Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Some anti-semitism from a "moderate" Palestinian "peace activist"

We last wrote about Mazin Qumsiyeh a few months ago, noting that while the academic is constantly referred to as a "peace activist" and while he constantly refers to himself as being concerned for human rights, he fully supports terrorism and calls for the military destruction of Israel.

Well, surprise of surprises, he's also an anti-semite.

From the crazy-left Al-Jazeerah.info site:
I believe it is necessary for all of us to work on all fronts against oppression, whether of fellow human beings or of the environment. I think the issues are related: the same multi-millionaires and billionaires (most of them happen to be Zionist) work to keep people fighting each other, push them towards servitude, poverty, and ignorance while getting rich themselves.
How would you stereotype evil rich people hell-bent on destroying the world for their money grubbing ways? Ah, they must be "Zionist."

Qumsiyeh's website also has a virulently anti-semitic article called "Jewish Power" which he pretends that he doesn't necessarily agree with: " I think it is useful to post controversial material that start discussions and exchanges," he avers.

When he posts an article by Meir Kahane, then maybe we can believe him.

Otherwise, his throwaway line about how most evil billionaires are "Zionists" - which are the headline of the article - pretty much tells us all we need to know about him.