to deal with anti-Semitism within its ranks.

The revelations led 67 Labour members of the House of Lords to write an open letter declaring: “The Labour Party welcomes everyone* irrespective of race, creed, age, gender identity, or sexual orientation. (*except, it seems, Jews). This is your legacy Mr Corbyn.” Labour member Trevor Phillips, Britain’s former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, laments that his party “presents like a textbook case of institutional racism”.

Nine Labour parliamentarians have quit in disgust, citing Corbynista anti-Semitism among the reasons. Politics, they say, makes strange bedfellows, and none has been stranger than the endorsements Corbyn has earned from the likes of Nick Griffin, the former leader of the fascist British National Party, and David Duke, ex-leader of the Ku Klux Klan and perhaps America’s most infamous racist. We can also add, unfortun­ately, Australian Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese to the list.

According to this newspaper, Albanese has met Corbyn at least three times in less than two years, posing for friendly selfies with the hard-left British Labour leader. “Talking politics and progress — and a bit of cricket,” Albanese captioned one of the photos. He should take a cue from some of his fellow social democrats abroad and distance his party from its British cousin, pronto.

Last year, Israeli Labor suspended all official relations with its British counterpart. In a sternly worded letter to Corbyn, then-leader Avi Gabbay acknowledged the “long history of friendship” that had existed between the two parties stretching back to prime minister Harold Wilson. But “the hostility that you have shown to the Jewish community and the anti-Semitic statements and actions you have allowed as leader of the Labour Party UK” along with “your very public hatred of the policies of the government of the state of Israel” led him to the conclusion that “we cannot retain relations with you … while you fail to adequately address the anti-Semitism” within Labour ranks.

New documentary gives a glimpse into the mind of Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Toby Perl Freilich, who directed the documentary, Moynihan, with Joseph Dorman, spoke about what moved her most when making this film, which had its Israeli premiere on Sunday at the DocuText Festival at the National Library. DocuText continues until Thursday.

This brilliant, engaging movie is currently available on iTunes, Amazon VOD and several other platforms (see note at the end of the article). It focuses on Daniel Patrick Moynihan, (1927-2003), a US Senator, UN ambassador and scholar who was a maverick intellectual and used his mind to try to better the lives of the poor. While it touches on his personal life, particularly his childhood and how it impacted his work, it is not a biography of the man but rather an incisive look at his ideas and ideals.

“He always understood that there were people who were going to fall through the cracks. He felt that government needed to be there to catch them with a safety net... He was interested in how policy affected people, how government could help them. Someone once asked him why he switched from academia to politics,” she said. “He said it was the other way around, that he had come to academia through politics. His academic work was always rooted in the real world.”

The Forward: The Left Can No Longer Excuse Its Anti-Semitism
So far so outrageous, yet so ordinary. There is, sadly, nothing new about anti-Semitic cartoons in the progressive blogosphere or on “woke” social media. Latuff and his explanations are well-known entities. And confined to their corners of the internet, those cartoons are easy to ignore: All you have to do is avoid the sites that publish them. Most Jews have learned to do just that.

What made things different this time though was the fact that this cartoon was embraced and promoted by two American elected officials with a cumulative Instagram following of 1.3 million.

Making things worse was the fact that the cartoon came on the heels of the revelation that on their Israel trip, the two Congresswomen had planned to use the services of an NGO that had spread a blood libel about Jews, published an American neo-Nazi treatise about Jewish control of American media and entertainment, and celebrated terror attacks against civilians.

The cartoon felt like so much salt on the same wound.

When anti-Semitism is on the rise, as it is now, one ingredient for putting it in check is a robust response to anti-Semitic incidents from civil society and government officials. It sends a signal to the offending party and the rest of society that this particular form of bigotry is not tolerated. Silence from those quarters is tantamount to condoning and legitimizing it.

We enter an altogether different territory, however, when high-profile political figures themselves promote anti-Semitic content. A reaction then is crucial.

And yet, so far none has materialized from the Democratic Party.

In an attempt to coax a response, Yascha Mounk, contributing editor to the Atlantic, tweeted, copying at every Democratic presidential candidate: “Trump and Netanyahu are authoritarian populists. They are a danger to democracy and decency. But that’s no reason to pretend it’s OK to partner with organizations that publish the blood libel, or to tweet cartoons by people who ridicule the Holocaust. The silence is deafening.”

