Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jordanian newspaper: Jews are behind Boston bomb - and everything else (UPDATE)

I was going to try to convert this Google auto-translated gibberish into readable English, but on second thought I think the machine-translated version is more poetically accurate.

It captures the crazed mind of a typical Arab anti-semite really, really well. It includes conspiracy theories, Holocaust denial, 9/11 trutherism, Jews controlling the world - all in one nice practically indecipherable bundle.

As you try to interpret this insanity, you find yourself thinking "Is he really trying to say...? Oh, yeah, he is."

Oh, this is an op-ed in Jordan's Ammon News (Amman). It is entitled "Boston explosions .. Look for Jews".

Enjoy, along with the Wordle version:

As is known, the United States, has become for some time for quite some time, in the eye of the planned Jewish messes, on the road to removal from the throne of the world, as the only superpower, by thinking exploitative Jewish, and it will not be better off than Great Britain, uterus, which was born from Israel, as that the Arab countries that facilitated the creation of Israel, will not be the other in isolation from planning Jewish in order to removal. Britain is the
superpower that penetrated all the laws of the Laws of Nature and man-made laws, and Israel has established in order to get rid of the Jews, and the establishment of English Christianity pure does not exist for the Jews which, however Having the intensified helped the Jews in Palestine, due to emigration and sale of Arab rulers, then to the Jews of the Arab countries, Jews were expelled Britain from Palestine and considered an occupied country, and here they are today undermining Arab regimes that stood with them. allied with Hitler's Nazi who is the first Western leader to prepare the Jews in Palestine , and agreed with him on his extradition patients of the Jews and the elderly to get rid of them the way to his liking, versus allowing them to charge the Jewish youth to Palestine, I do not know if he knows, or he was deceived in this scheme, as the Jews then extorting Germany their claim that Hitler burned Jews, and that is a long story. claimed the beginning that Hitler burned 40 million, but the international community din from the horror of a lie, so they had to review their accounts, and declared the second time that Hitler's Nazi burning of 24 million Jews, but the international community din again to Hall misrepresentation, Fajvadwa figure to six million did not back down. never forget bombings atheist th of September 2001 terrorist attacks that hit America, and the realization of the mind, it is clear that the Jews and their allies from the American right are the ones who carried out the heinous crime, in order to implicate America in the wars exhausted in Afghanistan and Iraq, and not to enable them to capture breath for further American pressure on Israel to resolve the Palestinian issue the establishment of a Palestinian state, has repeatedly tried with President Obama to strike Iran, to be the judge for America, but he refused, and in his recent visit to the region, promised to move hard for a solution to the Palestinian issue, and the most dangerous Israelis that the Foreign Minister John Kerry is a proxy U.S. for peace in the region. From this standpoint, the bombings, the twin towers were to involve America in the Middle East, and the bombings in Boston and will be followed, it would be to deter the United States from trying to put pressure on Israel, in order to move the file peace in the Middle East. Ironically, in this area, that the Bush Jr. announced the identity of the bombers atheist th of September and they are the rule, and their passports in his hands, after found under the rubble of the twin towers, knowing that the fire gutted steel and not iron, but - Hallelujah - unable to burn passports travel paper, but President Obama was smarter than his predecessor, and seems to understand the game, and did not announce the perpetrators did not accuse anyone, and was told that the process is internal?! story and where that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, I will not forgive U.S. President Obama, who imagines an enemy of Israel and a friend of the Arabs , but it has mobilized Netanyahu and American right and lobbies pressure such as AIPAC and MEMRI in Washington, to prevent President Obama from winning a second term, but was a disappointment Znnounam and returned to the White House, and stood before him at any step he wanted to do, such as appointment of the CIA Director and the Minister of Defense and Minister of Finance. Based on the foregoing, the bombings Boston terrorist At the end of the line of the Boston Marathon is the imprint Jewish privilege, a message to President Obama to stop messing with Israel, and most likely that these bombings will not be the first warning and the last to President Obama, as they will not call congratulated mandate The second and perhaps Astahedvoh personally. According to U.S. sources, the police in Boston, a week before the start of the marathon is the help of sniffer dogs trained to extinguish fires in the area, these bombings but are in a series of bombings to witnessed America in Oklahoma and others. would not let the Jews and their allies of the American right - which is not hatred of a large non-whites, and still يتحسرون because the president "black" sat on the throne of the White House - President Obama spends his second so and without problems, Vihod As Didnhm not safety them, nor the fulfillment of those who served Valgdr described.
UPDATE: If you want an accurate translation, MEMRI has it. Here's the beginning:

"It has been known for quite some time that the U.S. is at the epicenter of a Jewish plan to harm it by removing it from its throne as the world's only superpower – [a move that is] in accordance with the exploitative Jewish approach. [America's] fate will be no better than that of Great Britain, the womb from which Israel emerged. Nor will the Arab states that allowed the establishment of Israel be saved from the Jewish plan to annihilate them.
"Britain is the superpower that violated all laws, both natural and man-made, when it established Israel in order to rid itself of the Jews and create an English-Christian state purged of Jews. But after they grew strong in Palestine by emigrating [there], they expelled the British from Palestine, seeing [Britain] as an occupying state. And now they are destroying the Arab regimes that supported them.
"They [the Jews] made an alliance with the Nazi Hitler, who is considered to be the first Western leader who promised Palestine to them. They agreed to hand over the old and sick Jews, to be disposed of as Hitler saw fit, and in return, he allowed them to send the young Jews to Palestine. I do not know if [Hitler] did this knowingly, or was misled by the Jews, because after the war the Jews looted Germany on the grounds that Hitler had burned the Jews…
"At first, they claimed that Hitler had killed 40 million [Jews], but the international community was outraged by the magnitude of this lie and they were forced to recant it. Then they claimed that Hitler the Nazi had exterminated 24 million Jews, but this lie too outraged the international community, so they reduced the number to six million, and did not back down [from this claim].