Sunday, May 12, 2013

VIDEO: Lebanese TV shows Gaza luxury, slams Hamas (EoZ exclusive)

Lebanon's OTV is owned by a Christian party that is allied with Hezbollah, so this very interesting video shows Iran's displeasure at Hamas' non-support of Bashir Assad's regime in Syria.

The report apparently aired May 9. It was publicized in anti-Hamas Palestinian Arab media.

Reporter: Those who don’t know Gaza don’t know that it has Movenpick, Rotana, and other expensive hotels. Those who don’t know Gaza don’t know that Western Union, Money Express and other financial and banking services are available for Gazans on every street. Those who don’t know Gaza don’t know that some fishermen have changed the flags from those of Palestine to those of Qatar. Those who don’t know Gaza don’t know that the price of some apartments in the Rimal neighborhood are the same as the price of an apartment in the Rauche neighborhood in Beirut (an upscale neighborhood in Beirut).

Woman in car: They came/returned from Syria and Lebanon.

Reporter: Here all pre-conceived notions are gone.

Reporter to worker: Where are those goods from?
Worker: Israel.
Reporter: You mean from occupied Palestine.
Worker: Yes, occupied Palestine.
Reporter: What are those goods?
Worker: Poultry.
Reporter: How does it arrive? Is it brought by Palestinian, “Palestinians of ‘48” [Israeli Arabs] or what?
Worker: No, directly from the Jews.
Reporter: Maybe they poisoned it.
Worker: No, no, no.
Reporter: What guarantees that they didn’t poison it?
Worker: We checked it.
Reporter: You "checked it” (sarcastic)

Reporter: Their cars, currency, their food and much of the things they need come from the factories of the Israeli occupier enemy, and they don’t object, and they don’t have a choice.

Reporter: You use shekels only?
Man: Yes. That’s what is used.

Reporter: Those who haven’t visited Gaza which is ruled by Hamas, haven’t seen the “shahids” and the people killed who died in Syria fighting the regime which protected, embraced and provided weapons to and helped Hamas previously. The Syrian regime has become a target which (Hamas) fights, while it promised the (Muslim)Brothers of Egypts to uphold the ceasefire with Israel.
(h/t Ibn Boutros)