Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday links. Yes, it's that time again.

From Ian:

UK funding for anti-Israel NGOs
When the British taxpayer-funded Hebron Rehabilitation Committee issued a statement in August describing a terror attack by Islamic Jihad as a “heroic operation”, it should have been met with a very swift and severe response from the British Government, and a review of the Foreign Office’s funding practices.
"[T]he government recklessly allocates taxpayer funds to groups which hope to build a Palestinian state not alongside Israel but in place of it, which ignore the relentless campaign of terror against Israeli civilians that demonises Israel through absurd accusations of “apartheid” and “ethnic cleansing”.
By doing so, the government is merely eroding its very own vision of a two-state solution and fostering an atmosphere of mutual distrust and animosity at a time when understanding and co-operation are most needed."

Arab Women in the Middle East by Khaled Abu Toameh
"In Israel, however, Muslim women are not only allowed to drive and run for elections, but can also reach high positions. Not all Arab Israelis are an "enemy from within;" Muslim women in the Jewish state enjoy more rights and opportunities than their colleagues in Arab and Islamic countries.
While female Muslims are being abducted, raped, shot, tortured and forced into unwanted marriages in a number of Arab and Islamic countries, 33-year-old Maria Gharra has just become Israel's first Muslim woman to serve as a police officer."

Wake up, Europe
As Europe approaches the iceberg, there is a need to change course, before it commits ideological suicide.
"Today the threat of Islamist violence is felt in the houses of parliament and government. Europe has changed, and in as little as five years it could look very different. Yet, most Europeans seem unable to recognize the severity of this phenomenon objectively."

Christian Initiative Echoes Anti-Semitism of the Middle Ages
"The recent initiative by a group of Protestant Christian leaders calling on Congress to reevaluate military aid to Israel is a nauseating example of applying double standards against Jews and Israel under the cloak of piety and hypocritical sanctimoniousness."

Incensed Jewish groups weigh response to Protestant letter on Israel
Major US organizations consider canceling meeting with Christian counterparts over letter to Congress calling for possible aid cut

What to do when an enemy drone comes calling
UAVs may be an easy way for a country to collect information, but they are also an easy way for targets to mislead their enemies
"Drones may be even more susceptible to hack attacks than computers. “Drones need to be light; equipment to protect the drone’s navigation, photography, detection and other systems add weight, slowing them down,” Rod added. It’s certainly possible, claimed Rod, who is a top administrator for Avnet, one of Israel’s largest security firms. “Designers of drones often make compromises in order to keep the weight down, choosing to install a protection system for some modules, but not others.”

Netanyahu may seek to legalize West Bank outposts
"The report also concludes that the establishment of settlements in the West Bank does not breach international law, and that Jews can legally make their homes there, because “Israel does not meet the criteria of ‘military occupation’ as defined under international law.”
“A belligerent occupation is between two sovereigns,” panel member Alan Baker, a former Israeli Ambassador to Canada and a legal adviser to the Foreign Ministry, told The Times of Israel in a phone interview. “We could not accept the definition that this is a classic occupation. That is the novelty of this report.”

In East Jerusalem Neighborhood Residents Under Attack Feel Abandoned
"In general, residents report an uptick in terrorist activity in the Jerusalem vicinity, and the residents of Nof Tzion have noted it as well. In their case most of the attacks emanate from a new high school in Jabel Mukaber, which is situated right above Nof Tzion. Students throw stones and objects at Jewish homes and cars. A smashed car is found every few days."

PA confiscates archive of Hamas’s armed wing
Intelligence agency storms West Bank apartment, taking documents and hardware

September Sees Record Number of Tourists in Israel
"The bureau recorded 70,000 one-day visits, a 28-percent increase from last year, of which 33,000 were cruise-ship vacationers visiting for the day. Ben-Gurion International Airport noted a 6 percent increase in travelers in September as well, with 1,225,837 travelers passing through the airport last month. The Israeli Airports Authority said there had been a 1.7 percent increase in departures and arrivals compared with September 2011."

Israeli tablets to purify water for Syrians
Israeli government blesses a deal for Israel Chemicals to sell AquaTabs to UNICEF for Syria despite a law nixing trade with an enemy state.


Telling it like it is - in Arabic
A stupendous interview with an Israeli Arab woman
Boshra’s appearances on campus made waves, and, among her many radio appearances, she was interviewed by an Islamic, Arabic-language radio station in Johannesburg. The interviewer, a religious Saudi man, asked her questions which revealed a disheartening level of ignorance about Israel...

“He asked why Israel doesn’t let Muslims pray or go to Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem; why only Jews are allowed to pray [in the State of Israel]. I told them that in my own small village in the Galilee there are not only one but two mosques and two imams who both get a monthly salary from the state. The interviewer was in shock. I added that I could go pray at Al Aqsa mosque at will, freely. ...

“I said to him: ‘In Saudi Arabia, can a woman drive a car?’ He said no. I said: ‘I can.’ And he was silent. I asked: ‘Can a woman in Kuwait or Saudi Arabia meet a man and get to know him before getting married or is she just forced into marriage at a young age?’ He said no, she can’t. I said: ‘I can.’ And I would answer his questions with my own questions…and each time he would be stunned silent.”

Amazing video, allegedly of a Syrian helicopter shot down that explodes in mid-air.

Obama and the "T" word

Russia Resets Obama's "Reset"

[Yeah, I know I'm doing more presidential election stuff. The elections are only a month away, the polls are close and I am scared of a second Obama term. I have an outlet and, within reason, I will use it. I wish I knew that Romney would be better, but I cannot imagine how he can be worse on foreign policy, and the world literally depends on it. -EoZ]

A Jewish lawyer was a target for an Islamist terror cell in Paris (French)

Yesterday, Akiva Eldar in Ha'aretz claimed that an Israeli government report officially said that Jews were a minority in British Mandate Palestine, and therefore Israel was an "apartheid" state. Arabic media went wild. CAMERA's Hebrew Presspectiva demolishes Eldar and proves what a pathetic hack he is.