Thursday, November 15, 2007

Palestinian Arab Holiday Calendar

There seem to be no shortages of celebrations and anniversaries in the Palestinian Arab territories. Every week there seems to be another rally celebrating or protesting or commemorating something, often with violent results.

Here is a handy list of events that were commemorated during the past year that were marked either by a news conference, rally, protest or terror attack. For a few of them I included links to relevant postings I've made. I'm sure I'm missing some but it is a good start if you want to join in on the celebrations.

11/15 - Palestinian Independence Day
11/29 - International Day of Solidarity for the Palestinian People (Partition Day)
12/8 Founding of the PFLP
12/9 Anniversary of Founding of UNRWA
12/14 Founding of Hamas movement
12/27 Anniversary of first Qassam landing in Ashkelon (PIJ)
1/7 Anniversary of Founding of Fatah
2/25 Anniversary of "Ibrahimi mosque" massacre
2/? Anniversary of first Bil'in demonstration
3/1 Founding of DFLP
3/3 Anniversary of the killing of Khalid Al-Dahduh (PIJ)
3/8 International Women's Day
3/9 "Andalusia Week"
3/14 Anniversary of arrest of Ahmad Sa'adat (PFLP)
3/17 Anniversary of arrest of Hussam Khader (Fatah)
3/22 Anniversary of Sheikh Yassin's assassination (Hamas)
3/30 Land Day
3/31 Prophet Moses day
4/1 Anniversary of terror takeover of the Church of the Nativity
4/7 International Children's Day
4/12 Artas Lettuce Festival ("a fitting symbol...of the resilience of the Palestinian people")
4/17 Anniversary of the death of Dr Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi (Hamas)
5/1 Workers' Day
5/3 World Press Freedom Day
5/12 Temporary International Presence in Hebron anniversary
5/15 Naqba Day
5/16 Anniversary of the "liberation" of Southern Lebanon
5/29 Anniversary of the PLO
6/4 Anniversary of "occupation"
6/4 World Environment Day
6/23 Anniversary of Palestinian National Initiative
6/25 Anniversary of the capture of Gilad Shalit
7/9 Anniversary of declaring the separation barrier "illegal"
7/13 Palestinian Popular Front anniversary
8/5 Shefa-'Amr massacre anniversary
8/15 Anniversary of Hezbollah "victory"
8/21 Anniversary burning of Al Aqsa mosque
8/27 Anniversary of assassination of Abu Ali Mustafa (PFLP)
9/28 Anniversary of second Intifada
(varies) Qods Day
(varies) Eid al-Fitr
10/23 Mubarak Al-Hasanat assassination anniversary (PRC)
10/29 Kfar Qasim massacre
11/2 Balfour Declaration
11/11 Arafat's death