Sunday, October 14, 2012

Abbas awards himself "keys to Jerusalem" - in Ramallah

A delegation of young Jerusalem Arabs "awarded" Mahmoud Abbas with "seven keys to Jerusalem" in a staged Fatah ceremony - in Ramallah.

Which means that Abbas awarded this fake award to himself!

Here's another photo of Abbas magnanimously accepting this great honor in a ceremony that was staged by his own party in his own headquarters.

Abbas, now in the eighth year of his four year term, used this opportunity to toss around more of his lies, including that "Israel wants war but we want peace" and that Israel is digging under the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Abbas added that he would not accept any Palestinian Arab state without Jerusalem, and also that he insists on the release of every prisoner held by Israel, which would of course include some of the most vicious terrorists whom he considers heroes.

Another speaker at the same fake ceremony, Sheikh Yusuf Adeis, charged Israel with a "racist plan" to demolish the mosque and to built its own Temple there, and that the Jews were working overtime to stop Muslims and Christians from worshiping in Jerusalem.