Friday, August 17, 2012

Salafists in Tunisia try to lynch terrorist Samir Kuntar!

Samir Kuntar, the disgusting child-murdering terrorist who is considered a hero to the Palestinian Arabs, visited Tunisia this week.

And he was almost lynched.

On Thursday evening, police used tear gas to disperse Salafists who attacked a cultural festival in the northern city of Bizerte.

They had sticks and swords.

The festival's guest of honor was the child-murderer Kuntar, known in Arabic as the "Dean of the Lebanese prisoners."

The reason for the attack was that Kuntar enraged the Salafists by criticizing the Syrian uprising and praising the Assad regime in Syria, which has been killing tens of thousands of its citizens over the past year and a half.

Many of those present received serious injuries and were rushed to the hospital. This included some of the organizers of the festival. Kuntar fled out the back door while he let his sponsors get beaten for him.

Because that's what heroes do.

It is indeed unfortunate that Kuntar was not ripped into little terrorist bits to be eaten by the flies.