Sunday, May 12, 2013

Siege! Hamas blocks human rights workers from leaving Gaza

From PCHR:
The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) strongly condemns the decision of Internal Security Services (ISS), stationed at Beit Hanoun Crossing (Erez), to prevent lawyer Eyad al-Alami, PCHR's Deputy Director for Legal Affairs, and lawyer Mohammed Bseiso from traveling to the West Bank this morning. The two lawyers were leaving for an official mission related to PCHR’s Legal affairs. PCHR calls upon the government in Gaza to intervene in order to put an end to these illegal measures and unjustified decisions which restrict the constitutionally guaranteed right of civilians to freedom of movement, and to ensure respect for the right freedom of movement. PCHR also calls upon the Government to allow people to move freely, especially, in light of restrictions imposed on Palestinian civilians’ movement by the Israeli forces.

At approximately 11:00 on Sunday, 12 May 2013, Mr. Eyad al-Alami and Mohammed Bseiso arrived at the checkpoint of the Ministry of Interior near Beit Hanoun crossing, in the northern Gaza Strip, and handed their ID cards to an officer in order to complete the procedures of traveling to the West bank. Al-Alami and Bseiso were on their way in an official mission related to following up legal cases of victims of the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip; prisoners held in Israeli jails; medical referrals of patients from the Gaza Strip for treatment abroad, and; other humanitarian cases. The aforementioned officer asked the PCHR’s staff members to wait. After approximately half an hour he told them that they were prevented from traveling and that they had to refer to the Ministry of Interior in Gaza for obtaining a travel permit.
The evil Israelis gave them permission to travel through Israel to visit the West Bank. The "democratically elected" Hamas leaders of Gaza blocked them.

The "Free Gaza" movement is, naturally, silent.