Thursday, February 11, 2016

From Ian:

The shadowy right-wing group infiltrating lefty organizations
They’re a self-styled whistleblower group, frustrated Israel Defense Forces combat veterans who covertly document what they say are abuses in the West Bank witnessed during their service. Reviled in some quarters of the Israeli public, admired in others, they view exposing this information in the media as an effective means of changing the situation on the ground, while their shadowy funding and questionable documentation methods are raised at every opportunity by their critics.
Readers familiar with recent public outrage in Israel could be forgiven for thinking the above description refers to the left-wing Breaking the Silence NGO. But in fact, it likewise describes the right-wing Ad Kan organization (its name means “No more” in Hebrew), whose members, posing as human rights activists, have infiltrated some of Israel’s left-wing organizations and surreptitiously recorded their activities.
They are shtulim — that ominous Hebrew word for “foreign agents” or “moles” that recently entered the Israeli discourse to describe (and denigrate) both foreign government-funded left-wing NGOs and the right-wing activists embedded in those same groups to spy on them. And while these various human rights organizations are miles apart politically from Ad Kan, have wholly different aims, and would likely resent being compared, Ad Kan founder Gilad Ach maintains his strategy was inspired by them.
“We learned this tactic precisely from these organizations,” he said of the idea to film the activists. “An organization like Breaking the Silence, Anarchists Against The Wall, Ta’ayush, like B’Tselem — what do they do? Film the IDF soldiers, collect documentation on these soldiers from within the state, as in, as citizens, and then bring it to the world.
“We’re using precisely the same method,” he said. “The only difference is that their cameras are out in the open, and ours are hidden.”
Anti-Israel hackers release info on over half of all FBI employees
Following through with a threat made last week, a group of hackers released data pertaining to as many as 30,000 federal government employees.
Hacktivists released the information in two waves via a Twitter account by the name of @DotGovs. The data was posted on the encrypted text-sharing website by the name of Cryptobank. The first release took place place shortly after kickoff on Super Bowl Sunday and included a directory of names, job titles, and contact information of 9,355 employees of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The second directory was released on Monday and contained subsequent information on 20,000 employees of the FBI. This is more than half of FBI personnel.
Tweets from the @DotGovs account were filled with pro-Palestine hashtags. One tweet was directed towards the U. S., saying the hackers would not stop “until they cut relations with Israel.”
IsraellyCool: Cristiano Ronaldo Stars in Israeli Advertisement
It’s true. He even announced it proudly himself.
So remember those rumors about him being anti-Israel? I was right to be skeptical.
BDSHoles, you may now seethe.

Why Sanders’ victory is no big deal to Jews – or America
Bernie Sanders is having a month of historic firsts.
In New Hampshire on Tuesday night, he handily won the Democratic Party contest, becoming the first Jew to win a presidential primary. In Iowa, he became the first Jewish presidential candidate — the first non-Christian, even — to win delegates in a major party’s caucus or primary.
But that’s trivia.
What’s more significant is that he’s the first Jew to mount a credible campaign for the White House.
It’s not that credible Jewish politicians haven’t run for president before. There was Republican Senator Arlen Specter in 1996 and Democratic Senator Joseph Lieberman in 2004. But they were out of step with their parties and their candidacies went nowhere. (Both later quit their parties.)
And if the prospect of Republicans nominating a pro-choice Jew in the 1990s or Democrats tapping a Jewish hawk in the Iraq War’s aftermath seemed far-fetched, the notion of a Jewish socialist with a thick Brooklyn accent giving Hillary Clinton a run for her money is really incredible.
Yet one aspect of Sanders’ improbable candidacy is, remarkably, treated as mostly unremarkable: his Jewishness.
Bret Stephens: The next US president may not be pro-Israel
The winner of the US presidential election in November may not be supportive of Israel at all, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Bret Stephens warned on Wednesday.
“I think, if I were an Israeli decision-maker, I would say, ‘We might hope, but we should not assume, that the next president of the United States is going to be pro-Israel, and even pretend to be pro-Israel,’” Stephens told senior editors at The Jerusalem Post.
A former editor-in-chief of the Post who is currently deputy editorial page editor of The Wall Street Journal, Stephens is visiting Israel from the US to participate in meetings of the Israel Democracy Institute’s International Advisory Council.
