Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jordanian newspaper calls for genocide of "innately corrupt" Jews

Here is some incitement to genocide along with classic Arab anti-semitismin Assabeel, a Jordanian media outlet that seems to have a Palestinian Jordanian audience.

Entitled "Innate corruption of the Jews," it is a rambling essay that starts off with anti-Jewish verses in the Koran and then goes through the Jews' corrupt history of assassinating prophets. The article goes on to say that Jews only believe in war,and have mastered the art of "crushing and displacement and corruption." According to the article, Jewish philosophy is an intellectual-based corruption meant to push immorality, crime, economic ruin and control of the media.

"Perhaps the first corrupt component in the logic of Jewish thinking is based on disregard for God, of all creeds and religions, with its diligent attempts to falsify facts and history," the newspaper says. It goes on to charge, as Islam claims, that the Torah is falsified and distorted so that the Jews would not listen to the wonderful message of Islam.

Today, Jews have manipulated the US into fabricating Islam to be the number one threat to humanity. They even fabricated the Holocaust in order to make the world feel guilty. In fact, the article claims, Jews were the power behind Hitler's rise.

Now, all of the wars in "Islamic Somalia, Sudan, the Caucasus, Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine" come because of Jewish/"Zionist" inciting against Islam and Muslims. America has become the Zionist colony par excellence, fabricating wars only to benefit the Jews and the Zionist dream of a Greater Israel.

This is only a small part of the article, which meanders back to Joshua and from there to Deir Yassin (grossly exaggerated, naturally), then to Jewish control of Europe and of Christianity.

It concludes that the only way is to kill the Jews.
This innate intellectual corruption is systematic and based in the depths of vision of the Streptococcus of Zionism and modern Zionist Christianity makes us decide that the venomous Jewish snake can only be dealt with by cutting off her head...as Allah warned us to fight corruption by fighting in the way of Allah as Jihad is the pinnacle of Islam.
This is followed by a litany of verses about the glories of fighting for the sake of Allah.