Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Will Egypt arrest Alla Said for "defamation of religion"?

Egyptian law criminalizes "defamation of religion." An atheist Egyptian blogger, Albert Saber Ayyad, is now on trial for mocking Islam and Christianity, and and has been held in Egyptian jail for months where guards are said to be inciting other prisoners to attack him.

However, at the same time, Egyptian preacher Alaa Said is on TV, also mocking Christianity:

Islam will be instated, the Shari'a will be implemented, whether you or whoever is behind you likes it or not. Whether the Christians like it or not, they will learn the meaning of Islam. I find it strange that they spend all that money... Let me ask the reasonable among the Christians: Why do you approach poor people and little children with a cross in one hand and bread in the other? Kids just want a chocolate bar or biscuits... The boy wants money... [They give him] 200 Egyptian pounds every day... [They give money] to girls who have sex, and then the girls say: "We have become Christians." The [missionaries] say: "The whole world is open to us. Where would you like to go? You want to go to Germany, America, or anywhere in Europe? We will take you. Do you want to be pampered? We will pamper you."

This is your religion, and yet you dare talk about Islam?! You dare say that Islam coerces and harms people?!

Let me ask you something. It's not a riddle. The bread in the Last Supper was not actual bread. It was flesh, and the wine was blood. Do you understand any of this?

You explain this me. The bread in the Last Supper is not real bread. The bread is flesh, the wine is blood, and three is one. Three is one, get it?

They say that Jesus is the only son of Allah. He was born, but not conceived. I'd like their leader – what's his name? – to explain this to us. What does "born but not conceived" mean? Do tell us. No Christian is allowed to ask what this means.
Will Alla Said be prosecuted in Egypt for defamation of religion?

Or are Islamic leaders who pretend to care about the honor of other religions simply hypocrites?