Monday, December 17, 2012

IDF video shows 17 year old attacking officer last week (updated)

Last week, a Hebron teenager was killed at a security checkpoint by the IDF.

The IDF said that the teen attacked an officer and he was shot when he refused to put his weapon down. (The weapon turned out to be a cigarette lighter shaped like a realistic gun.)

The anti-Israel went crazy, saying that the teen - who had just turned 17 - would never have attacked an IDF officer, he was looking forward to celebrating his birthday, he just bought his own birthday cake, and this was a cold-blooded murder.

Well, the video was just released.

It sure looks like the teen was looking for 72 virgins for his birthday.

Will he haters admit they were wrong, ignore the video, or try to twist the facts?

My vote is that they will find some seeming inconsistency between what the IDF officer reported and what is seen here - the entire attack, from beginning to his being fatally shot, is only about 20 seconds - and emphasize that, ignoring the obvious fact that he attacked the officer.

PCHR, on the other hand, will ignore this completely.

UPDATE: Looking at it again, there are a series of flashes in the teen's right hand while he is attacking the soldier. I think it is the gun-lighter reflecting the lights, or maybe he is even starting the lighter. But there is clearly something in his right hand throughout, even after he is shot.