The silence has been deafening indeed — and for a while. The cartoon, in fact, is not the first time in recent months that Democratic presidential candidates have turned the other way when confronted with anti-Semitic content in progressive spaces.

At the recent Netroots Nation summit — “the largest annual conference of progressives” — panelists suggested that Zionism was equivalent to white supremacy. The summit sold t-shirts grouping Zionism with racism, sexism, homophobia and anti-Semitism “as maladies to be ‘resisted.’” ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt condemned both, but the four Democratic presidential candidates who spoke at the summit — Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, Jay Inslee, and Julian Castro — remained mum on the issue. (h/t IsaacStorm)
Freedom of Expression on Palestine Suppressed?
It’s ironic to the point of comedy to see another letter published in The Guardian complaining that the IHRA definition of antisemitism is being used to silence “freedom of expression on Palestine” when five of the 28 people who’ve signed it endorse murder, promote antisemitism, promote Hamas and engage in Holocaust revisionism.

The letter proves the need for the IHRA definition.

The letter was signed by 28 “leading figures” one of them is an outed Hamas operative, another head of the Palestine Solidarity campaign. Let’s have a look at the signatories:

Kamel Hawwash is Chair of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, at a meeting in the House of Commons he spoke about a terrorist who murdered a Rabbi and off duty soldier called Aharon Benito before wounding Benito’s wife and shooting their two year old daughter saying:

“I call him a martyr because I am speaking from a Palestinian perspective. I don’t care what the Israelis want to call him they want to call him a terrorist that’s up to them and that’s the point of…if you like the difference in attitude, he was killed by an Israeli soldier to us he’s a martyr. He might have committed an act people find unacceptable that is up to them. Actually I consider what he did an act of…an act of revenge for what the Israelis do to the Palestinians, so it’s an act of revenge… If the occupation wasn’t there he wouldn’t be doing what he did.”

Jonathan Rosenhead whose Holocaust revisionist comments were made at a meeting of supporters of Jeremy Corbyn:

Another, Zaher Birawi, was designated as a member of Hamas by Israel’s Justice Ministry.

From the Jerusalem Post;
“Zaher Birawi, was designated as a member of a terrorist organization – Hamas Headquarters in Europe – by Israel’s Justice Ministry in 2013”.

His organization, EuroPal Forum, effectively lobbies for Hamas by holding meetings promoting their views using activists such as Azzam Tamimi.
Brooke Goldstein: Omar, Tlaib Are Enemies of the Jewish State
Israel was wise to deny entry Thursday to Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan. These freshmen Democratic congresswomen have built their brands on delegitimizing the Jewish state and working towards its destruction and would have used a visit to Israel to give themselves an international platform to spew their hate.

These are not good-faith actors, earnestly seeking to visit the Holy Land and learn about its people, history and culture. If their intention was to truly see the facts on the ground for what they are, they could have easily joined 72 of their fellow House members who visited Israel last week as part of a congressional delegation.

Omar and Tlaib were invited to be part of that delegation by the leadership of the House Democratic Caucus. But the pair ruled this out, instead choosing to plan their own trip to advance their anti-Israel and anti-Semitic political agenda.

Omar and Tlaib’s proposed itinerary read like a laundry list of provocative actions designed to intentionally stoke ethnic and religious tensions. Their rumored demand to pray alongside leaders from the Palestinian Authority at the Temple Mount – Judaism’s holiest site and also the location of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third-holiest site in Islam – could have incited a riot and kicked off a round of deadly violence.

Lest we forget, the Second Intifada began with calls for violence following former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount in 2000. More than 4,000 people were killed in the ensuing weeks after Palestinian leaders unleashed a deadly wave of suicide attacks.

The irony is that if I, as a member of the Jewish faith, attempted to pray on the Temple Mount, I would be arrested on the spot by the Israelis, who seek to defuse tensions at the site.

Omar and Tlaib also reportedly intended to visit the security fence separating southern Israel from Hamas-controlled Gaza, where terrorists recently launched explosive incendiary balloons towards Jewish communities. The security fence is among the most dangerous hotspots in the region. A visit by well-known foreign politicians would have required significant security resources.
David Singer: Democrats Backing Jew-Haters Over Israel Play into Trump’s Hands
The Democrats and the House had – in taking their principled actions – provided sufficient justification for Israel to deny these two virulent Jew-haters entry into Israel. The Democrats should have been standing four-square behind Israel’s decision to exclude them.