Not known for being a strong supporter of President Barack Obama, Stephens said his successor may be even worse for Israel.
Paper: Hillary Plans to Attack Sanders on Israel
After losing in New Hampshire, there are indications Hillary Clinton will use Sen. Bernie Sanders lack of significant support for the Jewish state as a campaign tactic to woo Jewish and pro-Israel voters.
The progressive-leaning Forward newspaper ran with the headline, “After Sen. Bernie Sanders Landslide in New Hampshire, Team Hillary Plans Fightback on Israel.”
The newspaper quoted Paul Hodes, a former New Hampshire congressman who rallied for Clinton at her post-primary event, indicating the campaign may attack Sanders regarding Israel issues.
“Hillary Clinton has been a very strong friend of Israel and that is something that should not be lost on the American Jewish community,” Hodes told the Forward. “Senator Sanders hasn’t showed himself to be the kind of friend of Israel that Secretary Clinton is.”
The Forward noted that Clinton has already highlighted Sanders’ lack of foreign policy experience as well as what the newspaper referred to as his “non-existent team of advisers who should have been working with him on these issues.”
It is ironic that the first Jew to win a U.S. presidential primary is open for assault on the issue of Israel. Sanders has largely been silent about Israel on the campaign trail.
IsraellyCool: Roger Waters’ Support Of Palestinian Violence As A ‘Moral Duty’
Remember this mural at Canada’s York University?
Recently, Jewish businessman Paul Bronfman pulled his support from the University because of it.
Now, guess which loud-mouthed BDSHole is putting his two cents in?
Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters has taken sides in a controversy at York University in Toronto, where businessman Paul Bronfman has demanded the removal of a painting that shows a Palestinian holding stones as he faces a bulldozer.
Waters addressed his letter to Bronfman, who pulled financial support from the university over the artwork, which he called “pure hate.”
Waters wrote that Bronfman is wrong to “use his economic muscle” to try and force removal of “Palestinian Roots,” which is displayed in the York University Student Centre, a building on campus that houses the York Federation of Students.
Waters writes that the Palestinian depicted in the artwork “has a legal and moral right, under the terms of article 4 of the Geneva conventions to resist the occupation of his homeland,” adding that protesting Israel’s policy is not anti-Semitic, and is in fact “a moral duty.”
PreOccupiedTerritory: Study: Israel Just Getting Worse At Doing Apartheid Right (satire)
An internal parliamentary report examining the country’s adherence to policies that exclude Arabs from positions of power, negate their rights, and relegate them to second-class status has revealed that Israel severely underperforms in the development and implementation of such policies, and is only getting worse at it.
A study commissioned by the Knesset Committee on Maintaining Apartheid released this week shows that despite the obvious genocidal racist Apartheid nature of Zionism, the country founded on Zionism has failed, in its nearly seventy years of existence, to get anywhere near a respectable attainment of Apartheid. Moreover, say the study’s authors, in recent decades the hope of implementing anything worth of the term Apartheid has receded almost to the point of futility.
“Israeli Apartheid: 1949-2015” looked at the ways in which Arabs in Israel could have been treated as blacks were in South Africa until the 1990’s, but the government systematically failed to take the steps necessary to achieve such treatment. Despite ample opportunity to exclude, oppress, dehumanize, and disenfranchise one fifth of Israel’ population, successive governments never followed through on those measures, or even adopted any of them convincingly.
“It’s a sobering indictment of the Israeli Apartheid enterprise,” said Professor Ammon Moavi of Haifa University, who advised the committee. “No self-respecting Apartheid regime would allow the excluded class to sit on the Supreme Court, organize itself into legal political parties, be elected to public office, serve as superior officers in the military and police to members of the ruling class, or even vote. Israel does all those things, and is only integrating Arabs into its society and official institutions in greater numbers as the years go by.”

Map Fail: Medical Journal Erases Israel
An article in the 2016 Bulletin of the Health Professions Council of South Africa includes a world map that has erased the country of Israel and replaced it with the label, “Palestine.”
This calls to mind other recent feats of geographical legerdemain, such as the maps published by National Public Radio last month and by CNN last November: both of which eliminated Israel and replaced it with the label “Palestine.”

