Sunday, September 16, 2012

Juan Cole engages in libel against me

Juan Cole, the pseudo-academic who I have proven is a liar and an idiot a number of times, last month slanderously claimed that my blog influenced mass murderer Anders Breivik:

As in Norway, where the Muslim-hating network (fostered also by hateful web sites like “Gates of Vienna,” “Elders of Ziyon,” and a host of others) deeply influenced mass murderer Anders Breivik, so in the United States the purveying of a negative image of Muslims predictably has resulted in violence.
Cole knows very well that Breivik never mentioned my blog in his manifesto, and indeed there is no evidence that he ever read my blog. Incidentally, I  fisked and condemned his manifesto completely.

Juan Cole knows that people like me are a threat to him, because we expose his lies and fallacious arguments so easily while he pretends to be an intellectual. So it is not surprising that such a creature resorts to lies to try to slander me, since he is utterly incapable of actually arguing with me.

Cole also knows that this is not a hate site. I am not against Muslims and I am not against Islam as a personal religion. I have never said or implied that I support violence against Muslims. However, I am very against the hateful and supremacist political philosophy of Islamism, and I believe that Islamism must be regarded as just as evil as other supremacist political philosophies like Nazism and Communism.

Will Juan Cole apologize for this slander? Of course not. He never corrects his mistakes, even when they are proven - which is about all you need to know about his intellectual honesty.

(h/t Dan)