The Democrats’ response to Israel’s decision – however – has been appalling.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called Israel’s decision:
“a sign of weakness, and beneath the dignity of the great State of Israel.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has joined the firing squad saying Israel’s decision:
“will only hurt the U.S.-Israeli relationship and support for Israel in America.”

Democratic Party leaders’ criticism of Israel’s decision could see large numbers of the 71 per cent of Jews who vote Democrat simply not turning up to vote at the 2020 elections.

The optics of the Democratic Party in being seen to be supporting two Jew-haters over Israel is not pretty – and will be repeatedly and mercilessly exploited by Trump in the 2020 election campaign.
The Democrats failure to stand with President Trump in supporting Israel’s decision has indeed played right into Trump’s hands.

Ilhan Omar says dumb stuff about Israel
Watch as Ilhan Omar tells outrageous lies about Israel.
She is either breathtakingly ignorant or a pathological liar.
You decide.
Make sure you follow us for more videos like this.Watch as Ilhan Omar tells outrageous lies about Israel.
She is either breathtakingly ignorant or a pathological liar.
You decide.

When Israel banned Jew-haters Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib
Omar hates Israel as much, in the truest sense of Nazi anti-Semitism. Invoking one Nazi trope after another, all the stereotypes that none expected to hear in Congress. She speaks openly of how much better she felt back in her blessed Somalia. How much more at ease, more accepted, than in an America that actually welcomed her and even allowed her to enter our Congress, despite increasing signs that she lied about her marriage(s) and questions as to whether she even married her brother.

If Israel had allowed those two Jew haters to enter her borders, nothing would have changed their Nazi tropes.

-Show them the Arab Muslims who freely sit in Israel’s parliament, and they will ignore it or call them stooges.

-Show them how Arab Muslims freely live in Israel, vote in Israel, work at gainful employment in Israel, receive national monetary stipends for every Arab Muslim child they have, receive pensions upon retiring, receive the best medical care in the Middle East without regard to their ethnicity or religion and even despite cases of overt hate for Israel — and Tlaib and Omar will come back with reports about every fiction they can fabricate.

-Let them see, on the other side, that Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah terrorists kill Hamas opponents and have banned a new Presidential election for more than fifteen years, and they will compare him to George Washington.

-Let them see how Jews are barred from living in 97% of the city of Hebron, where Jewish history all but begins — the city where Judaism’s Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and Matriarchs Sarah, Rebecca, and Leah repose and where Jews lived for thousands of years until Arab Muslims murdered them in 1929 and drove them out — and Omar and Tlaib will bewail that the Jews who live in only 3 percent of the city have military protection.

To heck with them. At most, Omar and Tlaib represent MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times, WaPo, and two unique districts that elected those two haters. So be it. Two in a country with 435 Congressional districts. They do not represent America. And they sure as goodness have no business setting foot in Israel.

Tlaib's proposed West Bank visit a 'ruse to bash Israel'
Democratic congresswoman Rashida Tlaib's bid to visit the Middle East was merely a 'ruse to bash Israel' according to Sky News host Rita Panahi.

Tlaib, Omar Fundraise on Back of Canceled Israel Trip
Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.) is fundraising off her aborted trip to Israel, just days after she refused an Israeli invitation permitting her to visit her ailing grandmother and, instead, shared an anti-Semitic cartoon about the Jewish state.

A fundraising email sent by Democracy for America, a far left political action committee, implores readers to "chip in whatever you can to stand with her and [Rep.] Ilhan [Omar (D., Minn.)] now as they continue to fight for justice for all."

The fundraising plea, which includes a direct pitch from Tlaib, falsely states that the lawmakers "were banned from traveling to Israel and Palestine." Israel granted Tlaib special permission to enter the country to visit her grandmother. Moreover, Palestine does not, in fact, exist.

"I've dealt with sexism, racism, and Islamophobia my entire life—so I knew that would continue if I pursued a high-profile public office and won. What I didn't anticipate was for that discrimination to come from the President of the United States," Tlaib writes in the fundraising email.

Tlaib also uses the email to bash Israel and its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

"It's very telling when a so-called democratic ally bans elected members of Congress from visiting because of our political views and values," the lawmaker writes. "It's even more disturbing and completely unprecedented that our own president encouraged this undemocratic action. What is Netanyahu afraid that we will witness, that we will bring to light?"