The good news is that a quick response from readers like you caused both NPR and CNN to take this issue seriously. Each publisher quickly corrected their mistaken map, and NPR specifically cited HonestReporting’s readers as the reason for the change. The HPCSA Bulletin is a print edition, so we cannot hope to actually make a change to the magazine itself, but we can make the organization aware that their irresponsible publishing will not go unnoticed.

Science Channel: Yet Another Map Fail
Hot on the heels of Israel’s erasure from the map by CNN, NPR, and the Health Professions Council of South Africa, the latest example has been brought to our attention.
While the episode of the Discovery network’s Science Channel’s “What on Earth?” was originally broadcast in March 2015, it is still appearing on recent reruns. The “North Korea is Burning” documentary features a short graphic segment that includes a satellite covering the Middle East. The names and borders of regional states are superimposed.
Israel, however, does not appear. Instead, in a departure from the usual replacement by “Palestine,” Jordan has expanded its borders to encompass the entire area of Israel. In addition, Lebanon has also been erased suggesting that this is a case of sheer incompetence on the part of the producers.

‘Palestine’ reference, Israel omission was inadvertent, Trivia Crack says
In response to a user complaint, an Argentina-based start-up has dropped a question about Palestine, a country that does not currently exist, from its mobile game, and has apologized for seemingly having written Israel out of the region.
Trivia Crack said its publisher, Etermax, gets its quiz questions from online contributors – meaning that “every once in a while certain malicious users will find a way around it. In these rare cases our staff takes care of it immediately.”
The response came after a query by The Times of Israel about a question that was noticed by an Israeli player of Trivia Crack, Etermax’s Trivial Pursuit-style mobile game.
Like its board game model, Trivia Crack consists of questions in six knowledge categories: Entertainment, Art, Sports, History, Science and Geography. Users spin a virtual wheel, and when the app lands on a category, it presents players with a question on that category. If they get it wrong, the question is presented to an online opponent chosen at random.
How I Was Harassed by UCLA’s Jewish Community for Being an IDF Veteran
In 2007, I was severely wounded and nearly killed by a Hamas rocket while serving in the IDF. I eventually recovered (from near fatal brain damage), and enrolled at UCLA in 2009.
My troubles there started on Day One, when I visited UCLA Hillel. Hillel was well-known to be a pro-Israel organization. I was certain I would feel at home. As I got to Hillel, I saw a few students leaving. I heard one of them speak Arabic, and then I heard something horrible: these were the leaders of Students for Justice in Palestine.
Hillel’s student administration had agreed to work with Students for Justice in Palestine! SJP is associated with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, and actively works to defame and delegitimize Israel on every college campus where it has an active chapter.
Hillel was allying itself with a movement that supports and encourages the use of terror to remove all Jewish presence from Israel. I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears.
Broken Windows: How US Universities Encourage Hate Speech Against Jews and Israel
The facade of a building conveys the general state of affairs inside. If a building is kept clean, we conclude that those inside it care about its upkeep and productivity. By the same token, if a building has broken windows, we are left to assume that it has been abandoned — and justifiably so. It means that no one has bothered to fix it.
The broken windows principle was first established by Professors James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling, and later popularized by the journalist Bret Stephens, among others. It maintains that if a window is broken and left unrepaired, people are sent this signal: you can smash as much glass as you’d like, without fear of repercussions.
Imagine that our “building” is a university campus, and its windows are its various institutions and ideals: free speech, tolerance, and open debate. Imagine further that our building, in the name of these very ideals, has allowed purveyors of anti-Israel hate speech –like the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement — to expand.
When this happens, the university’s stand against hate speech is a building with broken windows.
As someone who intends to keep windows whole, I am not against there being anti-Israel groups on campus, as long as they respect the institution’s rules. They are entitled to their point of view, however misinformed. That said, they are not entitled to shatter the democratic ideals on which an institution of higher education should be based. They are not entitled to break windows with impunity. When they promote intolerance through hate speech, they are breaking those windows.
Anti-Israel BBC interviewee runs foul of UK bank’s ‘risk appetite’
The BBC is one of the British media organisations to have hosted Ismail Patel on its national and local platforms. The corporation has also promoted campaigns and demonstrations organised by Mr Patel’s group and has used contributions from another organisation with which Mr Patel is associated. Together with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Friends of Al Aqsa has pressured the BBC on the topic of its coverage of Israel’s capital city.
