Sunday, August 19, 2012

The "kill Aisha" conspiracy grows!

The Arab rumor that a toy gun says "Kill Aisha" has now reached the Salafists of Tunisia, as they are confiscating the blasphemous gun that says "Go! Go! Go! Pull over and save the hostages!"

I've covered this bizarre story, where it pops up in different places in the Arab world, a number of times.

Here's the latest video showing the outrageous gun:

But I smell a larger plot.

Searching through the many outraged videos made by Islamists trying to start rioting over a toy gun, you notice that there are many different variants of this toy.

Why make so many variants of a gun that says things that are insulting to Muslims?

It must be that as soon as one is confiscated, another is made to take its place, in order to brainwash poor Muslim kids into wanting to kill Mohammed's favorite wife (or, perhaps, any nearby 6 year old girl)!

The phrase "Save the hostages!", which is a pretty boring sound clip for such awesome looking toy guns, must have been deliberately chosen for its hidden meaning in Arabic! Why else would it be re-used in so many toy weapons?

Circles within circles. I wouldn't put it past Islamophobic Westerners to conceive such a plot.

In fact, I received a secret memo from a highly trusted, highly reliable source who has never lied to me (to my knowledge) detailing how far this toy gun conspiracy goes. I'm convinced it is real, but I'll research it for a couple of hours and prove to myself that it is legitimate before releasing it and unleashing a torrent of deadly Muslim riots. (I'm a responsible journalist, after all.)

The truth must be heard!