Wednesday, August 30, 2017

From Ian:

J Street Rewrites History to Create ‘Palestine’
The US government’s reluctance to demand the immediate creation of a Palestinian state has sent J Street into a panic. With its candidates having been defeated in elections on both sides of the ocean, and its proposals crumbling in the face of reality, J Street is trying one last desperate strategy: rewriting history to claim that Palestinian statehood has been supported by everybody, everywhere, for as long as anyone can remember.
Asked by reporters on August 24 about the Palestinian state issue, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said: “We are not going to state what the outcome has to be. It has to be workable to both sides. That’s the best view as to not really bias one side over the other, to make sure that they can work through it.”
Nauert’s statement was simple, logical and reasonable. But her failure to pledge a full-throated endorsement of the Palestinian agenda sent J Street into a tizzy. The J Street leaders fired off an overheated press release that declared: “For more than two decades, responsible Israeli and Palestinian leaders, US presidents of both parties and virtually the entire international community have understood that a two-state solution is the only viable way to end the conflict.”
Literally everything in J Street’s declaration is erroneous.
American presidents have not supported Palestinian statehood “for more than two decades.” George W. Bush was the first president to publicly support a Palestinian state while in office. That was in 2002, i.e. 15 years ago, not “more than two decades.” Can’t anybody at J Street do basic math?
Not only that, but Bush’s support was conditional. In his June 25, 2002, speech about a Palestinian state, Bush said that such a state could come about only if the Palestinian people elected “new leaders not compromised by terror.” The Palestinians, of course, did exactly the opposite.
Did the Mossad hack Linda Sarsour's phone?
The satirical Twitter handle @TheMossadIL, playing off of Israel’s Intelligence Agency, hinted that they were the ones responsible for prominent Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour’s phone issues.
Linda Sarsour took to Twitter on Tuesday to ask for help with her cellphone but did not get the answers she expected. “I just lost all my text threads? I have an iPhone. Any idea why?” she asked her 230,000 Twitter following. The Mossad Twitter account replied to Sarsour’s post with a simple “Yes,” hinting that the Israeli Intelligence Agency is responsible.
This is not the only joke about information gathering by the satirical account created in September 2016. Recent events such as the solar eclipse in America also caught their eye, where they tweeted “Thank you for using those ‘protective eclipse glasses’ everyone, we have now collected your thoughts.”

PreOccupiedTerritory: Israeli Intelligence Snags KFC’s Secret Blend Of 11 Herbs And Spices (satire)
Israel’s secret intelligence service scored another operational coup last month, agents can finally reveal, when they got their hands on the original Harland Sanders recipe for fried chicken that the KFC company has held as a trade secret since the Great Depression.
Colonel Harland Sanders’s secret blend of eleven herbs and spices, long a famous selling point in the production and marketing of Kentucky Fried Chicken – since 1991 shortened to KFC – has been the subject of speculation, experimentation, and attempts at imitation for decades. Officials at the Mossad reported this morning (Wednesday) that they have been given the green light to disclose that a long-term operation over the course of many years has finally enabled the organization to get its hands on the prized recipe. Sources at the agency declined to discuss how they intend to use the secret information.
“Oh, we’ll think of something, I’m sure,” offered a section chief, licking his lips. “You know us – always focused on enhancing Israel’s security interests. Sometimes that requires the installation of a whole new kitchen facility at our headquarters, if you know what I mean.”
The secrecy behind KFC’s recipe and spice blend occupies such an important role in the company’s operations that its production requires that neither of the two companies supplying the ingredients know what the other contributes to the process. The original recipe is kept in a vault at the headquarters of Yum! Foods, the restaurant division spun off from Pepsico in 2002.

120 years later: 3 days in Basel that changed the course of the Jewish nation
In late August 1897, some 200 Jews from 17 countries arrived in Basel, Switzerland.
Dressed in festive formal attire, the delegates entered the municipal casino concert hall, which was decorated with blue and white flags for the occasion. They heard three knocks of the gavel that launched the Congress and then watched Dr. Karpel Lippe, the oldest delegate, make his way up the stage. He covered his head, and to the tears of the delegates, recited the sheheheyanu blessing, thanking God for bringing the Jews to this time.
