Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Egypt paper: Holocaust fake, Jews behind 9/11 and Boston bombing. The usual.

An op-ed in Egypt's El Balad hits all of the antisemitic tropes in one convenient spot. No hiding behind "anti-Zionism" here, nosirree - this is Arab Jew-hatred in all its glory, with not a single person condemning or even questioning it.

Hassan Sadaany starts off by saying that Jews plan to topple the US the way that they toppled the UK as the leader of the world, after they got the British to help establish Israel, which the British agreed to because they  hated Jews so much and wanted to get rid of them. The Arab states allowed Israel to come into being and then the Jews turned against them.

Of course, the Jews colluded with Hitler in the Zionist project. He had no idea the Jews would end up extorting Germany with false claims of genocide, first claiming 40 million killed, then 24 million before they made up the six million number.

The Jews also were behind 9/11, of course, in order to provide a pretest for the US to invade Afghanistan, which must have been Zionists' number one priority in 2001.

Then we learn that the Boston bombings were done by Jews as well, as a warning to President Obama not to mess with Israel.

This is the hatred and bigotry that is typical in the Arab media. Outside of organizations like MEMRI, no one seems too upset over this, either within the Arab world or from without. Antisemitism is simply accepted as a given, and there are no negative social consequences for people like Hasan Sadaany spouting pure hate. On the contrary.

According to Alexa, El Balad's audience has mushroomed in the past year. It is one of the major news sites in Egypt, ranked in the top 3000 of all websites worldwide and in the top 40 of all destinations for Egyptian readers. It gets more readers than any Israeli newspaper. (Although it does get less traffic in Egypt than a well-known pornography site.)