"Not only am I heartbroken that I cannot meet the people of Israel and Palestine to witness their struggles firsthand, but I am heartbroken I can no longer visit my Palestinian grandmother, who just days ago was excited to decide which fig tree we'd pick from together," Tlaib continues.

Gillibrand: We Need to Hold Israel ‘Accountable’
Israeli officials later decided to give Tlaib permission to enter the country for humanitarian purposes so she could visit her grandmother, who lives in the West Bank. Tlaib declined Israel's offer to enter the country and visit her grandmother because of the country's "racist treatment."

"How do you hold them accountable?" Raddatz asked.

"That's what you do as president, President Trump is unwilling to hold anyone accountable. He's unwilling to stand up to other world leaders. You've seen this with instance of Israel, seen it with China and Russia," Gillibrand said.

"I don't know why Netanyahu would want to deny members of Congress to come to Israel if they expect us to be that never-ending partner and friend," Gillibrand added.

BBC Radio 4’s uncritical amplification of Ilhan Omar’s falsehood
That sixty-six second item prompts several observations:

1) Tlaib and Omar were not denied entry “because they’ve been critical” of Israel’s – unspecified – “policies towards the Palestinians”. They were refused entry to Israel because they openly support a political campaign which negates Jewish self-determination but as ever BBC audiences heard absolutely nothing about the obviously relevant topic of the BDS campaign’s aims in this bulletin.

2) There is no “ban on Muslims” either in the US or in Israel. In fact:
“A record number of visitors from Muslim countries came to Israel last year, including nearly 55,000 from countries that have no diplomatic relations with Jerusalem.

According to figures provided by the Population and Immigration Authority on Monday, 72,109 citizens of Egypt and Jordan (the only Arab countries with which Israel has full diplomatic ties), Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Qatar, Malaysia, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia visited Israel in 2018.”

3) Once again BBC audiences heard nothing about the political NGO ‘Miftah’ – opaquely described by Bateman as a “not-for-profit group” without any mention of its agenda and record. Neither were they told that earlier this month Palestinian leaders met with no fewer than 72 Democrat and Republican “decision makers” from the US Congress.

Given the failure by Tom Bateman to provide any relevant background information on the BDS campaign or the political NGO ‘Miftah’, given that listeners were misled with the claim that Tlaib and Omar were not permitted to enter Israel because “they’ve been critical” and given this item’s unquestioning and uncritical amplification of falsehoods from Omar and ‘Miftah’, readers can decide for themselves whether Radio 4 audiences got the “in depth reporting” and “intelligent analysis” touted on this programme’s webpage.

JVP's Ellen Brotsky is just fine with Model Curriculum that erases the American Jewish Experience
Jewish Voice for Peace has come out with a statement endorsing the widely discredited California Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum.

Of course Jewish Voice for Peace approves of the California Model Ethnic Studies Curriculum that erases Jewish identity. They've been working hard to erase Jewish identity for years.

The document appears to have been authored by Ellen Brotsky. Recently, Brotsky was restrained and taken away by the police after interrupting programming at the San Francisco Jewish Community Center.

Ellen Brotsky does not represent Jewish communal interests.

Or perhaps you remember her assault on Jewish elders conducting a silent vigil in remembrance of victims of terror.

Ellen Brotsky does not represent Jewish communal interests.

Perhaps Ellen Brotsky thinks she speaks for the Jewish community, but no one else does. Ellen is as much of an outlier as her organization, which aspires to create “a wedge” within the American Jewish community, while working toward the goal of eliminating U.S. economic, military, and political aid to Israel.

JVP has infamously offered Ramadan accommodations, but not kosher food at their BDS boot camp. Not surprising- their marketing has never been directed towards Jewish community interests.
Daphne Anson: Fiftyish Shades of Grime: Holocaust Distorters, 9/11 Truthers, & Al Quds Conference Attendees
I suppose we could apply it to our old mate the ex-Vicar of Virginia Water, that inveterate foe of Christian Zionism who in his time has rubbed shoulders with such individuals as the old rogue at left.

And who persists in having overt antisemites among his social media "friends", and owes his notoriety largely, but not exclusively, to the post further down this thread.

But this clerical rooster still has plenty of peck left in him, crusading against Christian Zionism, attempting through translations of his writings to infect Third World Christians, particularly in South East Asia, with his hostility to Israel.

