Tuesday, July 25, 2017

From Ian:

Caroline Glick: U.S. Support for Palestinian Terrorists Must End
The Solomon family was massacred Friday night as they celebrated Shabbat and the birth of their newest grandson in their home. They were massacred by a 19 year old jihadist who posted an explanation of his imminent act of barbarous murder against his Jewish neighbors on Facebook less that two hours before he stormed their home in Neve Tzuf.
The murderer used the same language as his"moderate" "pro-peace" "legitimate" leader, PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas who said that Jews pollute the Temple Mount with our "filthy feet."
Ironically and appallingly, just last week the US State Department published a report blaming Israel for Palestinian terrorism and claiming that the PLO-led, and US-funded Palestinian Authority doesn't incite terrorism and violence and hatred.
The State Department also opposes the Taylor Force bill which if passed -- along the lines passed in the House of Representatives, (the Senate bill is an insult to our intelligence), would end US taxpayer subsidization of Palestinian terrorism to the tune of more than half a billion dollars a year.
The State Department -- Tillerson included, apparently, doesn't see anything wrong with the fact that the PA uses more than $300 million every year to pay people like the murderer who butchered the Solomons and their families.
Having murdered the Solomons in their home, this terrorist is guaranteed a lifetime salary and pension for his family that ensure them all an upper middle class economic status -- courtesy of US taxpayers via the "moderate" PA, PLO, Abbas, terror machine.
Ben-Dror Yemini: Muslim self-racism: The ‘low expectations syndrome’
There’s a problem with Muslims. They’re human beings. They’re equal. But sometimes, they insist on being treated like small children. Last time, it was the dispute over the call of the muezzin. Not that the “muezzin bill” was so smart, but it’s a fact that similar restrictions exist in Muslim countries too, and in Saudi Arabia there’s even a fatwa against excessive noise. Nevertheless, they used the motif of “an offense to our honor.”
When the person seen as their most important religious leader, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, called on Muslims to finish Hitler’s job, there were no protests in the West. And when anti-Semitic cartoons are regularly published in newspapers in the Muslim world, there are no angry reactions from Jews. Muslims haven’t been pelted with stones. We haven’t heard about “an offense to our honor.” But when the Muhammad cartoons were published in Denmark, they sparked a series of bloody protests around the world. Dozens were killed. Consulate buildings were set on fire. After all, there was “an offense to their honor.”
Now it’s about the metal detectors. It’s true that it’s a terror prevention measure. It’s true they’re the main victims of terror. It’s true the idea to place the metal detectors was raised after three jihadists entered the Temple Mount with weapons. It’s true it could happen again. But that doesn’t matter. The “offense to our honor” motif has reappeared.
In the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, there are similar concerns. There are 5,000 closed-circuit television cameras there. Every movement is recorded. Every suspicion is checked. Moreover, the company in charge of security, G4S, is a British company. One of the security measures is an electronic bracelet attached to each of the millions of pilgrims throughout their entire stay in the kingdom, allowing the authorities to monitor each and every one of them. The Brits control the information. That hasn’t stopped the pilgrimage. It’s possible that instead of metal detectors, Israel should make it clear any measure that is acceptable in the Muslims’ holiest site would be used in their third holiest site as well.
NY Post Ed: Palestinians’ latest excuse for rioting
The Palestinian Authority has provoked a new Temple Mount crisis, bringing riots and deadly attacks on Israelis.
The pretext: Israel just placed metal detectors at the entrances to the Temple Mount, a holy site for Jews and Muslims alike. But Jerusalem has been responsible for security there for decades, and the new protection was a direct response to the recent killing of two Israeli police officers by three Israeli Arabs using weapons smuggled onto the sacred ground.
PA officials chose to paint it as a Jewish plot to seize more control of the Temple Mount, which Jordan has administered for decades.
“If Israel persists with these electric metal detectors, we will ask the Palestinian youth to step up their protests against them,” said Hatem Abdel Qader, head of Jerusalem affairs for the PA’s ruling Fatah party. “We will come en masse to put pressure on these detectors and we will pray outside the mosque and in the streets to prove that Israel isn’t respecting freedom of worship and faith.”
Funny: Saudi Arabia has 5,000 CCTV cameras watching over Mecca, with no impact on freedom of worship. And Jordan this year briefly proposed putting its own cameras on site.
Yet Palestinian leaders still got their desired “Day of Rage” outside the site on Friday, with protesters throwing rocks, fireworks and firebombs at security forces. Three rioters were killed in the clashes. That night, a Palestinian broke into a home in the West Bank settlement of Halamish and fatally stabbed three civilians.

Palestinians: Abbas's Security Doubletalk
So, who is taking Abbas's threats to suspend security cooperation with Israel seriously? Not Israel, not the Americans, and certainly not many Palestinians. Abbas is caught between two bad places -- both of his very own making. On the one hand, he knows that security cooperation with Israel is his only insurance policy to remain in power and alive. On the other hand, Abbas is acutely aware of his status among many Palestinians, who would be more than happy to replace him with someone more... to their taste.
Palestinian intelligence chief Majed Faraj's message was directed to the Israeli public with the goal of pressuring the Israeli government and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to cave in to Palestinian threats and remove the metal detectors. This is why Faraj chose an Israeli journalist who is known to be sympathetic to Abbas and the Palestinian Authority (PA) leadership. Faraj and his boss -- Abbas -- wanted to scare the Israeli public and turn them against Netanyahu by telling them that Palestinians will stop security coordination with Israel unless the metal detectors were removed.