With this blessing, that Sunday morning, the first day of Elul, the Jewish state began its journey.
The journey that was embarked on in the First Zionist Congress was not merely a process that would lead to the establishment of the State of Israel. It was the beginning of a Jewish transformation.
Herzl famously stated: “At Basel, I founded the Jewish state.”
He immediately clarified that such state is not simply a geographical representation, nor a collection of citizens who happen to live in a given territory. He wrote: “The essence of a state lies in the will of the people for a state... A territory is merely the concrete basis. The state itself, when it possesses a territory, still remains something abstract.”
It is that abstraction, that ideology, that Herzl founded in Basel and which continues to serve as the bedrock of the Jewish state.
Herzl outlined such a vision in his opening speech. One of the delegates, Mordecai Ben-Ami, described the reaction: “For a few moments, the hall shook from the shouts of joy, the applause, the cheers and the feet-stomping. It felt as if the great dream of our nation, of 2,000 years, was now solved, and in front us stood Mashiach Ben-David.”
Rebels in the Holy Land, The Story of Mazkeret Batya
Rebels in the Holy Land - Mazkeret Batya - An Early Battleground for the Soul of Israel may not be hot off the press, but I'm glad I was given the book to review.
The fascinating story of the early years of the town Mazkeret Batya is told to us by Sam Finkel in Rebels in the Holy Land. Not only did I learn the history of that very special town, but I discovered so much of what I had never known about the history of settlement in the Land of Israel before Herzl and Zionism.
Finkel begins his tale in Europe with a visionary Jewish writer named Yechiel Brill, who was the prime mover for the enterprise of bringing ten simple Jewish farmers from Europe to build a farming community in the Holy Land. Brill was a journalist who taught himself Hebrew and then established a Hebrew language newspaper, Levanon. Just that could put him in History Books, but he made history, too. He did the fundraising, recruiting, organizing, mentoring and more for the establishment of Mazkeret Batya, originally called Ekron.
As I read Rebels in the Holy Land, I felt that I was reading an adventure story, a mystery. This is not a dry history book. The writing is clear, and as you can see the illustrations and graphics are phenomenal, without a doubt. It can almost qualify as a "coffee table book," because you can just pick it up, open randomly and read a page or two. Each section can stand on its own.
The farmers who agreed to Brill's visionary idea of a Jewish farming community in the Land of Israel were simple people. They were neither intellectuals nor wealthy, but they were sincerely Gd fearing. They insisted on following the Torah Laws and the rabbis, even when their financial supporter, Baron Edmond de Rothschild, and his administrators demanded otherwise. Reading of the battle of wills that went on during their first Shmitta, Sabbatical Year, was painful for me. The farmers of Ekron, which had been renamed Mazkeret Batya by the Baron in memory of his mother, feared and respected Gd more than their wealthy patron and his anti-religious administrators.
Those of you who are more knowledgeable about that era in history may not be all that surprised, but for me Rebels in the Holy Land was full of new discoveries.
New NATO Film Unwittingly Glorifies Holocaust Collaborators
NATO recently issued a new film, “Forest Brothers — Fight for the Baltics.”
The movie glorifies the post-war Baltic “Forest Brothers,” who launched a guerrilla war against local Soviet rule. But the film contains no mention of the problems that need to be mentioned — such as the fact that a debatable proportion of the “Brothers” were recycled Hitlerist forces. Or that the vast majority of the tens of thousands of people that they killed were civilians.
Many of the “Brothers” harbored Nazi views of racial purity and hatred of their nations’ minorities, including the Jews, who had recently been subject to genocide. Various “Forest Brothers,” including some major leaders who are documented as having been Holocaust collaborators, are still glorified in the Baltics by statues, street names and public plaques.
For examples of this glorification, read some of the reports by our correspondent Evaldas Balčiūnas about the issue. More specifically, read the reports regarding the alleged Nazi collaboration of Antanas Baltūsis-Žvejas, Juozas Barzda, Konstantinas Liuberskis–Žvainys, Vincas Kaulinis-Miškinis, Juozas Krikštaponis (Krištaponis), Jonas Noreika, Adolfas Ramanauskas Vanagas, Juozas Šibaila, Sergijus Staniškis Litas, Vylius-Vėlavičius and Jonas Žemaitis.