Moreover, in his role as head honcho of the Israel-bashing "Peacemakers" outfit, he seems to be trying to play "bigwig" on the world stage. For he's signatory number 51 of a recent letter to no less a personage than the UN Secretary-General in support of this (Israel-hating) Nigerian sheikh, a letter that says, inter alia:
"Mr. Secretary General! According to the religious teachings and the unchangeable divine traditions; whatever you, other international officials and those so-called defenders of Human Rights, accomplish your legal, human and moral duty or not, the oppressed nations particularly the Yemeni, Syrian, Palestinian, Iraqi, Afghan and Nigerian peoples will win as they have decided to be free and not to accept any type of injustice ..."

What a group many of the 53 signatories turns out to be! For a start, there are a number of 9/11 Truthers among them. Hold your nose and read on! Here are the signatories (and definitions, as given, in bold font) with links/comments added by me below their names:
Israeli artists sign letter calling for boycott of Berlin music festival
Israeli filmmaker Eyal Sivan signed an open letter last week supporting a boycott at the international Berlin Pop-Kultur Festival due to its sponsorship from the Israeli Embassy in Berlin.

Sivan is also a visiting professor in filmmaking at Sapir Academic College, School of Sound and Visual Arts in Sderot.

The letter, published on the website of “Artists for Palestine UK,” was signed by Sivan and 13 other Israeli artists, who called on people to boycott the event, “given its complicity with Israel’s racist regime.”

The artists claim that the partnership between the festival and the Israeli government will be used “as part of its efforts to whitewash its occupation” and to “rebrand itself through culture.”

The signatories also condemned the recent decision decision by the German parliament to designate the BDS movement as antisemitic.

“We agree with 240 Jewish and Israeli scholars who called on the German government not to endorse the recent anti-Palestinian Bundestag resolution that falsely equated the BDS movement for Palestinian rights with bigotry, adding that they ‘are shocked that demands for equality and compliance with international law are considered antisemitic,’” the letter stated.

The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel wrote on the BDS website that, “Pop-Kultur organisers have repeatedly made clear, in stark, vulgar and anti-Palestinian terms, that partnering with Israel is more important than maintaining its own artistic programme.”

Matan Peleg, CEO of the Israeli watchdog Im Tirtzu that first reported the letter, said that this is another example of the damage caused by radical Israelis.
Polish-language Canadian newspaper publishing antisemitic content
B’nai Brith Canada has uncovered that Canadian polish-language newspaper Goniec, has repeatedly spewed antisemitic content in some of its articles.

In its investigation, B’nai Brith Canada said it found that “content recently published in Goniec, a Mississauga-based news outlet [in Ontario] run by Andrzej Kumor, accuses Jews and Zionists of having 'terrorism in their blood’ and urges readers to ‘stand up to the Jews’ in response to fabricated attempts to destroy Poland.’”

The organization also said that it found that the outlet has a knack for continuously warning its readers “of Jewish control over the Polish government through ‘puppet politicians’ in the United States who favor ‘rewriting history’ in the interest of the Israeli government.

“Authors on the site have also stated that Jews are ‘playing their old game’ in trying to interfere in various governments, while calling the actions of Jewish organizations ‘racist’ and ‘satanic,’” B’nai Brith Canada pointed out.

The article referring to Jewish groups in this way also claimed that the Jews are falsifying facts, giving the example that “Jews blame Poles and the whole world that they died [in the Holocaust] because of the ‘indifference of the world,’” and Jews claim only they died in Auschwitz.

“Adopting the position of Jews that only they died in Oświęcim [the Polish name for Auschwitz] would lead to a change in the character of the Auschwitz camp,” the writer said in the article, which addresses the debate over whether or not to remove the Papal Cross from Auschwitz in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.

The writer states that Polish Episcopate succumbed to and fulfilled “the racist satanic demands of Jewish organizations from Western Europe.”
Brexit party MEPs appeared on show supporting Holocaust denial
Several members of the Brexit party have appeared on a radio show which has repeatedly hosted Holocaust deniers and antisemitic conspiracy theorists, The Guardian reported on Sunday.

The Brexit party, led by Nigel Farage, scored a major electoral success in May winning the largest share of votes at the election for the European Parliament.

The report followed an investigation by the British advocacy group Hope Not Hate.