Abbas is still playing his old game. Out of one side of his mouth he claimed a desire for a peaceful solution to the metal detectors crisis, and out of the other side, he egged his people on to murder more and more Israelis. As it turns out, whether security coordination is "sacred" or "suspended," Abbas is in it for one person only: himself.
PMW: Fatah: "With our blood we will thwart the Zionists' plans"
Even though Israel today is removing the metal detectors from the entrances to the Temple Mount, which were placed following a terror attack there on July 14, 2017, in which 2 Israelis were murdered, Abbas' Fatah Movement is still protesting against Israel's security measures and vowing to "thwart the Zionists' plans" with "our blood":
Text on image (above): "The surveillance and espionage cameras are a violation of freedom of worship
Freedom of worship is limited by the intelligence cameras
With our blood we will thwart the Zionists' plans
[Official Fatah Facebook page, July 25, 2017]
Text on post and image (right):
"No to the occupation
No to the metal detectors
No to the cameras
[Official Fatah Facebook page, July 25, 2017]
Palestinian Media Watch has reported that during the last two weeks, PA and Fatah leaders have encouraged Palestinian riots, "escalation," and "rage" in Jerusalem. Israel placed metal detectors and security cameras at the entrances to the Temple Mount following the terror attack on July 14, 2017, when three terrorists shot from the Temple Mount and murdered 2 Israeli border policemen. While ignoring Israel's reason for installing these security measures to prevent future attacks on the holy site, PA and Fatah leaders have presented this step as a "violation," claiming it is "a step on the way to establishing the alleged Temple."

PMW: Abbas the hypocrite - and his silent approval of Palestinian terror
Consistent with Palestinian Authority behavior throughout last year's terror wave, there has been no Palestinian condemnation of Friday's terror attack in which a Palestinian terrorist stabbed 3 Israelis to death in their home.
Likewise, Abbas' hypocrisy regarding "terror" is a continuation of his behavior in the past. While he refuses to condemn terror attacks against Israeli civilians, he repeatedly proclaims to the world that he is against terror. Less than two days after the horrific Palestinian attack, Abbas - ignoring the attack altogether - even emphasized to Palestinian scholars just how much Palestinians are against terror:
"We, the State of Palestine, are convinced that terrorism must be fought everywhere, and we have at least 83 protocols with various countries around the world to combat violence and terrorism."
[WAFA (English edition), official PA news agency, July 23, 2017]
But in the Palestinian perspective there is "terror," and there is "terror."
PMW: "Allah, liberate our mosque from the occupation`s filth" - "Jerusalem is ours"
The Palestinian Authority and Fatah continue to endorse the Palestinian riots in Jerusalem, encourage their "escalation," and present the situation to Palestinians as if the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem are in danger and need "defense."
PA and Fatah leaders have almost entirely ignored the terrorist attack earlier this month, when terrorists shot from within the Temple Mount plaza and murdered 2 Israeli border policemen. However, they are protesting fiercely against the metal detectors Israel has placed as a safety measure at the entrances to the holy site following the attack.
These metal detectors are presented by Palestinian leaders as constituting an Israeli "escalation," "aggression," and an "attack" against Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. They view Israel's actions as an intolerable violation of the so-called "status quo" on the Temple Mount, and interpret Israel's security measures there as an encroachment onto what they see as Muslim property only. Palestinian Media Watch has documented that PA and Fatah leaders repeatedly state that all of the Temple Mount, including the Western Wall, belongs to Muslims only. They continuously spread the libel that the Al-Aqsa Mosque is under attack, and that Israel is plotting its destruction in order to build the "alleged Temple."
During the last two weeks, PA and Fatah leaders have called for an "escalation" of the riots, urged Palestinians to "rage," and even glorified death, encouraging Palestinians to die "for Palestine."
MEMRI: Palestinian Sheikh Declares Jihad Live on Lebanese TV!

Cameras come down along with metal detectors at Temple Mount
Work crews removed advanced security cameras along with metal detectors installed outside the Temple Mount in Jerusalem overnight Monday, in a bid to defuse rampant tensions that have set Jerusalem and the West Bank aflame in recent days. New metal barriers remained, for chanelling people toward the entrance gates, remained in place.
The security measures had been set up last week in the wake of a terror attack at the holy site on July 14 in which terrorists used guns smuggled into the compound to kill two police officers standing guard nearby.
The removal of the new security measures followed an Israeli security cabinet decision to replace the metal detectors with security measures based on “advanced technologies,” allocating some NIS 100 million ($28 million) over a six-month period for the plan.
Reports indicated that the new technologies were a new set of advanced cameras that could detect hidden objects to replace the ones that were taken down overnight.
While reports came out quickly about the metal detectors being taken down in the early hours of Tuesday morning, the removal of the much smaller cameras went unnoticed until after dawn.
Israel's rep to UN: Palestinian women become 'chief executive killers'
The United Nations Security Council met on Tuesday morning to discuss Middle East topics, including what they called "The Palestinian Question."