It is sad that Mr. Balčiūnas’s work has not been rewarded with the public recognition that it deserves, but by a series of nuisance court cases and kangaroo prosecutions over the years.
The NATO film’s official description misleadingly implies that these “Brothers” were generally, or equally, comprised of people from “both sides of the war.” The film includes no mention of the related 21st century issues of glorification of Nazi collaborators in Eastern Europe (or the 1950s glee taken by the “Brothers” in the Holocaust).
Our reply to Guardian columnist Hadley Freeman’s charge that Israel ‘appeases’ anti-Semites.
Let’s be clear: Whatever one thinks of Trump and his reaction to Charlottesville, Israel’s close relationship with the US – as Karo and others, such as famed Nazi hunter and Holocaust historian Efraim Zuroff, have stressed – represents one of the key pillars of its defensive strategy. For Israel to continue defending millions of Jews in the Jewish state, and continue to serve as a safe haven for Jews fleeing antisemitic persecution around the world, requires close political, diplomatic and military ties with the world’s only superpower. Israel’s unbreakable alliance with the US is good for Israel, good for Jews and bad for anti-Semites.
Of course, if American Jews were really in serious danger, Hadley would have a point. However, despite the presence of a relatively small number of active white supremacists and Muslim extremists in the US, nobody can seriously deny that, outside of Israel, Jews in the US today are safer and more prosperous than at any time and place in Jewish history. The safety of American Jews after Charlottesville, thankfully, didn’t hinge on the words or deeds of Israel’s prime minister.
Maintaining Israel’s strategic alliances – vital to projecting the soft and hard power necessary to protect its own citizens and serve as a refuge of last resort to world Jewry – often requires careful and measured statements from Jerusalem – rhetoric driven by a sober analysis of its likely real-world impact. Israel’s fealty to its founding mission – as ‘Guardian of the Jews‘ – is best demonstrated not by vacuous virtue signalling, but by wisely and judiciously employing diplomacy and, when necessary, force to defend its interests.
Though reasonable people can of course disagree with Netanyahu’s response to Charlottesville, to characterise the prime minister of the Jewish state as an “appeaser” of anti-Semites who needs lessons in courage from a Guardian journalist is a breathtaking display of hubris.
Africa’s Top University Risks Endangering US Partnerships Over Proposed Boycott of Israel, Leading American Law Professor Says
Africa’s top university will be placing its partnerships with its US counterparts in jeopardy if it succumbs to pressure from BDS activists to adopt a full-scale academic boycott of Israel, a prominent American law professor told The Algemeiner on Tuesday.
The governing bodies of the University of Cape Town (UCT) — which is regularly ranked as Africa’s number one university as well as among the world’s top 200 universities — will be debating the adoption of an academic boycott resolution on September 15. If passed, UCT would be obliged to cut all ties with Israeli faculty and academic institutions — a move that would trigger outrage among US academics and their colleagues in other countries, Prof. David Bernstein of the Scalia Law School at George Mason University said.
“They are trying to isolate Israel, but they may find that the University of Cape Town is internationally isolated instead,” Bernstein told The Algemeiner. “There would be a substantial number of professors like myself who would have nothing to do with UCT should they adopt an academic boycott of Israel.”
UCT currently has partnership agreements with at least 44 American universities that facilitate student and faculty exchange programs and other joint projects — among them Columbia Business School, Ohio State, Vanderbilt University, the University of Chicago, Pennsylvania State and Arizona State.
IsraellyCool: Major Jewish Studies Program Joins Anti-Israel Academic Assault
Stumbling across the promo ad for an upcoming lecture at the University of Washington, the words “A Half Century of Occupation” resting upon an ink-blot stained map of Israel, one could be forgiven for assuming it is sponsored by an anti-Israel group on campus – it is in fact sponsored by the Stroum Center for Jewish studies.
Of Seattle’s Jewish institutions, few are as revered as the University of Washington’s Stroum Center for Jewish Studies. Since its inception the center has maintained a robust engagement with the local Jewish community, offering popular lectures, programs and exhibits.