According to the report, a number of MEPs, including Ann Widdecombe and David Bull, have been on the Richie Allen Show in the same episodes of figures such as Kevin Barrett, a contributor to the antisemitic conspiracy theory magazine American Free Press and Lana Lokteff, an American white nationalist broadcaster.

In reporting the findings by the Hope Not Hate investigation, the Jewish Chronicle also pointed out that the Richie Allen Show was initially featured on a website whose owner David Icke has been accused of supporting conspiracy theories including that of “Rothschild-Zionism”, a supposed “secret society putting its agents in places of power.”

The British Jewish paper also noted that also Holocaust denier Nick Kollerstrom, who has questioned the existence of gas chambers and the number of Jews killed in the Nazi camps, has been hosted by Allen’s show.
London mayor calls for approval of planned Holocaust memorial
London Mayor Sadiq Khan called on a local council to approve plans to build a Holocaust memorial next to Parliament.

Khan said in a letter to the Westminster City Council, a borough council in Greater London, that building the Holocaust memorial and museum in Victoria Tower Gardens would “make a powerful national statement,” the UK Jewish News reported.

The plan has been panned by UNESCO, Historic England and The Royal Parks, according to the Evening Standard. The gardens are a UNESCO heritage site and officials say the building could obstruct the view from the gardens. Opponents have called for the Holocaust memorial to be located in a more appropriate location. The Imperial War Museum is located about a mile from Parliament in London, for example.

“I have previously expressed my fear however that these plans would be rejected,” Khan wrote. “I therefore urge Westminster City Council not to reject these plans and instead enable this hugely important national Memorial to take its rightful place in the heart of the capital and close to the seat of national government.”

An internal letter leaked last week indicates that the council is “heading towards” recommending the rejection of the planning application, according to reports.
Researchers say they may have found way to block melanoma spread to brain
Researchers at Tel Aviv University believe they have found a “pathway” that causes melanoma cells to spread to the brain, and may have found a way to block this from happening.

The study was conducted on mice, but has also been validated on samples of human brain tissue where melanoma had spread, the researchers said.

“Melanoma is the deadliest skin cancer due to its high rate of metastasis, frequently to the brain,” said Prof. Neta Erez of the Department of Pathology at TAU’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine, the lead author of the study.

“The prognosis of patients with brain metastases is very grim,” Erez said.

Patients used to die from metastases in other parts of the body, before they were spotted in the brain. However, because treatments have improved and patients are living longer, “the incidence of diagnosed brain metastases is increasing. Understanding how and why brain metastasis occurs is an urgent challenge facing cancer researchers today,” Erez said.
Israel's NICE lands $137M contract with US Federal Aviation Authority
Israeli software company NICE Systems has been awarded a contract to supply the United States Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) with air traffic control capabilities that will enhance transportation safety, according to Israeli financial newspaper Globes.

According to the report, the FAA awarded NICE a 10-year contract worth up to $137 million.

NICE Executive Vice President Chris Wooten was quoted as saying of the deal that “millions of flyers rely upon the FAA daily to ensure their safety. In mission-critical times of need, the FAA needs to be best positioned to act fast and respond smartly. We at NICE recognize the need of this important work and are ready to support the FAA as it improves incident-related debriefing and investigations. We look forward to continuing our years of service in supporting the FAA.”
The Israeli Lab That Grows Bones for Transplant
Some people may lose hope when suffering a leg injury so severe that they may not be able to walk again. But in cases on bone loss in the leg, an Israeli lab has the solution. Our Ariel Levin-Waldman has the story.

Syrian Refugee Mother Thanks Israeli Doctors After They Save Young Child With Heart Defect
Israeli doctors at a Jerusalem hospital have saved a one-and-a-half-year-old Syrian toddler with a heart defect whose parents fled with him from the carnage of their country’s civil war.

The child’s mother — identified only as L. — told Israeli news website Mako on Saturday that she and her husband knew their son was ill very early.

“He looked small for his age and very thin,” she said. “I felt something was wrong. He seemed to be in pain all the time, crying, uneasy, especially when he was asleep.”

A doctor later told her that her son was suffering from a serious congenital heart problem. He was hospitalized eight times in Syria and regularly medicated. L. later went to Jordan with her husband, but doctors there told her there was no surgical option.

Through the organization Shevet Achim, which brings children with congenital heart defects to advanced medical centers in Israel, L. was able to place her child at Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem, where doctors became convinced that he could be saved.

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