Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hamas hypocritically pretends to be against attacking civilians

Hamas' Al Qassam website published an essay by known  UFO advocate Khalid Amayreh, denouncing the Boston terror attack:
There is no doubt that that the bombing at the Boston Marathon was a decidedly criminal act which ought to be condemned in the strongest terms. There is nothing more evil than targeting innocent people. No legitimate grievances or causes justify murdering or maiming innocent people.

This is why our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this violence and their families.
He goes on to say:
I feel that as a Palestinian and Muslim, I must warn against the voices of hate and racism in the U.S. which are taking advantage of this tragic incident to incite against Muslims.

These are not truly patriotic American voices. I am not in a position to teach Americans the true meaning of patriotism. However, I believe there is a difference between true patriotism and inciting people to hate and murder.

This hateful incitement doesn't fall under freedom of speech since freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom to urge people to murder or harm innocent people.
It is touching that Hamas is suddenly concerned about the lives of innocent civilians. After all, their Arabic filled with tales of glory of terror attacks that killed in total hundreds of Israeli civilians. They issue press releases bragging about targeting Israeli civilian targets. They publish posters threatening Israeli civilians with rockets.

Khalid Amayreh's concern over incitement to hate is equally touching. After all, he has said this about Jews:

  • the Jewish-controlled media and show biz have been inciting against Islam for ages.
  • duplicitous, dishonest and disobedient Jews who views the rest of mankind as cattle.
  • This satanic calf has effectively morphed Jews, or most Jews, into mass murderers, certified war criminals, child killers, land thieves and pathological professional liars.
  • a real alliance is being forged between Zionism and European neo-Nazism
  • Israeli Nazism has a fixation, namely controlling the world by controlling governments and regimes, as is already the case in the United States, Canada and several other western countries.

He has also written articles that were calls to incite a new violent intifada. If that isn't enough, he tried to get Egypt to declare war on Israel as well.

Tellingly, Amayreh's article pretending to denounce terrori does not appear on the Arabic version of the Hamas Al Qassam website.

(h/t EB)