Saturday, October 20, 2012

Settler Sabbath stripping to "provoke" PalArabs. Yeah, right.

Ma'an reports, without the slightest skepticism:
Israeli settlers in the south Hebron hills assaulted Palestinian villagers on Friday evening, residents told Ma'an.

Three Israelis from the Karmel settlement entered Um al-Kher village, and one threw rocks at the Palestinians living there, local council chief Abu Hamza Hathalin told Ma’an.
If the article had ended there, it might have been believable. I don't know if the residents of Karmel are religious, but the possibility of a hothead is always there.
Artist rendering of the offending settler

But the article goes on:
Another settler took off all his clothes, and a third insulted the Prophet Muhammad, in order to provoke the villagers, Hathalin said.

Israeli troops arrived at the council's request, but assaulted several villagers, he said.
Ah, so here is another case of Palestinian "eyewitnesses" who make up their stories from whole cloth, secure in the knowledge that no matter how ridiculous the lies are, there will be newspapers more than willing to publish their charges without doing the slightest modicum of investigation.