Thus some in Seattle’s Jewish community were taken aback by the Stroum Center’s hosting of an upcoming public lecture by Israel-critic Gershon Shafir titled “Unsettling the Occupation“. In his books, classes and speaking engagements Professor Shafir promotes a single overarching theme of Israel as a “colonial enterprise”, the Jews of Israel being a foreign transplant. In the academic world such views are de rigueur, as courageous as lauding the benefits of coffee in the Starbucks boardroom. But to the lion’s share of world Jewry, the notion of the Jewish people as alien invaders in their indigenous homeland is considered both offensive and dangerous.
Law Group: Companies Targeted by UNHRC for Doing Business With Israeli Settlements Will Have Legal Recourse
International firms targeted by the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for doing business with Israeli settlements will have legal recourse, a US-based pro-Israel nonprofit law group noted this week.
It is expected that a “blacklist” of such companies will be published by the UNHRC by the end of this year — a move which both the US and Israel oppose and are lobbying against.
According to the Washington Post, the list could include Caterpillar, TripAdvisor, and Airbnb.
On Monday, the Lawfare Project issued a statement saying the purpose of the UNHRC’s potential action was “clear” — “to coerce the blacklisted companies into reducing or ceasing their Israeli operations, and/or to prompt other business entities (and consumers) to boycott or refuse to deal with the named companies.”
However, the Lawfare Project continued, “what the UNHRC seems to ignore, perhaps purposefully, is that compliance by business enterprises with the boycott of Israel can violate a slew of US federal and state laws.”
Disgraced British politician Tonge embroiled in further antisemitism scandal
British politician Baroness Jenny Tonge, no stranger to controversy and accusations of antisemitism, has caused a further uproar after sharing a Facebook post that depicts a clearly antisemitic image and refers to the "Jewish lobby".
Tonge, a vocal critic of Israel, shared a Facebook post on Saturday featuring a quote attributed to musician and BDS proponent Roger Waters about the "AIPAC Jewish lobby in the USA" that included an antisemitic caricature of a large-nosed Jewish man clasping his hands together.
The original post, written by Saeed Sarwar, seemed to preemptively dismiss any concerns that the post could be considered antisemitic.
"I've checked with 4 specialist friends incase [sic] anyone tries to suggest this is antisemitism. It's actually bang on," wrote Sarwar.
Tonge has since deleted the post from her Facebook page but a tweet posted by pro-Palestinian activist Gary Spedding shows that the former Liberal Democrats peer is not ready to apologize for any offense caused.
"I will delete that one because I did not notice bottom right hand corner which could be an Arab looking horrified?" wrote Tonge in an email to Spedding.

Frankfurt Mayor explains why he banned BDS
Frankfurt Mayor Uwe Becker has been on the forefront of an an effort to pass a bill that would ban municipal and city-owned funding or renting rooms for BDS individuals, activities, or groups, and requested private landlords do the same.
The bill has already passed the City Council, and is expected to pass Frankfurt's Parliament and become law. Becker says that the bill already has the necessary support.
"I think that many people do not understand that BDS is a deeply anti-Semitic movement that in its core a way to deeply delegitimize Israel," Becker told i24News. "There is no room in Frankfurt for any kind of anti-Semitism."
Becker said the BDS uses tactics that bring back shades of the Nazis. "They use the same language that the Nazis used in the darkest chapter of German History," he said. "They said then not to buy from Jews, and today they say not to buy from Israel."
A senior reporter has left Channel 4 News amid presenting a package last week promoting a racist Islamist who supported ramming attacks. Last Thursday Channel 4 News aired a film presented by reporter Assed Baig showcasing Muslim women who “fight back by rejecting stereotypes”. The film heaped praise on notorious anti-Israel activist Nadia Chan, who has previously:
  • Said she: “strongly advocates that the parasitic entity known as ‘Israel’ MUST cease to exist. Furthermore, every single Israeli is a parasite.”;
  • Appeared on Iranian state television to praise “the armed resistance from the Islamic Jihad … and also Hamas” in Israel;
  • Suggested Palestinians should use “everyday items to resist, whether it’s knives, cars … everyday items to strike the fear in the hearts of their oppressors”;
  • Described white people using the racial slur “honkies”;
  • Called mixed martial artist Conor McGregor “an arrogant white Irish parasite”;
  • Quoted Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe, saying “the only white man you can trust is a dead white man”;
  • Described the Independent Police Complaints Commission as “made up of ex cops (pigs) … Pigs are pigs, time to get justice done ourselves”.
