Tuesday, October 23, 2012

PA workers - and UNRWA - on strike today

From Ma'an:
The Palestinian Authority cabinet on Tuesday called on civil servants to go back to work as strikes in ministries, universities, schools and refugee camps paralyzed the West Bank.

The cabinet in its weekly meeting said employees who continued to strike would be "held liable."

Palestinian Authority employees, including public university staff and school teachers, suspended work Tuesday over the late and incomplete payment of their salaries.

On Thursday, the Palestinian Authority finance ministry announced it was distributing partial September salaries after repeatedly delaying payment to employees and capping payments to high earners.

The cabinet urged donor countries, especially Arab countries, to keep providing support to the Palestinian people.

Employees of UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, also went on strike Tuesday to protest cuts in the agency's services and the dismissal of 130 workers

UNRWA health clinics, schools and offices were closed and shops shut their doors for two hours.

Ahmad Abu Khayran, who chairs a popular committee in Hebron's al-Fawwar refugee camp, said UNRWA's austerity measures were making life harder for refugees who were already suffering from the economic crisis.
And in a stunning example of the culture of entitlement that Palestinian Arabs have:
Abu Khayran told Ma'an that UNRWA was trying to "shirk its responsibilities" to refugees and treating them as Europeans or Americans, forcing them to pay 25 to 40 percent of their medical costs.
65 years of living off of the international dime has made two entire generations of lazy whiners who demand everything and offer nothing.

There used to be some enterprising, hard-working Palestinian Arabs - but most of them moved to Gulf states, or to Western nations, long ago.

Notice also how Arab donors have still refused to pay their pledges, despite a plea a couple of weeks back by the PA. And Qatar has obviously chosen to support Hamastan rather than Fatahland.

The West - and Israel - care more about propping up the PA than Arabs do.