Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Links while I was out

From Ian, October 1:

Blockade-running ship to set sail for Gaza next week
Foreign Ministry: Activists will not reach the Hamas-run Strip
"Activists said the schooner Estelle, which set sail from Sweden three months ago, was expected to reach the Gaza coast by mid-October. Since casting off, the Estelle has docked at several Europeans ports, where its passengers have held conferences to raise awareness of the situation in Gaza."

Israeli SARS Bio-Weapon is 'B-Movie Fantasy'
An Israeli spokesman says a leftist website accusing Jerusalem of attacking Arabs with the SARS virus is involved in a "B-movie fantasy."
"A leftist website that accused Israel of attempting to attack "specific Arab communities" with strains of the SARS virus" is involved in a "B-movie fantasy," says Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor. Israel's health ministry has warned local hospitals to be on alert for the virus since two cases, including one person who died of the illness, were identified in Saudi Arabia in the past several weeks."

Attempted Palestinian Terror Shooting on Israeli Road

British government pledges new cooperation with the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
“So the question which naturally arises is on what, exactly, do Baroness Warsi and her British government colleagues intend to “cooperate” with the OIC? What “mutual goals” does the UK government think it has with an organization which seeks to limit universal human rights, curb freedom of expression, and establish its headquarters in the capital city of a UN member sovereign country?”

Jewish communities under threat in Malmo, Sweden?
"There is no doubt in my mind that the rising tide of anti-Semitism in Malmo is attributable, in large part, to local radicalised youth. However, matters are certainly not helped by local leftist activists, possibly a few far-right extremists and, perhaps more surprisingly, local political leaders.
Sweden today is a country that really excels in producing leftists of the type that are normally only found at Vanessa Redgrave’s dinner parties. These are leftists who leave the principles of the old left at the door as they enter a world of cultural relativism and faux radicalism in which the only guiding principle is the desire for an easy life."

Romney maps out new course for America’s Middle East policy
In scathing Wall Street Journal op-ed, the Republican presidential contender blasts Obama for his ‘incomprehension’ regarding Israel

Poll: 62% of Americans Support use of Force to Stop Nuclear Iran

Morsi and Erdogan join forces, speak out against Assad, Israel
With Hamas’s Mashaal in audience, Turkish PM refuses reconciliation until Israel lifts blockade of Gaza and apologizes for flotilla deaths

Morsi’s message
"Egypt’s new leader Mohamed Morsi is proving to be a cunning communicator, at least so far as what he puts across to undiscerning Western ears. He manages to sound exceedingly moderate and reasonable, while enunciating unreasonable, indeed radical demands that must be met or else. He in effect says that “it’s my way or the highway.”

Egyptian president’s adviser describes Israel as ‘occupied Arab Palestine’
‘This will remain its name till the end of time,’ aide says regarding Cairo’s future relations with Israel

Mashaal confirms he’s stepping down but downplays rift with Gaza leadership, takes a jab at Egypt
Hamas political chief receives standing ovation for speech in Ankara, in which he promises continued ‘resistance’ against Israel

The stalemate in Turkish-Israeli relations
How the rise of Turkey’s JDP party has reshaped Ankara’s foreign policy and its ties to Jerusalem.

Religions not the same by MICHAEL COREN
"The film about Mohammed is appallingly made, but does contain some truth about the man’s life.
The Christ in urine display is also appallingly bad, and says nothing of interest or authenticity about the life of Christ.
The Muslim response to the former is violence and demands for blasphemy laws, the Christian response to the latter a press release and indifference."

Thousands of Bangladeshi Muslims torch 10 Buddhist temples, 40 homes
Rioters infuriated by Buddhist boy’s Facebook photo of a burned Quran

Attackers of Hindu temple charged with blasphemy
KARACHI: In an extraordinary turn of events, Section 295-A was used to register a blasphemy case against Muslim men for damaging a Hindu temple during riots on Ishq-e-Rasool Day.

TDSB (Toronto District School Board) "Lesson" For the Canadian Islamic Congress's Islamic History Month Canada: Natually, There IS No Israel
“Natural Palestine refers to the region bounded in the west by the Mediterranean Sea, east by Syria and Jordan, north by Lebanon, and south by Egypt and the Gulf of Aqaba.”

