Friday, December 07, 2012

Look who supports including Maaleh Adumim in Israel

What radical organization published this map showing that Israel would hold  on to Maaleh Adumim through much of E1, supposedly splitting "Palestine" in two and making a two-state solution "impossible"?

Yes, it came from the far-left Geneva Initiative, which includes the most dovish of Israelis and a significant number of prominent Palestinian Arabs.

The Geneva Initiative is officially endorsed by the ultra-Left Americans for Peace Now, Meretz USA and even the Carter Center. Some of the GI's  members are also members of the PLO.

While Saeb Erekat is fuming about how the E1 corridor would destroy any chances for a two-state solution, this map was there for all to see when he made a video for the Geneva Initiative.

Beyond this, CAMERA noticed that the Clinton peace plan included much more land than the Geneva Initiative shown here. I guess Bill Clinton is also a far-right warmonger hell-bent on destroying any chance of a Palestinian Arab state, judging from the reactions we are seeing to the E1 announcement.

The uproar in Europe, the US and Arab nations over the planned building of houses in the E1 corridor is manufactured outrage - and the best evidence comes from this map, which shows the minimum that most Israelis believe must remain in Israel in any possible two-state solution.

(h/t also to TIP)