Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Saeb Erekat's hypocrisy of the day

The visit of the Emir of Qatar to Gaza yesterday gives PLO leaders a great excuse to show their hypocrisy.

PLO chief negotiator and liar, Saeb Erekat, responded to his visit by saying "[The visit of the] Emir of Qatar to Gaza will not delegitimize the PLO, and Hamas must realize that the legitimacy of states do not come through visits, but from the ballot boxes ... No force can take away the legality of the PLO, which gives legitimacy is the Palestinian people."

  • When was the PLO elected as the representative of the Palestinian Arabs again? 
  • Who won the last PA-wide elections again? 
  • When did Mahmoud Abbas' four year term end again?
  • When was Saeb Erekat elected to his position again?
  •  And how come he is still in the same position that he resigned from 18 months ago again?
  • And if the legitimacy of states does not come from recognition by other countries, then why does the PLO keep touting the nations that recognize it as proof of its legitimacy?

Erekat appears on Western TV often, but not once has any reporter asked him about his many lies or hypocrisies. As a result, Erekat keeps spouting nonsense without any fear that he will be publicly exposed in the mainstream media.

And this one is a doozy.