Friday, October 12, 2012

Another fake BDS "victory"

Electronic Intifada is claiming that a website called Creative Time Summit has removed its "Sponsors" page - because one of the sponsors is Israeli and the Summit isbeing boycotted by some anti-Israel groups for doing something so horrible:

Update: Creative Time Summit “partner” page showing Israeli group removed
In light of the boycott actions mentioned above, by Mosireen and Rebel Diaz, it would appear that the Creative Time Summit has attempted to scrub its website of the evidence of its partnership with Israeli government funded Israeli Center for Digital Art.
Luckily, we kept screenshots. You can see the page as it appeared before, whereas now a click on the link brings up “page not found.”

So, the Israel-haters actually think that Creative Time Summit would delete all of their partners just to avoid mentioning Israel?

Now, look at the two screenshots above and the menu under the title. Notice how the first says "Partners" and the second, in the same position, says "Sites."

Clicking on "Sites" shows that website simply renamed "Summit Partnerships" to "Summit Sites", and the page prominently mentioning the Israeli Center for Digital Art is prominently displayed exactly as it was before:

So there is no demotion or boycott of the Israeli sponsor, just a renaming of every sponsor to a featured site.

But don't tell the idiots at Electronic Intifada. They seemed so happy.