Israel's ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, commented the money and prizes the Palestinian Authority gives to the families of slain or imprisoned terrorists. In particular, he mentioned the financial rewards given to the family of Hanadi Jaradat, who disguised herself as a pregnant woman and committed the 2003 suicide bombing of the Maxim restaurant in Haifa, killing 21 Israelis and wounding 51 more.
Regarding the recognition Jaradat received from her community, Danon claimed that Israel gives awards for the arts and sciences, "Professional Palestinian women win awards for murder," and that while Israeli women become CEOs, Palestinian women become "Chief executive killers."
The United States envoy to the UN, Nikki Haley, then stood and spoke against the council's "obsession" with Israel and called on the UN to shift its focus to terror threats such as Iran and Hezbollah.
The UN's special envoy on Middle East peace has equated a Palestinian terrorist slaughtering a family in their home during a Sabbath dinner and Israeli security forces engaging in self-defense against violent Palestinian rioters. According to a press statement by the UN Secretary-General's Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov on July 24, 2017, both incidents deserve the same condemnation.
In his words: "We have seen Palestinians being killed in clashes with Israeli security forces. We have seen an Israeli family being slaughtered in a terrorist attack in a settlement in the West Bank. All incidents deserve the full condemnation of the international community and our thoughts and prayers must go out to the families of the victims."
PA envoy to UN: Don't expect all Palestinians 'to be angels'
Speaking to journalists at the United Nations headquarters in New York, Mansour called on Israel to remove "all obstacles put in place to deprive worshippers of exercising the right to go and pray."
Later on Monday, Israeli officials decided to remove the contentious metal detectors from the entrance to the Temple Mount following more than a week of violent flare-ups and deadly attacks. The metal detectors were installed after three Israeli Arab terrorists shot and killed two Israeli police officers at the Temple Mount on July 14.
When asked about a Palestinian terrorist who broke into the home of a Jewish family in Halamish and stabbed three family members to death on Friday, Mansour said, "You have an occupation with its ruthlessness, as we see it. And we see a manifestation of it involving a violation of international law at the magnitude of war crimes, such as settlements, then don't expect all Palestinians to be angels and not to react to it."
He added that violence was "not necessarily the policy of the Palestinian government or the leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization or the state of Palestine."
Mansour spoke as the Security Council was due to meet to discuss ways to reduce the tensions in the region.
Muslims maintain Temple Mount boycott after detectors removed
Muslim leaders advised worshipers to continue to stay away from the Temple Mount on Tuesday, even after Israel removed the metal detectors and security cameras that touched off a boycott of the holy site
The Waqf Islamic trust, which administers the site, said a decision to continue the boycott was pending a review of the new Israeli security arrangements there.
Ikrema Sabri, the head of the Supreme Islamic Committee in the city, said such a review might be completed later on Tuesday.
Muslim worshipers have stayed away from the sacred compound since Israel installed metal detectors there last week following a terror attack at the site on July 14. Instead, they performed mass prayer protests outside the shrine, many of which devolved into clashes with Israeli security forces.
Earlier Tuesday, Israel’s security cabinet said it would replace the metal detectors with “advanced technologies,” referring reportedly to cameras that can detect hidden objects, but said the process could take up to six months.
PA Jerusalem Governor: Smart Cameras Even More Egregious than Metal Detectors
The Palestinian Authority Governor of the Jerusalem District Adnan al-Husseini on Tuesday declared that the Israeli Police plan to post smart security cameras that can detect the intentions of Muslim visitors to the Temple Mount is worse than the offending metal detectors which the same Israel Police has removed hastily lest it further offend thousands of Arab rioters.
Bet you didn’t know the PA had its own governor who rules over Jerusalem. Remember Moataz Hijazi? He was the Arab terrorist who tried to assassinate now MK Yehuda Glick outside the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in the fall of 2014. Shortly thereafter, Hijazi, member of the Islamic Jihad and a frequent flier in Israeli security prisons, was killed by the Shin Bet and Israel Police.
Palestinian Authority Governor of the Jerusalem District Adnan al-Husseini personally delivered a special message from Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to the grieving Hijazi family, saying: “With anger and condemnation we received the news of the ugly crime of the occupation, carried out by the killing and terror gangs of the despicable Israeli occupation army, against your son Moataz Ibrahim Hijazi, following which he rose to heaven as a martyr in defense of the rights and holy places of our people.”
IRRATIONAL: Palestinians Burn Metal Detectors In Effigy
A mob of irrational, angry Palestinian rioters have overtaken the streets near the Temple Mount, clashing with police and calling for more indiscriminate attacks against Jews. Groupthink is breeding barbarism.
The mob has no rational requests or demands. This is blind hatred, pure and simple. This is a mob that’s burning metal detectors in effigy to protest Israeli security measures implemented in the wake of a Muslim terrorist attack.
The Palestinian mob cannot have it both ways; it cannot call for the wholesale slaughter of Jews, promote arbitrary attacks against innocents, and demand violence in response to irrational fears rooted in conspiratorial thinking while also playing the victim.
Like the Saudis, and other Muslim nations, the Israelis have a right, even a duty, to place metal detectors outside of holy shrines to keep people safe.
Jews have a right to defend themselves, like any other people in the world. This isn't up for negotiation.
