Saturday, February 09, 2013

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From Ian:

How Israel’s Enemies Misrepresent the Geneva Convention
"Critics and enemies of Israel, including members of the UN and organs such as the International Court of Justice (ICJ) have come to use the Geneva Convention as a weapon against Israel, even when statements by authoritative analysts, scholars and drafters of the document contradict everything said by those who distort history for politically motivated reasons.
It is common knowledge that from its birth, Israel customarily follows international humanitarian law without being told or forced to do so by outside authorities."

Sarah Honig: Another Tack: That unwitting indecency revisited
Such rants may well have been inspired or intensified by unfair and unbalanced media coverage.
"Ever since my column, “That unwitting indecency,” saw light two weeks ago, I’ve needed to occasionally consult the mirror to make sure I hadn’t morphed into a hideous monster that feeds on Irish tots.
The column recounted my encounter in Cahersiveen, a tiny Irish township, with pupils hoisting “Save Palestine” placards and soliciting funds for supposedly oppressed Palestinians – all on a school-day morning, as part of an organized school event. Their familiarity with Israel’s ongoing struggle to avoid annihilation can safely be judged as less than minimal."

Report: Hagel Received Funding From “Friends of Hamas”
"According to a senate aide, senators have “specific concerns with regard to foreign contributions to the Atlantic Council by Saad Hariri (or the Hariri family), Dinu Patriciu, Kazakhstan, and Bidzina Ivanishvili.” But according to a senate source who spoke to Breitbart News, Hagel has also received money from an organization called “Friends of Hamas.”

British MP Summoned by Party Bosses for his Continued Slander of Jewish Community
"David Ward, the Liberal Democrat MP, has been summoned by party bosses for his continued verbal assault on Israelis and Jews. The party was quoted by the BBC as saying that “further decisions” would be taken about David Ward."

BBC does yet another makeover on Ward remarks
"Obviously, the BBC just does not ‘get it’ – despite the subject having been addressed by
numerous commentators in recent weeks. This is at least the fourth occasion upon which the BBC has tried to distort Ward’s original statement by claiming that he was referring to “the Jews in Israel”.

CIF Watch: Harriet Sherwood neglects to mention one large Arab state bordering Gaza
"In 2011, it took Guardian editors nearly a month to correct Sarah Irving’s omission relating to Rafah, upon which they added the following text:
This article was amended on 15 December 2011. The original said the Israeli border authorities controlled all routes into the West Bank and Gaza. This has been corrected.We look forward to observing how long it takes them to correct Harriet Sherwood’s latest error about Gaza’s southern border."

Efforts to Shut Down Dissent at Anti-Israel Brooklyn College Event Reported
"Melanie Goldberg, an Israel Campus Coalition intern says she and three other students were escorted out by security because they would not relinquish BDS fact sheets that were in their possession.
“One of the SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine, which organized the event) members came over and got really close to my face and told me to give him the sheets, or he would call security. I told him I would not. We were simply taking notes so we could ask informed questions like we were encouraged to do by the school and Political Science Department,” Goldberg told The Algemeiner."

Hamas: We'll send aid money to PA if necessary
Hamas official says Gaza has achieved self-sufficient economy, would send emergency aid to PA "if West Bank policies changed."

One dead, over 100 injured as police, protesters clash in Cairo
Tens of thousands of anti-Muslim Brotherhood protesters take to the streets across Egypt
“Egypt’s opposition is demanding Morsi form a new coalition government, open an investigation into the killings of protesters over the past months and give guarantees that upcoming parliamentary elections will be fair and free. They also want him to form a commission to amend the country’s newly adopted constitution, which was drafted by an Islamist-led panel and approved last December in a contentious referendum.”

Egypt Slams US Senator's 'Morsi Is Our Enemy' Comments
Egypt’s Foreign Minister harshly criticized Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) on Thursday for calling President Morsi an “enemy” of the US.
"Egypt’s Foreign Minister harshly criticized Sen. James Inhofe, the top Republican on the Armed Services Committee, on Thursday for calling President Mohammed Morsi an “enemy” of the United States."

Jewish cemetery desecrated in Tunisia
Human skeletons reportedly found outside their graves in Kef, second vandalism incident in a month
"On Feb. 4, unidentified individuals smashed and overturned ten gravestones in Kef in Western Tunisia, according to the Tunisia News Network.
An earlier incident in the coastal Tunisian town of Sousse left more than 68 Jewish graves ransacked and looted on Jan. 23, according to the Tunisian Shems FM radio station."

Jewish FM of Argentina Accuses Israel of Causing Anti-Semitism
"In a recent meeting with Israel’s ambassador to the country, Argentina’s Foreign Minister, Hector Timerman, who is Jewish, told Dorit Shavit that Israel’s demand for an explanation into a recently formed Argentina-Iran probe commission “gives ammunition to anti-Semites.”

EU and Israel research crime-stopping drones
The EU and a large Israeli military contractor are co-funding research to build drones that can stop moving boats and cars.
"Launched in January, the three-year-long Aeroceptor project, according to its own literature, aims to help law enforcement authorities to stop "non-cooperative vehicles in both land and sea scenarios by means of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles."

Samsung to Invest in Israel for Product Innovation
"Samsung Electronics has opened a $100 million fund dedicated to innovative applications of product systems and components of its various digital gadgets. Part of the fund will be directed to projects in Israel."