Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Iranian diplomat: If we don't like you, you must be a Zionist

From Interfax:
The Iranian ambassador to Russia has argued that Zionism is not a solely Jewish movement, but a political ideology aiming to bring about strife between religious communities and nations.

"You shouldn't think that Zionism is something that only comes in the clothing of Judaism. It also comes in Christian and Islamic clothing. [Ex-president] Hosni Mubarak of Egypt was Muslim on the surface, but he prevented food and medicine from being sent to Gaza. In effect, he was a Zionist," Seyed Mahmoud-Reza Sajjadi said in a speech, the text of which is posted in his blog.

"George Bush and Mitt Romney are Christians on the surface, but effectively they are Zionists," he said in reference to the former U.S. president and current Republican candidate for president of the United States.

"The reason why the Islamic world is lagging behind is that there are leaders who pretend to be Muslims, but in effect are Zionists," Sajjadi said.

"The main objective of Zionism is to stir up discord - discord between Muslims, discord between Christians and Muslims, and discord between nations. Today anyone who embarks on the path of discord is a soldier of Zionism," he said.
It goes without mention that the UN is Zionist, too. All those resolutions against Israel notwithstanding.

I liked this line:

He thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin "for the respect that is paid to all religions in Russia, and for the fact that in Russia Muslims are more free even than those in some Islamic countries."

If that is the case, then Sajjadi must really love Israel, whose Muslim citizens are freer than those in Russia.

Which would make Sajjadi a Zionist!