Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Four interesting stories in Arab media today

#1: Holocaust denial in Al Watan Voice:

The author claims that Jews originally claimed to have lost 40 million people in the Holocaust, more than there were in Europe;  then they revised that downward to 24 million before finally settling on six million, a number that he claims Jewish historians know is a lie.

Judaism is based on deceit and fraud and the desire to generate sympathy of the world, and then to easily blackmail the world. To this day continue blackmail Germany under the pretext of Nazism and the Holocaust. Note that there is an awakening German movement begun to emerge to get rid of this yoke.

#2: Yemeni human rights leaders detained for speaking to Jews, at Al Masdar:

On Wednesday, Yemeni intelligence services detained a team consisting of four people who visited the Yemeni Jews' homes east of the capital Sanaa.

They were taken into custody on the grounds that their entry into the homes of the Jews were contrary to [the law.]

The Sawa Organization Against Discrimination they visited the Jews in their region in order to consult with them, to engage in a comprehensive national dialogue, which will bring together the political forces and factions in all their diversity.

The soldiers said visiting Jews is a violation. The human rights team is still being held at the time of writing (5:30 PM).

#3: Israelis fake polls showing they are happy, at Al Bayan (UAE)

An Israel Hayom poll (actually, an Israeli Democracy Institute survey) showed that Israelis are optimistic about the future and proud to live in Israel. The author, noting Israel's political isolation in the world and almost universal army service, flatly claims that this poll is a lie meant to make the Jews feel better about themselves.

#4: Hasbara sites in Arabic are meant to fool young Arabs into thinking Israel is less than totally evil, at Al Ahram (Egypt):

This article is very upset over the many Israeli Arabic sites that say that Israel is a nice place.

Facebook is the easiest way for Zionists to freely communicate with millions of young Arabs about normalization and lies bypassing the language barrier....A large number of pages on Facebook say that their goal is to be a source of information about the state of Israel and what is happening there different from what the Arab satellite stations show. They are keen to embellish the face of the Zionist entity and to highlight the human face that is tolerant and advanced scientifically and economically ...These pages aimed at millions of Arab people all highlight the good side of Israel, for example, that they teach Arabic in Israel to 70 thousand Jews in one year of in order to achieve integration and equality between Jews and Arabs...
Stories that upset this author include one about an 8 year old Jewish girl who won a bronze medal at a European chess championship, and about an Arab chemistry and biology specialist who is a potential future Nobel laureate, and the fact that the Jewish state allowed 250,000 Muslims to worship in the AlAqsa mosque during Ramadan.