Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekend administrivia

This ended up being the biggest week the blog ever had - even though I didn't post at all for the two days of Rosh Hashanah!

It seems that my initial post of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons went viral, and that became my most-read post ever - 34,000 hits so far and counting. A popular Persian-language site linked to it, accounting for a large number of those hits. I banked on the media not publishing them, and there was a huge desire by people worldwide to see what the big fuss was about. (My previous record post was only from last month, but this tripled it. And it even surpassed the 27,000 that have read my "Apartheid Week" posters so far.)

My other big post of the week was the photo of masked Hamas terrorists with their message of peace which also got picked up in a number of popular websites.

Other popular posts were my piece on Romney and the PLO (which got linked to at The Daily Beast,) my own original Mohammed cartoon, and Juan Cole's libeling me as an accessory to murder. (Nothing says you've arrived like having a third-rate truth-challenged professor slander you.)

And it is almost the first day of autumn, which means I will be asking for donations again next week. Hey, everyone else is sending you tons of solicitations for the holidays...

I'm going away for Shabbat so this will be my last post until very late Saturday night, at least.

Shabbat shalom!