Thursday, October 18, 2012

Arab groups rush to agree teaching the Holocaust is a crime!

What happens after Arab teachers in Jordan freak out over an unsubstantiated rumor that UNRWA schools will teach the Holocaust?

Their brethren in neighboring areas try to outdo their Jordanian cousins on being revolted at the very idea!

From JPost:
Hamas on Wednesday reiterated its strong opposition to teaching the Holocaust in UNRWA-run schools in the Gaza Strip.

The Refugees Affairs Department of Hamas said that teaching the Holocaust was a "crime against the issue of the refugees that is aimed at cancelling their right of return."
You get that? The Holocaust wasn't a crime, but teaching about it is!

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine also condemned the fictional claim, saying that teaching the Holocaust would be "a serious violation in the work of the education process."

A PLO spokesman said that the idea "constitutes a serious violation towards education and a clear deviation against all educational goals for the children of refugees...this is an indication that the presidency of UNRWA and local heads began to systematically adopt the Israeli narrative."

In Lebanon, things aren't much better. Al Akhbar reports that Palestinian Lebanese officials are assuming that UNRWA's donors, being Zionist, are the ones pushing this idea. They also said that it would be unconscionable to teach the Holocaust without teaching about alleged Israeli massacres of Arabs.

An op-ed in Al Watan Voice says this supposed UNRWA curriculum is "filled with poison" because of its emphasis on teaching students about "peace and tolerance."

By the way, since I exposed the UNRWA Gaza school websites that were filled with material glorifying jihad and martyrdom over the summer, every single one of those individual school websites mysteriously disappeared from the Internet, as did their curricula. And at least at the moment, there are no UNRWA job openings for teachers who specialize in Islamic studies as there were when I reported them.

Does this mean that UNRWA has reformed its curricula in Gaza? Or just that they don't want probing eyes into what they are doing?