Suicide Bombers 'martyrs' according to UK taxpayer-supported charity
"CADFA openly describes suicide bombers as ‘martyrs’ who were ‘killed’ by Zionists. Their website lists a number of persons responsible for death and destruction, and perversely describes their fate as ‘killed’. Two of them, Osama Mohammad Bahar and Nabeel Mohammad Halabiyeh conducted a suicide bombing in which 11 people were killed and 155 were wounded. CADFA makes no mention of their atrocities and instead pays homage to their sacrifice. Given the context, or lack thereof, it is not unreasonable at all to infer that CADFA supports these murderous attacks."

Amazon under fire over Nazi camp puzzle

Ahmadinejad’s cameraman defects, seeks asylum in US
Hassan Gol Khanban had accompanied the Iranian president on his trip to the UN General Assembly

Morissette to close out tour in Israel

Gaza Mom Chooses Israeli Hospital to Save Baby
After losing 3 babies to rare birth defects at Egyptian hospitals, a Gaza mother followed doctors' advice and took her fourth to Israel.

Israel Daily Picture: How a Family Celebrated Sukkot in Samarkand in 1870
Is This the Same Family in Jerusalem in 1900?

And from October 2:

After Abbas The End of the PLO's Old-Guard Monopoly by Khaled Abu Toameh
“Abbas's supporters have defended him by claiming that he is facing a "big conspiracy" to remove him from power. Although it is true that as long as the Israelis are in the West Bank, Hamas will not be there, Abbas's supporters have even gone as far as making the ridiculous claim that Hamas and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman are working together to topple Abbas.
If Abbas really wanted to step down, he could have done so many years ago. But Abbas is interested only in one thing -- staying in power until his last day. His threats are only aimed at sending the following message to his followers: "If I go, the Palestinians will have no future."

PA expects UNGA vote on statehood by November By KHALED ABU TOAMEH
PLO Executive Committee member Ashrawi says she expects vote on November 29- International Day of Solidarity with Palestinians. [est 1977!]

'US calls on EU to oppose PA statehood bid at UN'
“The Guardian reported that the US communique described Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's UN move as "extremely counterproductive," and warned of "significant negative consequences" for the PA, including financial sanctions.
The memorandum purportedly also reiterated Washington's long-standing policy that Palestinian statehood "can only be achieved via direct negotiations with the Israelis," and thus urged EU governments "to support efforts" to block the bid.”

70% of Americans hold favorable view of Israel, new poll finds
Only UK cited more often as best US ally

Jordanian tribe slams new Israel envoy
Obeidat tribe condemns appointment of its member as Jordan's new ambassador to Jewish state, saying 'all red lines have been crossed'

The Afghanistanization of the Middle East
“The Middle East that we have grown used to is a colonial legacy. Its corrupt regimes with the derivative structures of modern states are being torn down by the Arab Spring. The Islamists can have democratic elections where they are the majority, but what they cannot have are strong militaries, and that leaves them with few options but to rely on Islamist militias to fight Islamist militias; turning the region back to before the rise of the Ottoman Empire.
Islamists saw Afghanistan as the future of the Middle East and they were right. Saudi Arabia and the oil states that backed the Arab Spring are Afghanistans with oil. Egypt, Tunisia and Syria are on the way to becoming Afghanistans without oil.”

Study: UN misconduct goes unpunished
"When U.N. staffers on peacekeeping missions were accused of misconduct or corruption over the last couple of years, more than two-thirds of them were exonerated by the U.N.'s internal tribunal system, according to research provided to AP by a whistleblower-protection group."

Turkey’s Ruling Party Celebrates Hamas
"That President Obama describes Erdoğan as one of his closest foreign friends is scandalous. Erdoğan has transformed Turkey from an aspiring democracy to a country which ranks below even Russia in terms of basic freedoms. And it has transformed Turkey from a country fighting terrorism to, in effect, a country cheerleading terrorists."

eyeSight puts your TV on digital steroids
The Israeli 2D gesture company’s technology will power a new set-top box from InnoDigital, which will soup up the capabilities of just about any TV set

Kinect technology firm PrimeSense envisions gesture-controlled office of the future
It was this technology that Microsoft took a punt on for its Kinect system, which uses both the processor system and the optical elements designed by PrimeSense.
Such sterling success for Microsoft with the device was obviously good news for PrimeSense, even if its name remains a relative unknown in the tech world.

Top 10 ways Israeli scientists are battling breast cancer
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, ISRAEL21c has put together a list of the top 10 latest Israeli advances in breast cancer.