Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Allah Goat. Buy and slaughter it today!

From the Daily Mail:
A prized goat has been put up for sale in India with a whopping £128,000 price tag.
Islam Bhati, 37, from Rajasthan in India, is trying to sell his finest goat for 11 million rupees to a Muslim family celebrating the Eid al-Adha festival.

The two-year-old animal is organic and has the word 'Allah' in Arabic emblazoned on one side of his fur. He also has a crescent and star on the other side.

Mr Bhati said: ‘It’s a miracle animal and I feel blessed to own him. We have looked after this goat like our child and he’s the best goat around. We can easily charge 11 million for such a divine animal, it's pretty reasonable.’

Mr Bhati, who run's the family's marble business, bought the goat from a nearby farm two years' ago.

He said: ‘I noticed the inscriptions soon after I bought him. I knew it was sacred. Since we took him into our home we have cared for him and fed him pulses, fresh tree leaves and dry fruit. His meat will be very good.’

Mr Bhati has been offered huge sums for the goat since he posted an advert on the Internet last week. However, no one has stepped forward and paid the asking price yet.
You might think this is a unique, once in a lifetime occurrence. After all, how many goats have spots that can be interpreted by idiotic Muslims as Allah?

Well, the same thing happened in 2007, also in India:

And in 2008:

But this goat did them all one better, because it had both Allah and Mohammed on it!

Allah must really love goats to reveal himself in so many of them.

Then again, he also seems to like to show up in people's ears, on honeycombs, clouds and tsunamis.

Not to mention ice-cream logos and sneakers, but since those were Western creations, they were abominations and not miracles.