Friday, October 19, 2012

Hamas cracking down on - baggy pants (updated x2)

From Al Arabiya:
Young people in Gaza Strip are complaining that their freedom to wear saggy pants and have haircuts of their choice is hampered by security officers as they might be arrested.

Both Khaled and his brother were arrested by a security officer for wearing saggy pants and for him wearing a silver chain around his neck.

Initially Khaled and his brother did not know the reason of their detention until one security man said to his boss “look at his outfit.”

The security men did not respond to Khaled when he asked them to outline “if there is any Palestinian law that prevents young people from wearing saggy pants or silver chains?”

Young men can also be scoffed at for wearing shorts.

Ahmed, another resident from Gaza, said that he was going to buy some food from one of the city’s restaurants but was scolded by a police man for wearing shorts and showing his legs.

According to the police man, Ahmed shouldn’t be wearing shorts in front of girls unless he was at home.

As the news of a campaign by security officers against “saggy pants” started proliferating, Islam Chahwan, the spokesman of the Ministry of Interior denied that there is such campaign.

He said that his ministry does not interfere in the personal lives of citizens in Gaza.

“We have not received complaints from the citizens regarding such issues, but maintaining the morals and values of the Palestinian society is highly required.”
To be fair, the baggy pants might be used to hide Zionist spy equipment. You can't be too careful with the lives of Gazans.

Speaking of, during the last two weeks of September, 3 Qassam rockets fell short and landed in Gaza instead of killing Israeli kids as they were intended.

UPDATE: Israellycool had the baggy pants story weeks ago.

UPDATE 2: But one of my own linkdumps, courtesy Ian, beat him to it!