Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Anti-Abbas protest in Ramallah

 There was a demonstration against Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah last night, the Palestine Times and Firas Press reported.

PA police stopped the protesters from marching to the presidential compound.

The protesters chanted against Oslo, to release political (i.e., Hamas) prisoners and, as always, to destroy Israel.

The protesters chanted, "Ya Abbas Leave, Leave," "Down with the olive branch, long live the rifle" and "From Ramallah to Sakhnin, Palestine will be Free." (Sakhnin is an Arab town in Israel.)

When people say they want an "Arab spring" in Ramallah, just remember: As corrupt, hypocritical and dictatorial as the PA is today, there seems absolutely no chance that it would be replaced with anything better.

What kind of a "peace process" is it when the best choice is to sign an agreement with a morally bankrupt, lying Fatah that could be replaced at any moment by leaders who are even worse?