PreOccupiedTerritory: It Takes A Lot Of Preparation To Arrange A Spontaneous Outpouring Of Rage by Raed Salah, Islamic Movement (satire)
To the uninitiated observer, the explosion of violent demonstrations after Israel put up metal detectors at the entrance to the Temple Mount must have looked like an impressive display of sudden protest by tens of thousands of Muslims who all felt the need at the same time to express how fed up they are with the situation. And it was impressive. But sudden? No, it takes a good bit of preparation to arrange such a spontaneous outpouring of rage.
I’m not only talking about logistics, though arranging all those buses for a spontaneous bunch of protests can certainly pose a daunting task. I’m referring to years and years of preparatory rhetoric, education, and culture to instill in our people an intolerance for any sign of Jewish empowerment. Only with those mores firmly in place can we hope to trigger large waves of violent protest, which is our primary political tool.
It would be selfish and dishonest of me to claim credit for putting in place this conditioning system, though I have devoted myself to it for most of my adult life. It began centuries ago, at the dawn of Islam, when the supremacy of our faith first became, well, an article of faith, such that no infidels may be allowed to display any signs of independence or power. With this land under Islamic control from close to the beginning of Islam, only the Crusades forced an interruption in the supremacy of Islam here. Until the British came along. But we like to pretend it was the Jews who usurped it.
Turkey’s President Erdogan Urges All Muslims to ‘Visit’ and ‘Protect’ Jerusalem
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday urged all Muslims to visit and protect Jerusalem after violence broke out over metal detectors that Israel installed and later removed from a sensitive holy site in the city.
"From here I make a call to all Muslims. Anyone who has the opportunity should visit Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa mosque," Erdogan said in Ankara. "Come, let's all protect Jerusalem."
He was referring to the site, known to Jews as the Temple Mount, which is central to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Israel installed metal detectors at entrances to the site, which also includes the Dome of the Rock, following an attack on July 14 that killed two Israeli police officers.
Jordan ‘kept Palestinians in the dark’ over Temple Mt. pact — official
Jordan did not consult with the Palestinian Authority about talks with Israel that led to the removal of metal detectors and cameras from the entrances to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a senior Palestinian official said Tuesday.
The official also indicated that the PA would renew its security coordination with Israel — frozen over the installation of the detectors — if Israel took “logical steps.”
The detectors were set up last week in the wake of a terror attack at the holy site on July 14, in which three Arab Israeli terrorists used guns smuggled into the compound to kill two police officers standing guard nearby.
“So far, the Jordanians have not presented us with any details of the agreement they reached and it’s not clear why,” the Palestinian official told the Times of Israel.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jordan’s King Abdullah II spoke by phone late Monday to discuss tensions over the sacred esplanade in Jerusalem’s Old City, as well as a diplomatic crisis over a security guard at the Israeli Embassy in Amman who shot and killed two people after being attacked with a screwdriver.
IsraellyCool: Jordan to Israel: Do As We Say, Not As We Do
Following last week’s Temple Mount attack and Israel’s temporary closure of the site, Jordan was one of the countries to summarily condemn Israel. And today, the Jordanians reportedly insisted the metal detectors be removed, with our promise to do that apparently securing the release of the Israeli guard who was almost murdered yesterday (which I do not understand, since he should have had diplomatic immunity and been released immediately).
Which seems like a hell of a lot of chutzpah given Jordan’s own (aborted) attempt to have security cameras at the site, not to mention the fact they allowed the site to fall in to a state of neglect when they were completely in charge.
But don’t worry – their chutzpah knows no bounds. While demanding all Muslims have unfettered access to the Temple Mount, they deny Jews to right to pray in their kingdom.
Jordanian police on threatened a group of Israeli tourists that they would risk being jailed if they prayed anywhere in the country, an Israeli official said Monday.
The tourists were in Jordan to visit the Tomb of Aaron, the biblical high priest and brother of Moses, who tradition holds is buried on Mount Hor, near Petra, at a site known locally as Jabal Haroun.
“It emerged that they were not allowed [to show] any religious symbols,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Emmanuel Nahshon told The Times of Israel. He said the incident occurred either Sunday or Monday.
LISTEN -- Breitbart’s Aaron Klein Confronts Islamic Leader Over Temple Mount Lies
In an extensive radio interview, Breitbart’s Jerusalem bureau chief and senior reporter Aaron Klein confronted an Islamic leader here about his false claim that Israel is attempting to limit Muslim worship at the holy site.
During the interview, Waleed Taha, the deputy chairman of the Islamic Movement, labeled the Western Wall an “occupied area” and rejected archaeological evidence and the historical record tying Jews to the site. Klein challenged Taha on those allegations, as well as the Temple Mount’s Islamic custodians’ attempts to dispose of Jewish artifacts from the site.
Taha’s Islamic Movement is an Islamist group headquartered in Israel and has been at the center of charges against Israel regarding the Temple Mount.
Indy legitimises bizarre claim that Jerusalem was NOT the ancient Jewish capital
However, as the article eventually indicates, there’s only one “expert” who makes these claims. His name is Ralph Ellis, a fringe revisionist religious historian. Ellis once wrote a book claiming Jesus Christ was actually King of Edessa, a theory mocked by a respected biblical scholar as “wacky” and “completely beyond the realms of scholarly debate”.
Ellis’s claim in The Independent that “archaeologists have scoured the Holy Land” yet failed to find evidence of Solomon’s mines ignores widely reported archaeological discoveries in 2013 and 2017 demonstrating that the mines in question did indeed originate during the reign of King Solomon.