Israel backs away from shutting Al Jazeera
Israel on Wednesday appeared to back down from its threat to shut the offices of the Al Jazeera television station, saying it would not revoke the press accreditation of its Jerusalem correspondent for now.
The Government Press Office said that the reporter, Elias Karram, who had been accused of being an “active partner in Palestinian resistance,” could now keep his press card following an investigation and hearing in which he said he condemned any use of violence.
“Following his remarks, it was decided to defer the suspension of his GPO card for six months, during which his press reports will be monitored,” the GPO said in a statement.
Two weeks ago the GPO said it decided to revoke his credentials after it was alerted to a 2016 interview in which the Arab Israeli reporter said that “media work is an integral part of the resistance.”
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said last month that he wanted to expel the Qatari broadcaster from the country, accusing it of inciting violence.
Guardian describes Israeli accusations over Iran’s military expansion as “bellicose rhetoric”
The word “bellicose” is defined by Merriam Websters as “favoring or inclined to start quarrels or wars”.
Here’s the opening paragraph of a Guardian article by Peter Beaumont (Netanyahu accuses Iran of building missile production sites in Syria, Aug. 28)
Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has accused Iran of building sites to produce missiles in Syria and Lebanon during a meeting with the UN secretary-general, António Guterres – part of increasingly bellicose rhetoric from Israel and the US against Tehran.
So, what “bellicose rhetoric” by Israel is Beaumont referring to?
Here are the relevant paragraphs:
Were you able to spot the “bellicose” Israeli rhetoric? We certainty weren’t. Is Beaumont suggesting that Israeli warnings concerning ongoing Iranian threats to annihilate Israel represent “bellicose” rhetoric? Of course, such bellicose threats by Iranian leaders are ubiquitous, and impossible to deny. As recently as this past February, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei characterised Israel as a “cancerous tumor” and called for a “holy intifada” to destroy the country.
It really takes a lot of ideological conditioning to cover tensions between Israel and Iran, and not only ignore or obfuscate Iran’s genocidal designs, but to frame Israel as the belligerent party in the dispute.
IsraellyCool: Al Jazeera Disables Comments After Getting Taste of Their Own Medicine
Oh the irony! Al Jazeera, purveyors of some of the worst vitriol, bigotry, racism and sectarianism – especially when it comes to its efforts to vilify Israel – has decided to disable comments on its site. Because of “vitriol, bigotry, racism and sectarianism.”
Bonus irony: they have been complaining about silencing freedom of expression recently too.
Why we’re disabling comments on
Today, we disabled the ability to comment on stories on It’s a decision that we’ve given much thought to, and one that we feel ultimately best serves our audience.
US Jewish Groups Praise Tillerson’s Renewal of State Department Antisemitism Envoy
B’nai B’rith International President Gary P. Saltzman and CEO Daniel S. Mariaschin said they were “pleased” by Tillerson’s announcement.
“B’nai B’rith has long spoken out about the vital nature of this position,” their statement said. “The impact of the United States government placing its power and prestige behind the issue of anti-Semitism and combating it, cannot be overstated.”
World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder said he commended “the US administration for its encouraging decision to prioritize the appointment of a Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism.”
Said Lauder: “America’s Jewish community is undoubtedly among the safest in the world, but the demonstrations of blatant antisemitism, bigotry and racism that we have seen of late make the importance of such an envoy ever clear.”
American Jewish Committee (AJC) CEO David Harris commented: “The Administration’s decision to keep the position of Special Envoy comes as welcome news. As antisemitic expressions and acts multiply in many parts of the world, the work of this office only becomes more important and offers a model for other likeminded countries to emulate.”
