Monday, April 22, 2013

Kerry compares Boston bombing victims with Turkish attackers on Mavi Marmara

From The Washington Times:
Mr. Kerry said he understood the anger and frustration of those Turks who lost friends and
family in the raid. Mr. Kerry, a former Massachusetts senator, said last week’s Boston Marathon bombings made him acutely aware of the emotions involved.

We have just been through the week of Boston, and I have deep feelings for what happens when you have violence, when something that happens when you lose people that are near and dear to you,” he said. “It affects the community; it affects the country. But going forward, you know, we have to find the best way to bring people together and undo these tensions and undo these stereotypes and try to make peace.”
So people who attack soldiers with knives, chains and metal poles - as well as at least one gun - are just like innocent people watching a community sporting event and getting blown up?

This is beyond vile. The IHH attackers on the Mavi Marmara have much more in common with the terrorists in Boston than with the victims, and Kerry's statement is an insult to the dead and injured in Boston.

The daily State Department briefing today hopefully will have some pointed questions about this, and in a sane world, an apology would follow.