His even more bizarre assertion that Jerusalem was never the ancient Jewish capital contradicts all the known historical and archaeological evidence that it was the capital for roughly 400 years, beginning around 1000 BCE when King David conquered the city, and of course ignores the First and Second Temples. The Indy journalist also uncritically cites Ellis’s claim that “King Solomon was in fact an Egyptian Pharaoh”.
We’ve fisked a lot of false claims about Israel at the Indy, but the decision by editors to publish an article based entirely on the ahistorical, revisionist views of a one discredited, fringe “scholar” is truly baffling.
Haaretz Falsehood: Netanyahu Called Temple Mount 'Religious Site for Muslims Only'
Thus, while in 2015, Netanyahu asserted that the Temple Mount is a place for Muslim (but not Jewish) prayer, he did not declare that it is a religious site only for Muslims. As last week's article accurately reported (in Hebrew and English) several paragraphs before the erroneous statement:
Under the latest agreement, reached in autumn 2015, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly announced that the Mount isn't a place for Jewish prayer.
In addition, the Hebrew article reported that in 2015 Netanyahu declared the site a "makom pulchan" for Muslims – a place of ritual, which is accurate. But the English edition's translation of "makom pulchan" as "religious site" is not accurate translation. In any event, Haaretz's translation failure is a secondary point, as Netanyahu's words were in English, and they directly contradict the claim in Haaretz's English edition that he declared the Temple Mount a "religious site for Muslims only."
The bottom line is that in October 2015 Netanyahu reaffirmed the Temple Mount's status quo which prohibits Jewish ritualistic practice (including prayer), and he also reaffirmed the site's great religious significance for Judaism and Christianity, as well as Islam.
CAMERA contacted Haaretz English edition editors last week to request correction of the false claim that Prime Minister Netanyahu called the Temple Mount "a religious site for Muslims only." Editors have yet to correct.
Tangled Timelines on the Temple Mount
The Irish Times then callously implies some sort of equivalence between the deaths of the rioters, and of three Israelis who were murdered by a terrorist in their home while celebrating a new grandchild over Friday night dinner:
On the same day, a Palestinian stabbed three Israelis in the occupied West Bank after pledging on Facebook to heed “al-Aqsa’s call.”
The Irish Times not only implies equivalence here, but by saying the attack was in the “occupied West Bank” downplays the horrific details of it, and suggests that maybe it wouldn’t have happened if the settlers weren’t were they shouldn’t have been – on “occupied” land – in the first place.
Only later does the Irish Times mention the initial shooting attack on the Temple Mount that led to the metal detectors being installed.
The editorial states that Israel must remove the metal detectors, that “that compromise is the only way of restoring calm.” But by saying this, the Irish Times absolves the Palestinians of responsibility for their own actions, and ignores that the violence began before the metal detectors.
Temple Mount Tensions and Terror: A Critical Analysis of Canadian Media Coverage
Last week, three Israeli-Arabs carried out a brutal terrorist attack that killed two Israeli-Druze policemen on the Temple Mount. The terrorists and their accomplice smuggled and hid weapons near Islam’s third holiest site, the Al Aqsa Mosque, and in an effort to prevent such an attack from happening again, Israel installed metal detectors to safeguard everyone (Jews and Muslims alike). Many Palestinian and Arabs objected to this security measure, saying that Israel was trying to change the status quo on the Temple Mount, except there was no foundation to this malicious allegation.
Palestinians who were incited, took part in violent riots where molotov cocktails, rocks, and petrol bombs were thrown at Israeli officers who in self defence killed three Palestinian rioters, one whose petrol bomb had prematurely exploded.
Gruesomely, a Palestinian terrorist named Omar al-Abed, descended on the home of the Solomon family in the west bank settlement of Halamish (Neve Tsuf) and brutally stabbed three Israelis to death (Pictured below are Yosef: a grandfather and his two grown children, Chaya and Elad) while seriously injuring the matriarch of the family, Tovah, as they were enjoying their Sabbath meal. The terrorist’s last testament on Facebook saw him claim he was coming to the defence of the “desecration” of the Al Aqsa Mosque. Meanwhile, the Palestinian terrorist is being nursed back to health in an Israeli hospital.
The Washington Post Passes on Palestinian Incitement
On a near-daily basis, Palestinians encourage and praise violence against Israelis. And just as frequently, many major US news outlets — the Washington Post foremost among them — ignore it.
Calls for anti-Jewish violence permeate Palestinian society. School textbooks condone it. Mosques lionize it. Sporting clubs and street signs are named after terrorists. And it’s all sanctioned by the entities that govern Palestinian life — some of which receive extensive funding from the US and the European Union.
The Palestinian Authority (PA), which rules the West Bank, and is dominated by the Fatah movement, is a frequent perpetrator of these crimes. So, of course, is Hamas, the US-designated terror group that controls the Gaza Strip.
The evidence of their support for terror is abundant. And tragically, so are the aftereffects.
On July 14, three Arab-Israeli citizens murdered two Israeli Druze police officers near the Temple Mount, which is Judaism’s holiest and Islam’s third-holiest site. The terrorists were shot dead by police. Fatah’s official Facebook page commemorated the murderers as “martyrs,” sharing pictures of them and calling for a “day of rage.” This was from a movement that the Washington Post and others have frequently labeled as “moderate.”