Jonathan Greenblatt, ADL CEO, said that the envoy’s position “has been an essential diplomatic and political tool in fighting antisemitism around the globe.”
“At a time when there is a growing prominence to anti-Jewish movements and actions, the special envoy to combat anti-Semitism continues to be essential,” Greenblatt said. “We urge the State Department to refrain from eliminating other special envoy roles which are vital to promoting American values of democracy, tolerance and religious freedom across the globe.”
Hungarian monument to Jewish Holocaust victims smashed
A monument in Hungary commemorating Jewish slave workers later murdered in the Holocaust was defaced.
At least three marble plates signifying Jewish headstones were smashed Sunday in Balf, a town located 120 miles west of Budapest, the Hungarian Jewish weekly Szombat reported Monday.
A government spokesman issued a “strong condemnation” of the act, which police are investigating. There are no suspects.
The monument, which comprises dozens of marble tablets in the shape of headstones, was unveiled in 2008. The positioning of the headstones evokes a group of people walking – meant to honor the memory of those forced to work there by pro-Nazi Hungarians before they were murdered.
Those commemorated in the monument are victims of what the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in Jerusalem calls the death marches of Hungarian Jews through Austria in the spring of 1945. The previous year, Hungarian Interior Minister Gabor Vajna pledged to provide the German Reich with 50,000 Jewish men and women as slave laborers.
Shia Imam in Orange County Offers Full Apology for Sermon Accusing Israel of Backing ISIS
A Shia imam in California who stated during a sermon that Israel “finances, arms and trains” the Sunni Islamist terror group ISIS has offered an unreserved apology for his remarks.
As The Algemeiner reported last week, a video distributed by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) showed the founder and director of the Islamic Education Center of Orange County, Dr. Sayed Moustafa al-Qazwini, declaring to his congregation on June 23: “You know who paid for them, who financed them, who helped them, who purchased weapons for them, who even trained them, who protected them…ISIS is the production of the Israeli intelligence. Most of their officers were trained in Israel, including (terror group founder) Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.”
Al-Qazwini has now expressed regret for the comments, acknowledging that he had made an error in trusting claims from Iraqi intelligence — which has been heavily penetrated by Iran — that Israel supports ISIS.
“While I made these comments based on information that I had received from Iraqi political and military sources, after careful reflection on the reliability of these sources and on the realization of the extent to which these comments have offended and hurt members of the Jewish community, I have decided to rescind my comments,” al-Qazwini said in a statement on Friday.
Japan’s deputy PM retracts remark seeming to praise Hitler
Japan’s deputy prime minister on Wednesday retracted a comment he made a day earlier that seemed to praise the motives of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.
Taro Aso was speaking at a seminar for his faction in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party on Tuesday when he said: “I don’t question a politician’s motives; it is delivering results that matter. Hitler, who killed millions of people, was no good, even if his intentions had been good.”
Aso said that remark was “inappropriate” and he would like to retract it and regretted having caused a misunderstanding. He said he meant that Hitler was a bad leader with bad intentions.
The Simon Wiesenthal Center, a US-based Jewish human rights organization, denounced the comment as “downright dangerous.” Official at the center, Rabbi Abraham Cooper asked, “When will the elite of Japan wake up and acknowledge that they have a ‘Nazi Problem’?”
Aso is also the finance minister in Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Cabinet and served as Japan’s prime minister in 2008-9.
Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, Yoshihide Suga, said after Aso retracted his statement that the deputy prime minister “should make his own explanation when the time comes.”
Aso in 2008 was criticized for comparing the tactics of the Democratic Party of Japan to those of Nazis in 1930s Germany. And in 2013 he withdrew a comment that seemed to suggest Japanese leaders should follow Nazi Germany’s example in changing the constitution.
Man yelling 'Hitler was a good man' hurls glass bottle at Jewish teenage girls in Hackney street attack
Two Jewish girls were attacked with a glass bottle by a man who yelled: “Hitler is a good man.”
The teenagers ran for cover after they were approached by the young man who continued his anti-Semitic tirade, shouting it was “good he killed the Jews”.
The suspect then threw a bottle at one of the girls in what police described as an unprovoked attack.
