Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hasby Award nominations, continued (continuously updated)

It is not 100% confirmed yet, but it looks like I will be able to host the live presentation of the Hasby Awards in New York City in late January.

I would therefore like to solicit nominations again, but adding categories (as was suggested to me.)

So here are the rules:

I am listing here the categories I can think of, along with some suggested nominees.

In the comments, add your own nominees (with URLs, if appropriate) and which category they should be nominated in.

Every nominee, both the ones I list here and the ones in the comments, must be seconded before I consider them as "official" nominees. That can be done in the comments as well. No one can "second" more than one nominee in any particular category. (There is no limit of nominees per commenter. Self nominations are fine, but we know who you are :)

If you have a suggestion for another category, you can place that in the comments as well, along with nominees. (That would also have to be seconded.) I will add it to this post.

I reserve the right to decide if a nominee is appropriate, and I will pare down the number of nominees for popular categories if needed.

Please, no extraneous comments. Any comment that is not a nominee, a second, or a suggestion for new categories will be deleted. 

This is not for voting yet.

OK, here are the suggested categories and some suggested nominees, some from my previous post's comments (apologies for not giving all the URLs)

Best pro-Israel tweeter:
Avi Mayer (seconded)
David HaIvri (seconded)
Challah Hu Akbar (seconded)

The Israel Project
Martin Kramer (seconded)
Arsen Ostrovsky (seconded)
MargieinTelAviv (seconded)
CiFWatch (seconded)

Best pro-Israel Facebook page:
Iron Dome Count on Facebook
Size Doesn't Matter (seconded)

Best pro-Israel media outlet/commentator (not exclusive to Israeli topics)
The Commentator (seconded)
Douglas Murray (seconded)
Melanie Phillips (seconded)
Gatestone Institute (seconded)
Charles Krauthammer (seconded)
Evelyn Gordon (seconded)

Best pro-Israel commentator (exclusive to Middle East/Israel)
Barry Rubin (seconded)
Daniel Gordis (seconded)
Martin Kramer (seconded)
Caroline Glick (seconded)

Best English-language pro-Israel media outlet (Jewish or Israeli)
Algemeiner (seconded)
Times of Israel (seconded)
Israel HaYom (seconded)
Jewish Press (online)

Best mainstream media watchdog
CAMERA (seconded)
Honest Reporting (seconded)
BBC Watch (seconded)
CiF Watch (seconded)
David G Daily Mideast Media Sampler (Seconded)
Huffington Post monitor (seconded)

Best general pro-Israel blog (present company excluded)
Israellycool (seconded)
Israel Matzav (seconded)
Missing Peace (seconded)
Daphne Anson (seconded)
Augean Stables (seconded)
Sultan Knish (seconded)
Daled Amos (seconded)
Harry's Place
This Ongoing War (seconded)
Point of No Return
Size Doesn't Matter (seconded)
Oy Va Goy

Best Arabic media watchdog
MEMRI (seconded)
Palestinian Media Watch (seconded)

Best NGO watchdog:
NGO Monitor (seconded)
UN Watch (seconded)
Eye on the UN

Best video:
Pat Condell, Israel and the United Nations (seconded)
The Red Line
Zionism without Jerusalem
The Children are Ready
The Rhythm of Israel
Real Apartheid in the Middle East (Stand With Us) (seconded)
IDF aid Missions around the world
Israel vs. Palestine

Best speech:
Bibi UN speech on Iranian nukes (seconded)
Ron Prosor at UN (seconded)
The Legal Case for Israel - Eugene Kontorovich (seconded)

Best article:
Richard Millett Save the children…except when they’re Israeli.
Douglas Murray On Boycotting Israel
Daniel Pipes and Steven Rosen, Lessening UNRWA’s Damage
Alan Dershowitz, Terrorism and Palestinian Statehood
Barry Rubin: Why Did the Arabs Suffer “Nakba” (Disaster) in 1948 and Every Day Since? The Surprising View of the Man Who Coined That Term (seconded)
Arsen Ostrovsky: My Country is Under Attack. Do you care?

Best “own goal”:
Greta Berlin’s anti-semitism exposed (seconded)
Norman Finkelstein calling BDS a “cult” (seconded)
Jon Donnison of BBC tweeting photo of dead kid from wrong war (seconded)

Best foreign-language blog:
Terre d'Israël

Best specific example of Hasbara:
IDF New Media during Pillar of Defense (seconded)
The truth about how Mahmoud Sadallah was killed (seconded)
(Any article, video, speech listed can also be nominated for this category)
Avi Mayer’s piece on ‘Haaretz and Apartheid’
The Legal Case for Israel - Eugene Kontorovich
Mark Regev for Pillar of Defense

Best "talkbacker"

Willingness to confront the enemy
Richard Millett (seconded)
Jonathan Hoffman
Avi Mayer

Funniest Hasbara:
Latma (seconded)
Dry Bones (seconded)
Divest This! JVP Haggadah
Steven Plaut