Bereaved widow, siblings of Halamish victims share their grief
"I'm sorry I wasn't there when the terrorist was in the house, that I wasn't with Elad, fighting alongside him, even dying with him. The only thing holding me up is my wife, and my son, who was born a day earlier. He came into the world a day before [the attack] to give me strength," says Shmuel Salomon, whose brother Elad, father Yossi and sister Chaya were murdered in their home in Halamish by a terrorist on Friday evening.
In an interview with Israel Hayom, the full text of which will run in the weekend supplement, the three surviving children of Tova and Yossi Salomon -- Shmuel Salomon, Orit Marcus and Racheli Anzel -- talk about their childhood home, which became the site of a bloodbath. As well as their father and siblings being murdered in the attack, their mother was wounded and is still in hospital.
"We knew from the news that three people had been murdered inside the house," Orit says.
"I talked with the emergency team in Neve Tzuf [Halamish], and they refused to give me any details. I shouted at them on the phone: 'Who's dead? My mother? My father?'"
Michal Salomon, Elad's widow, called Orit's husband, Dror, from the room where she was hiding with her children. She told him in English, so the children wouldn't understand, "My husband is dead."
UK Media Frame Palestinian murder of Jews in Halamish as a ‘Clash’ Over Metal Detectors
However, the UK media largely framed the violence as a reaction to legitimate Palestinian concerns over ‘Israeli restrictions' to the mosque, ignoring the role of incitement and downplaying the original Temple Mount terror attack which prompted the violence. In stories we reviewed published after the terror attack in Halamish, mostmisleadingly cast the Palestinian killing as a part of a series of ‘clashes' on Friday over Israel's installation of metal detectors, equating Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces during violent riots (initiated by Palestinian leaders) with the intentional Palestinian murder of innocent Jewish civilians.
Here are a few examples:
Three Israelis were not killed by “tensions”, nor by Israel's installation of metal detectors. They were murdered by a particular Palestinian man who bought into the Palestinian narrative erroneously warning that ‘the mosque was in danger' and that the best way to defend it was by killing “the sons of monkey and pigs”. It's impossible to properly understand events in Jerusalem over the past week without acknowledging this continuing pattern of Palestinian incitement, antisemitism and violence.
Mother of Halamish Terrorist Arrested on Incitement Charges
Israeli soldiers arrested the mother of Palestinian terrorist Omar al-Abed on Tuesday on charges of “aggravated incitement,” following her son’s fatal stabbing of an Israeli father and two of his adult children on Friday night in the West Bank community of Halamish.
Following the gruesome attack in the home of the Salomon family, the terrorist’s mother, Ibtisam al-Abed, said in a video that was widely circulated on social media that she was “proud” of her son. Further, the Abed family celebrated the terror attack by handing out sweets to guests at their home in Kaubar.
The IDF said the terrorist’s mother incited “more attacks on Jews,” and she was arrested on Tuesday.
Palestinian Who Slaughtered Israeli Family to Receive $3,120/Month Reward From PA
The family of Omar al-Abed, the knife-wielding Palestinian terrorist who brutally murdered three members of the Salomon family at Shabbat dinner on Friday, will enjoy a generous payment from the Palestinian Authority (PA) for the killing of Jews.
As a result of the PA’s program to pay Palestinians who commit terror attacks—sometimes termed the “Pay-for-Slay-Program”—the al-Abed family is expected to receive a monthly lifetime salary of $3,120, Liel Leibovitz reported Sunday for Tablet Magazine. This sum is typically given to terrorists sentenced to 30 years or more in prison.
The Palestinian Authority “uses the money it receives from, among other sources, American tax payers to handsomely compensate the killers of Jews. Because the payment is commensurate with the length of the terrorist’s jail sentence, and because the sentence grows heftier the more Jews the terrorist kills, the al-Abeds will be richly rewarded for Omar’s murderous spree,” Leibovitz observed. “Just for comparison, an average Palestinian engineer earns about $1,300 per month.”
Salomon home after Omar al-Abed murdered three members of the family on July 21.
Leibovitz’s assessment follows reports that the PA increased its spending on salaries to terrorists and their families in 2017. Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported Wednesday that payments to jailed terrorists increased 13%, from 488 million shekels ($135 million) in 2016 to 550 million shekels ($158 million) this year. The overall 2017 budget for payments to terrorists and their families amounts to 1.237 billion shekels ($355 million).
The PA’s latest budget also shows that payments to the families of “martyrs,” often terrorists who have killed Israelis, increased by 4% from 660 million shekels ($183 million) in 2016 to 687 million shekels ($197 million) in 2017.
IsraellyCool: Blogger Richard Silverstein Condones Murder of The Salomons
Silverstein is clearly taking issue with the idea that the Salomons and others living in Judea and Samaria deserve not to be slaughtered.
Or in other words: he thinks they deserved to be slaughtered.
I have meticulously documented most of Silverstein’s nastiness and moral bankruptcy over the years. But with this latest tweet, he has reached rock bottom.
And why am I bothering with him? Because he deserves to be shamed and made even more toxic to any news outlet than he already is.

Furious Jordan MPs protest release of Israeli Embassy guard
An acrimonious session of Jordan’s parliament was cut short after lawmakers scuffled and then walked out in protest over their government’s handling of a deadly shooting at the Israeli Embassy in the kingdom.