It of course remains to be seen whether or not the BBC has a ‘risk appetite’ of its own concerning the appearances of representatives of Hamas-supporting groups such as Friends of Al Aqsa and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign on BBC platforms.
IsraellyCool: SURPRISE: 235 News Outlets Rush To Report An Untruth About Israel
Last night, I was disturbed to find no less than the Washington Post, repeating the canard that had Netanyahu referring to Arabs as “wild beasts,” a slander that began with Haaretz (which some call “the Palestinian newspaper that is in Hebrew”). Brian ably wrote about the way the Guardian seized on this rumor and ran with it, HERE. But somehow, I expected better from the Washington Post.
Worse yet, when I looked for the article this morning, thinking to blog about the Post’s obvious anti-Israel bias (else, why would they run with this story without doing their due diligence?), I saw that no less than 235 media outlets were running this false story.
One in ten Syrians has been killed or injured in conflict
Over 470,000 Syrians have been killed since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011, and another 1.9 million have been injured.
In a special report Thursday, The Guardian published a series of shocking statistics whose numbers are much higher than those published by the United Nations.
The United Nations stopped counting the casualty rate a year and a half ago when the number reached a quarter million. The current statistics were generated by the Syrian Center for Policy Research (SCPR)
According to the report, 11.5 percent of the entire Syrian population has been killed or injured in the past five years and the life expectancy rate has plummeted from the age of 70 to the age of 55.4. The Syrian economy has also been devastated with the damage being estimated at upwards of 255 billion dollars.
The SPCR has made great attempts at not criticizing Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad or his regime supporters which include Iran, Russia and Hezbollah, and instead used the term "armed organization," as they were based in the capital of Damascus until recently.
Russian engineers working with ISIS in Syria to produce gas
While Russia says it is fighting terror group, new evidence shows it is cutting economic deals amid the bloodshed in Syria.
At the largest gas facility in Syria, the Tuweinan gas facility, Russian engineers are working together with ISIS forces to produce natural gas, according to reports from rebels and Turkish officials.
The plant which is located roughly 60 miles southwest of the Islamic State’s unofficial capital of Raqqa, was built by the Russian construction company Stroytransgaz whose owner has close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Construction began on the plant in 2007 and continued slowly until rebel forces, associated with the Al Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front, took over the plant in 2013.
In a report published by the Foreign Policy website, one of the rebels who captured the site said that when the rebel forces entered the area the Russian staff had already fled and left behind the Syrian staff. “We decided to protect this plant; we thought it is belonging to Syrian people since it was owned by the Syrian state,” said Abu Khalid, a member of the Qwais al-Qarani brigade. (h/t Alexi)
Video Shows Iran-Backed Militia Led by Designated Terrorist Using U.S. Tank in Iraq
An Iran-backed Shia militia led by a designated terrorist has recently been spotted operating an American-made M1 Abrams tank, the Long War Journal reported on Monday.
In a recently released video montage showcasing the various groups within the Popular Mobilization Units, a collection of Shia militias in Iraq, the flag of Kata’ib Sayyid al Shuhada (KSS) can be seen prominently perched on top of an Abrams tank. The KSS, which is active in both Iraq and Syria, is led by Abu Mustafa al Sheibani, who was named a Specially Designated Global Terrorist by the U.S. government in 2008 for attacking American and British forces in Iraq.
Though it is uncertain where and when the video was taken, the Long War Journal speculated that it was filmed recently in the central Iraqi province of Salahadin, where KSS has been fighting the Islamic State. KSS has also published videos from Iraq’s Anbar province showing its forces operating American military vehicles. It likely got the tank or tanks from the Iraqi army, which operates alongside the militias.
KSS is not the only Iran-backed group to use an M1 Abrams tank. The Hezbollah Brigades, a designated terrorist organization, also displayed an M1 Abrams tank and other U.S.-made vehicles in its possession last year, as did the Badr Organization.
Al Arabiya publishes editorial trying to convince Middle Easterners Hitler was bad
It’s fair to say that the Hitler cult is a bit passé in Germany these days. We are well versed in the atrocities committed in his name, and only the racist fringe still endorses his ideology.
