Thursday, October 04, 2012

Islamic Jihad holds terror celebration

Today, Islamic Jihad celebrated its 25th anniversary, and thousands attended  the celebration in Gaza.

The head of its armed terrorist wing said that this rally was a "referendum" on "resistance."

The head of Islamic Jihad itself, Ramadan Shallah, gave a speech from a video screen, the same way that Hezbollah's leader Nasrallah does, afraid that a drone might just pick him off.

His speech emphasized that their goal is the armed takeover of all of "Palestine". He also railed against Oslo, Jews on the Temple Mount, the PLO, the Mohammed video, and the fact that the issue of Palestinian Arab nationalism has dropped off the agendas of most Arab countries.

Some photos:

"Jihad. Jihad. Rah. Rah. Rah. Can I watch cartoons now?"

Special guest star, Mahmoud Zahar, just to make sure everyone knows that Hamas agrees with Islamic Jihad
Are you allowed to grope young boys in public in Gaza?

The crowd was not particularly large, actually. 
Fun for the whole family!

Grandma wants a piece of that delicious jihad flavor!
By the way, the EXIF information for these images show that they were shot (not very professionally) with a Canon EOS 7D camera, which costs upwards of $2000 with proper lenses. Islamic Jihad and their "media war" division can get cash when they want to. 

(h/t Challah)