Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Tunisian security busts kidnap ring targeting Jews" (updated)

UPI Arabic quotes Tunisian media sources as reporting yesterday that Tunisian security authorities managed to break up what was described as a 'dangerous terrorist cell that was aimed at kidnapping Jews in the city of Zarzis in the extreme south-east of Tunisia.

The weekly newspaper Al Hassan reported that they learned and confirmed from sources that units of the Tunisian Guard managed to dismantle this terrorist network. Sit said that their aim was to kidnap of Tunisian Jewish nationals living in the city of Zarzis to demand ransom and to force the Jews or Zarzis to leave Tunisia.

The Tunisian mastermind of this plot is works as a security guard for Tunisian Jews in the south of Tunisia, where he recruited some young people to do the job. He acquired a car and weapon to get the plan going before he was caught.

The plot was to kidnap Jews as they take their weekly stroll on a seaside promenade every Friday night.

Members of the Jewish community in Tunisia have been concerned with the growing Salafist influence there who have been known to chant "kill Jews."

I have not yet seen this reported anywhere in English.

(Slight update with promenade details 10/31)