Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev said "the Bible is a copy of the Koran"

AFP reports:
The deceased Boston bombing suspect recently described the Bible as a copy of the Koran during an argument about religion, a former neighbor claims. Al Ammon, whose apartment is in the same building in the Boston suburb of Watertown where Tamerlan Tsarnaev once lived, told CBS television's "60 Minutes" that the dispute between the two took place about three months ago.

"I remember the first thing I said to him was that it's always good to have an open mind towards other religions. And then he went into the Bible and the Koran," Ammon said in an excerpt of an interview set to air later Sunday.

"He was explaining how the Bible is actually a copy of the Koran and how it's used for the American government as an excuse to invade other countries." Christianity predates Islam by 600 years.
The apologists who are trying so hard to pretend that Islam was not part of the Tsarnaevs' calculus have to redouble their spinning efforts.

Perhaps the most ridiculous such argument was advanced by third-rate academic Juan Cole, who gave a list of "Top Ten Ways Islamic Law forbids Terrorism" even before anyone knew that the bombers were Muslim. I guess all the fatwas issued to mandate terror acts are not being issued by real Muslims, according to this self-proclaimed "expert."