Officers are now appealing for anyone who saw what happened to come forward after the incident in Finsbury Park on Sunday.
According to the Met, the two girls, aged 15 and 16, have been left “badly shaken” by the abuse.
Anti-Semitic attacks in UK reach record high
It happened at around 7pm on Heron Drive. The suspect is described as a light-skinned black man in his early twenties, with a slim build.
He was wearing a black t-shirt, black trousers and wearing a black cross body bag.
Miami cops looking for man who threatened to shoot up synagogue
Police are calling on the public in the Miami-Dade area to help locate a man who threatened to shoot up a local synagogue.
Miami-Dade Police identify the man as Steven H. Brooks. A flyer distributed by police asking the public for information about his whereabouts says he “made verbal threats to shoot with an Uzi and kill everyone at the Beit David Highland Lakes Shul Synagogue.”
He last made a threat on August 14 and has been warned twice about trespassing near the synagogue.
The poster also says that “Subject Brooks stated that he only has six months to live and does not care if he gets arrested.”
The poster stresses that “no probable cause exists” for his arrest.
Israeli doctors successfully operate on Gaza ‘tree man’
Doctors at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Medical Center successfully operated on a Palestinian man from the Gaza Strip suffering from a rare disease known as “tree man syndrome.”
Mohammed Taluli, 42, arrived at the hospital with large growths on his hand, caused by complications from human papillomavirus infection, which can be cancerous.
“This is a very rare case that has no documentation whatsoever in the medical annals,” said Dr. Michael Chernofsky, an orthopedist and hand specialist who operated on Taluli, according to a statement published by the hospital Tuesday.
Chernofsky said the surgery was successful and that Taluli is now receiving medications and vaccines to complete the treatment.
Taluli said he sought treatment for his rare condition at hospitals in both Egypt and the West Bank, but was unable to find a cure until the Palestinian Authority coordinated his treatment in Israel.
Conan goes undercover for hit Israeli TV series
American comedian and talkshow host Conan O’Brien revealed Tuesday that he was making an appearance in a hit Israeli television drama that follows the action-packed world of undercover security operations in the country.
O’Brien tweeted that he had filmed a scene from the “Fauda” series, describing it as one of his favorite shows.
He included a photo of himself posing next to the show’s lead actor Lior Raz, who wrote the series with Times of Israel correspondent Avi Issacharoff. Its first season aired in 2015.
Twitter users responded to O’Brien by noting that the tall, pale, ginger-haired celebrity does not look a typical Israeli or Arab, making him an unusual character for a show with a storyline all about blending in.
Conan O’Brien’s Whirlwind Tour of Israel is Exactly What You’d Expect—and That’s What Makes It So Fun
Despite the role of Jews in comedy in America, there tend to be very few members of the Tribe hosting late-night talk shows. So kudos to Conan O’Brien for taking his show on the road, or rather, on an El-Al flight; Conan has come to Israel.
“Conan Without Borders” is an ongoing show special; O’Brien created an episode earlier this year where he visited and produced his show in Mexico. And now, he’s in the Holy Land, eating the food, seeing the sites, and meeting, God help us, Israelis.
Conan introduced this special on his regular TV show, so if you want to know more, you can watch the clip in which he does some sort of generic gangly dance to fake klezmer music, because apparently that screams Israel.
So what sort of shenanigans has the redheaded comedian gotten into so far? While the special doesn’t come out till next month, Team Coco is sharing details of the trip (#ConanIsrael) on Facebook. After getting off to a great start with his flight (and yes, he did fly El-Al), it seems that O’Brien spent the weekend in Tel Aviv, and is currently in Jerusalem. He will also visit the West Bank soon, at least Bethlehem.
He enjoyed Goldstar beer! He loved shakshuka, even though he had trouble pronouncing it! He has noticed that Israelis are super attractive! He even visited Waze headquarters, therefore reminding Americans that the driving-directions app is an Israeli invention. Clearly, this trip is the best thing to happen to Israel’s international rep in pop culture since Gal Gadot starred in Wonder Woman.
Adorably, Coco ran into an older man named David on the streets of the Old City, and the whole camera crew ended up going to his place for a cup of coffee.

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