Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Tourists jump on Temple Mount, upsetting Muslims

The latest outrage: A group of (apparently Christian)  foreign tourists jumped and danced on the Temple Mount.

This was enough to elicit a press release from the Al Aqsa Heritage Foundation, where they condemned "the reprehensible repeated recent actions by foreign tourists who were encouraged and under the protection of the occupying forces. The tourists played games and performed disgraceful acrobatic movements and dances in the Al Aqsa Mosque, along with accompanying obscene words and resounding voices."

Apparently, dancing is disrespectful, but soccer and volleyball are OK. As long as the players aren't, you know, non-Muslim.

For good measure, they also complained about Jews defiling the Jewish holy spot.

This time they didn't mention Talmudic rituals, but the foundation did say that the Jewish visitors would bring with them posters that were biblical and Talmudic. Also that the Israeli government is trying to turn it into a public square.
This photo of a tour guide - again, probably Christian - really got under their skin: