Monday, October 15, 2012

Memorize the Quran to get out of jail

From Al Arabiya:
A Saudi father pardoned his son’s killer if he successfully memorized the Holy Quran, a local newspaper reported on Saturday.

The killer, Faisal al-Ameri, kisses the forehead of Rabi’a al-Dousary, the father of the young man he killed.
Rabi’a al-Dousary, father of the slain young man named Abdullah, promised to pardon the convicted felon, Faisal al-Ameri, if he successfully memorized all of the Holy Quran before leaving prison, al-Yawm Saudi newspaper reported.

Ameri was sentenced to death for killing Dousary during a quarrel that erupted in their neighborhood.

The Higher Committee of Correction in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom has persuaded the father to forgive and pardon Ameri.

The father, who refused to receive any blood money, to teach the Ameri a far more valuable lesson, insisted on one condition: the killer to fully memorize the Quran before his acquittal from prison.
A number of Arab countries actually release criminals from prison if they memorize parts or all of the Quran.

Because, apparently, rote memorization of the Islamic holy book (that has been used to justify the deaths of countless innocent people) proves that you are moral enough to re-enter society.