Interior Minister Ghaleb al-Zoabi presented the initial findings to lawmakers on Tuesday, saying an Israeli security guard opened fire, killing two Jordanians, after one of them attacked him with a screwdriver.
He said Sunday’s shooting took place during a furniture delivery to a building linked to the embassy, meaning the incident was covered by diplomatic immunity rules.
A video of the incident showed one lawmaker hitting another with a bottle of water as parliamentarians argue over the findings.
Jordan mourners chant ‘death to Israel’ after deadly embassy shooting
Thousands of Jordanians chanted “death to Israel” as they attended the Tuesday funeral of a teenage assailant shot dead by an Israeli embassy security guard.
Mohammed Jawawdeh, 17, was killed Sunday, when he attacked the guard with a screwdriver at the embassy compound.
A second Jordanian was also killed, apparently by accident, and will be buried Thursday.
The killings sparked a standoff between Israel and Jordan amid tensions over the Temple Mount, where Israel imposed new security measures after a deadly mid-July attack on police.
Mourners set off with Jawawdeh’s coffin from Wihdat city, home to a large Palestinian refugee camp east of Amman, towards the cemetery in nearby Umm al-Hiran, where he was buried.
Temple Mount tutorial for Trump
The Palestinians have once again proved that they can exercise a veto over Israeli ‎policy in Jerusalem even in the aftermath of a bloody terror attack and a ‎reasonable decision to heighten security. Israeli sovereignty over the Old City has ‎been further diminished. That will allow both Netanyahu's critics to his right as ‎well as centrist and left-wing opponents to decry what they are calling poor crisis ‎management and weakness.‎
But if there is one silver lining in a cloud-filled sky, it is the way ‎events have served as a tutorial in the complexity and irrationality of the conflict ‎for the Trump administration. The president needs to realize that his ambition to ‎leverage Saudi and Jordanian influence over the Palestinians into brokering the ‎‎"ultimate deal" is a hopeless quest. ‎
The sequence of events demonstrated that the conflict between Israel and the ‎Palestinians is not a real estate transaction in which compromise and smart ‎negotiating can achieve a result. The willingness of Palestinians to take to the ‎streets and even murder Jews over the detectors is proof that the core issues ‎are not territory, settlements or security measures, but existential and religious ‎concerns that are not currently susceptible to compromise.‎
Whether U.S. mediator Jason Greenblatt's arrival in ‎the region encouraged a solution in the aftermath of the attack on the embassy is unclear. Greenblatt may have provided American cover for the resolution ‎of the standoff in which the safe return to Israel of an embassy guard who shot a ‎terrorist attacker was traded for the detectors' removal.‎
But if Greenblatt, the president, or a State Department that continues to recycle ‎the same myths propagated by the Obama ‎administration thinks the moral of the story is that more or better U.S. diplomacy ‎will provide a path to a peace agreement, they weren't paying attention to what ‎preceded Netanyahu's retreat. Everything that led from the initial terrorist attack to ‎the decision to take down the metal detectors testifies to a conflict that is rooted in ‎a Palestinian political culture in which intolerance for the Jewish presence in the ‎country is decisive.‎
The Jews did not start this, Mr. Tillerson
President Trump needs to have a talk with Rex Tillerson. Tillerson’s State Department has issued a report that blames Israel for…EVERYTHING.
Nobody saw that coming. Well I sure didn’t. Love Trump. Tillerson, not so much, even from the start.
The report okays Arab violence as a means to redress “frustrations” and “disappointments”…such as “lack of hope in achieving Palestinian statehood.” The Jews, according to this, are obliged to hand over the country to the Arabs. Wait. There’s more. The report faults the Jews, yes, Israel, for “incitement.” (Stop laughing.)
Actually there’s much more. But in sum, the main gripe is that the Jews aren’t doing enough to make the Arabs happy. It’s our job to make them happy.
It’s our ONLY job, if you listen to some people.
If they are not happy, according to State’s reasoning, the Palestinian Arabs are within their rights to go stark raving mad. They have permission to riot. They have a green light to murder three members of the Salomon family, as happened the other day in Neve Tzuf Halamish, when a Palestinian Arab heeded Mahmoud Abbas’s call to go on a murderous rampage, and he did.
Knesset vote on bill to hinder Jerusalem withdrawal annulled
The chairman of the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee annulled a Tuesday vote advancing a bill that would make it harder to withdraw from parts of Jerusalem in a any peace deal.
Nissan Slomiansky (Jewish Home) agreed to overturn the vote passed hours earlier after opposition lawmakers complained that the amendment was brought to a vote on a single day’s notice, preventing any serious debate, according to Israel Radio.
The amendment to the Basic Law: Jerusalem would require the approval of 80 MKs — or two-thirds of the Knesset — for the handover of any part of the capital to a future Palestinian state.
Following the cancellation, the committee is set to vote again on Wednesday. Then the bill is slated to face its first reading in the plenum later in the day.
“The purpose of this law is to unify Jerusalem forever,” Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett said in a statement before introducing the legislation in June. “Reaching a majority of 80 MKs in order to divide Jerusalem is impossible and has no feasibility in the Knesset, which is why this law is so important.”
Terror attack in Petah Tikva
An Arab terrorist repeatedly stabbed a 32-year old Israeli man in the central Israeli city of Petah Tikva on Monday.
