Sunday, August 19, 2012

Top EoZ posts of the week

You never know when something is going to go viral, and I certainly would not have predicted that Egyptian "scientist" claims NASA hiding proof of Quranic miracle would have been one of my most popular posts ever. Some 9500 hits on that article, mostly due to it being mentioned on fark.com.

Another post of mine received thousands of hits. Arab TV show discusses how Jews bake matzoh with human blood received a lot of attention, and it is one of the few times I've scooped MEMRI. Later, other media outlets reported on it, but I was the first in English. (This was also my most "Liked" and Tweeted post of the week.)

My post The hilarious tale of the Dick, the Beeb and the "secret Israeli attack plans" and its followup Media scorecard on "secret memo" fiasco were also enormously popular. Though I spend a bit of time on media bias, this episode revealed much about willful media blindness. Even now, after the actual author of the text that the media trumpeted as a secret Israeli memo has gone public and said that he made the entire thing up, not a single media outlet that ran with this story has bothered to issue a correction. On the contrary: the interview of a proven fraud on the BBC has enhanced his credibility, no matter how many times he has been proven wrong. The media is frankly more interested in revealing scoops than in vetting the reliability of the supposed scoopers. It is a laziness where journalistic standards can be ignored by simply saying "According to X...." This is the type of "journalism" we've seen done by Arab and Iranian state-run media, and it is beyond disgusting that respected Western media outlets disregard the truth so egregiously. (See also Yossi Melman at Walla [Hebrew] and War in Context and his earlier post.)

Also popular this week were Salafists in Tunisia try to lynch terrorist Samir Kuntar! and my photo essay "Quds Day" photos. Feel the love.