It was thus a surprise to find out that much of the world thinks differently, and that the murderous dictator is held in high esteem in the Middle East in particular.
I first cottoned on to that fact when I stumbled upon an edition of Adolf Hitler’s infamous autobiography Mein Kampf in a bookshop in Dubai. At that stage, it was impossible to buy newly printed editions of the book in Germany, since the state held the publishing rights and simply refused to print it. (With the expiration of these rights, things have since changed, and a heavily edited version can now be purchased.)
But it was not until after I had left the expat-heavy, apolitical bubble of the UAE that I truly realized how pronounced the reverence for the erstwhile German leader in the region is. I have yet to speak to anyone in the Middle East who thinks badly of the genocidal Führer, who is responsible for the extermination of six million Jews and a World War that caused the death of twenty million Russians alone.
Austrian prosecutor okays calling Holocaust survivors a 'plague'
Holocaust survivors expressed outrage Wednesday after an Austrian prosecutor appeared to justify an article in a far-right magazine calling people liberated from the Mauthausen concentration camp a criminal "plague."
An article in the July/August edition of Die Aula contended that a not insignificant number of camp inmates went on crime sprees after they were freed at the end of World War II.
"The fact that a non-negligible portion of freed prisoners became a plague on people is deemed by the judiciary to have been proven and is only disputed today by concentration camp fetishists," the article said.
According to Reuters, prosecutors in Graz initially opened criminal charges against the article's author for Holocaust denial and inciting hatred - but later dropped the case.
"It is plausible that the release of several thousand people from the Mauthausen concentration camp presented a burden for the affected areas of Austria," the prosecutor's office said in a recent statement.
Yeshiva Student Wounded in Brooklyn Stabbing Attack; Assailant Still at Large
An Orthodox Jew was stabbed while walking in the street in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn on Wednesday, local blog reported.
The victim, identified as 25-year-old Yehuda Brikman, was stabbed in the back outside of a check-cashing center, sources cited by the blog said. Hatzalah emergency rescue services arrived on the scene and evacuated Brikman to Kings County Hospital, where he was determined to be in serious but stable condition.
The NYPD is searching for a black male who fled the scene and released a photo of the suspect. CBS New York said the individual is described as a black man, 20-30 years old, who is 5’10” and 180 pounds. He was last seen wearing a dark colored jacket, blue hooded sweater, dark colored pants and black boots.
No words were exchanged between the assailant and his victim during the attack, according to another local blog The victim said the two passed each other on the street, and he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his back, realizing he had been stabbed.
Jewish U of Illinois Student Posts Youtube Condemnation of Chabad Menorah Vandals
A Jewish University of Illinois student denounced the two vandals responsible for damaging a menorah on campus, the third such incident to place in less than a year.
“People don’t realize the seriousness, the gravity of doing something like this,” said David Kessler in a video posted Tuesday on YouTube. “To them it’s just like, ‘Oh, let’s go mess with the Jews.’ It’s like a funny thing.”
Kessler added that he thinks the vandals are “probably decent people and they don’t actually hate us.”
Israel’s Isaac Newton papers gain UNESCO recognition
Isaac Newton, the towering 17th century English figure best known for discovering the laws of gravity, was also fascinated by theology and understood sufficient Hebrew to read the Jewish Bible and other texts.
Now, his 7,500 handwritten theological papers, housed at Israel’s National Library, have been recognized by UNESCO as part of its “Memory of the World” program aimed at preserving documentary heritage that has contributed to the history and development of mankind.
“Newton believed that science and faith were inextricably linked,” said an announcement by the library, “and that God is the author of two books: the book of science and the Holy Book. These two books are the key to understanding the world and its history from the beginning until the end. As embodied in this exquisite collection, Newton enabled physics and theology to live together in perfect harmony.”
Israel to import US beef for first time in over a decade
Israel will begin regular imports of US beef for the first in over a decade following a deal with a Nebraska meat processing company, a local news source reported Wednesday.
According to the report in the Lincoln Journal Star, Western Reserve will immediately start shipping certified kosher meat to Israel after receiving approval from Israeli and American regulators.