The incident occurred at approximately 11:40 a.m. at the corner of Orlov Street and Bar Kochva.
Authorities say the assailant has been neutralized and taken into custody.
According to initial reports, the victim was stabbed in his neck and upper torso, and is now in moderate-to-serious condition. MDA emergency medical teams treated the stabbing victim at the scene, then evacuated him to Beilinson Hospital.
A police spokesperson has confirmed that the assailant is a resident of the Palestinian Authority-controlled city of Qalqiliya, and that his victim is an Israeli citizen from the Israeli Arab city of Arara near Umm al-Fahm. The stabbing took place just outside a shwarma shop.
Police say that the 21-year old terrorist was illegally residing and working in pre-1967 Israel.
“The stabber attempted to flee by foot to Dov Yemeni Street,” a police spokesperson said. “A civilian spotted him and hit [the terrorist] with his car. Other civilians then subdued him and handed him over to a police unit.”
Russian military police deploy close to Israel's Golan Heights to monitor safe zones
Russia has deployed military police to monitor two safe zones being established in Syria, including one watch-post near Israel’s Golan Heights, the defense ministry in Moscow said Monday.
Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the Russian General Staff Col. Gen. Sergei Rudskoy said that Russian forces had set up checkpoints and observation posts in the southwest de-escalation zone and one covering Eastern Ghouta near the capital of Damascus.
According to Rudskoy two checkpoints and ten watch posts were deployed on July 21 and 22 “along the approved areas of lines of contact” between rebel forces and Assad regime troops.
“It is to be stressed that the nearest watch post is 13 kilometers far from the zone of separation zone between Israel and Syria near the Golan Heights. The zone has been approved in accordance with the international agreements,” he said adding that Moscow had informed Israel, the United States, and Jordan about the deployment.
Palestinian gets life sentence in Austria for inciting to kill Jews
A Palestinian man in Austria has been sentenced to life imprisonment after an Austrian jury convicted him on terrorism-related charges for inciting fellow radicals to kill Jews in Jerusalem.
The 27-year-old man, unnamed due to Austrian privacy laws, was also found guilty on Monday of belonging to a terrorist organization due to his affiliation with Hamas, which has ruled Gaza since seizing it in 2007.
The six-member jury delivered its verdict after prosecutors presented evidence that the man called on others through social media to kill Jews in Jerusalem. They cited his statements expressing pride in being a Hamas member, and noted that he had served a nine-year prison sentence in Israel for terrorist acts against the Jewish state.
Gaza-Egypt Border to Open in August, Move Expected to Ease Electricity Crisis
Former Gaza security chief Mohammed Dahlan has declared that the Hamas-ruled territory can expect to see the easing of its electricity crisis due to the opening of its border with Egypt in August.
The exiled Palestinian Fatah faction leader, who is currently based in the United Arab Emirates, made the statements in a phone interview with The Associated Press, asserting that agreements were reached in quiet negotiations with Hamas and Egypt.
Dahlan attributed the breakthrough to his “good chemistry” with the Hamas terror group’s newly elected political chief in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, who grew up with Dahlan in Gaza’s Khan Younis neighborhood but joined Hamas instead of its rival, Fatah.
According to Dahlan, a $100 million Gulf-funded power plant will eventually be constructed in Gaza, easing electricity shortages. Gaza’s only power plant ran out of fuel in April, with Hamas blaming the energy shortage on high fuel taxes imposed by the Palestinian Authority (PA), which is controlled by Fatah. Since then, Gaza has primarily relied on electricity supplied by Israel and paid for by the PA.
State Department Lawyers Removing References to ISIS ‘Genocide’ Against Christians, Other Religious Minorities
The State Department's top lawyers are systematically removing the word "genocide" to describe the Islamic State's mass slaughter of Christians, Yazidis, and other ethnic minorities in Iraq and Syria from speeches before they are delivered and other official documents, according to human rights activists and attorneys familiar with the policies.
Additionally, Democratic senators are delaying confirmation of Mark Green, Trump's pick to head the U.S. Agency for International Development who has broad bipartisan support.
These efforts guarantee that Obama-era policies that worked to exclude Iraq's Christian and other minority religious populations from key U.S. aid programs remain in place, the activists said.
Richard Visek, who was appointed by President Obama as head the State Department's Office of Legal Adviser in October 2016, is behind the decision to remove the word "genocide" from official documents, according to Nina Shea, an international human rights lawyer who directs the Hudson Institute's Center for Religious Freedom.
"I don't think for a minute it's a bureaucratic decision—it's ideological," said Shea, who also spent 12 years as a commissioner on the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, or CIRF, from 1999 to 2012.
Jordan releases shocking security footage showing one of their soldiers killing three U.S. Army Green Berets - despite the Americans waving their hands in peace
Jordan's military released security camera footage Monday of a shooting in which a Jordanian soldier killed three U.S. military trainers at an air base in the kingdom.
The video had previously been shown to the families of the U.S. Army Green Berets by U.S. law enforcement but had not been made public until Monday.
The soldiers were killed on November 4, when their convoy came under fire at the entrance to the al-Jafr base in southern Jordan.
A Jordanian military court sentenced the soldier, 1st Sgt. Marik al-Tuwayha, to life in prison with hard labor last week.

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