Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fatah members proud that Arafat intended to fool the world with Oslo

I was going through a Fatah Facebook page and saw someone posted a video that they said was "very important."

It was a slightly edited version of a video that Palestinian Media Watch had posted long ago from a 1995 PA TV broadcast.

Arafat: "When the Prophet made the peace of Hudaybiya, [Muhammad's followers] Omar Ibn al Khattab and Ali Ibn Abi Talib said: "How can we accept an agreement like that?" "How can we accept such humiliation of our religion, Oh, Messenger of Allah?" And when we signed the agreement in Oslo if anyone has an objection to that agreement, I have a hundred."

Note: Arafat compares the Oslo Accords with the Hudaybiya Pact, which the Prophet Muhammad signed with the Quraish tribe with the intention of breaking it later.
So not only do many Arabs know that Arafat was lying at Oslo and that the Palestinian Arab leadership had no intention of making real peace with Israel - they are proud of it!