Israel had stopped all beef imports from the US in 2003 after a cow in Washington State had been diagnosed with mad cow disease (bovine spongiform encephalopathy).
How that $55,000 Israel trip for Oscar nominees could look
What does a $55,000 celebrity trip to Israel look like?
About $25,000 will be sunk on first-class round-trip flights, and another $10,000 will go toward fancy hotels, estimated Sam Gee, the COO of, which is putting together the trips.
For $1,000 a night, the Oscars elites could afford the sweetest suite at the luxurious Beresheet Hotel in Israel’s Negev. The Villa Deluxe Crater View room has a private balcony and pool with a view of the Ramon Crater, over which the boutique hotel hangs.
That leaves a generous $20,000 for transportation, security and, of course, fine dining.
Dinner for two at Messa, arguably Tel Aviv’s one of best restaurants — think “shakshuka sashimi” followed by sea bass and lamb chops and washed down with a bottle of Israeli red wine — will barely dent the daily budget, at under $200.
Pop goddess Beyoncé set to hold two Israel shows in August
American pop superstar Beyonce will perform in Tel Aviv in early August as part of her new Formation tour, Hebrew media reported Thursday. She will be performing twice, both times at Yarkon Park, the reports said.
Sources at the Bluestone Group artist agency and representatives of the singer have reached an agreement on the performances but have yet to sign a contract, Israel’s Ynet news website said Thursday.
The agency has previously brought pop giants such as Rihanna, Bon Jovi and Enrique Iglesias to Israel.
Beyonce’s homepage details two legs of the tour, one in the US from late April to early June and then a short European leg from late June to late July. Shows scheduled for Israel did not appear on her website at the time of this writing.
IsraellyCool: Wikipedia Is Coming To Jerusalem #BDSFail
Wikipedia, the “user generated” encyclopaedia has a lot of troubling content when it comes to Israel. There’s also been some good stuff and Jimmy Wale, the founder, has appeared at the President’s Conference in Israel before and taken a stand against anti-Israel hate.
Wikipedia exists because of the unique software that was created for it: a program called “Mediawiki” which anyone is free to download and use for their own project. It’s a massive open source project where, just like the content in Wikipedia, anyone with programming skills can join in and make the code better.
Currently on Wikipedia this advertising banner is being shown:
Write code to improve Wikipedia! The International Wikimedia Hackathon is coming to Jerusalem Developers, web designers & computer science students are welcome to register
Israel creating first ever sculpture in outer space
In space, nobody can hear you scream, but in 2016 they will be able to see you laugh.
Israeli concept artist Eyal Gever is working with NASA on a project called #Laugh, which will be the first art piece created in space.
The project will take a digital representation of human laughter and beam it up to space, where it will be created on a specially designed 3D printer that works in zero gravity, made by US-based firm Made in Space. The company was created in 2010 “with the idea that people should be living in space now,” according to its CTO Jason Dunn.
The project, Gever said at the IMTM tourist conference on Wednesday, is part of a wider effort by NASA to use 3D printing to help create a more self-sustaining environment for astronauts in space.
Instead of launching hardware or parts from earth, they would be able to simply upload and 3D print them.
The day Sharansky crossed the bridge
Thirty years ago today, my father, Natan Sharansky, crossed a bridge.
The bridge was Glienicke Bridge, of Steven Spielberg’s “Bridge of Spies” fame. When my father walked onto it he was a prisoner in the Soviet block, though a free man in spirit. He found freedom on the day he stopped hiding his opinions. He earned freedom as he fought for his right to be a Jew in Israel, and for his fellow Russians’ human rights. He preserved it as the KGB imprisoned his body, trying and failing to force him to recant.
After nine years of imprisonment, my father stepped off Glienicke Bridge, and became a free man in body as well.
He finally left the USSR behind him, and had my mother, and Israel, ahead.
Every year, on this day, my family gathers for a private “seder” of sorts. My father wears the kipa a fellow inmate made for him. He pulls out the little Psalms book that was his companion in prison. And like the children on Pesach, we ask questions to celebrate this exodus. When we were younger, my sister and I mostly wanted to understand what “prison” was, and were there animals there, perchance? But as we grew and matured, our questions expanded with us. How did you find the strength to go on, Ima and Abba? And how did you survive the shock of normal life, once restored?

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.

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