Sunday, August 19, 2012

Photos: Gaza kids sharing Eid candy with masked terrorists

A very revealing photo-essay on the Islamic Jihad Al Quds Brigades website shows eager kids offering candy and cookies to masked Islamic Jihad terrorists.

One child, Mahmoud, told the Islamic Jihad "media war" correspondent, "Since yesterday, my friends and I have been planning to visit the Mujahideen; we were waiting for this moment, and my mom that prepared for me festival cakes and candy in order to present it to them."

Thanking the kids, one of the brave masked mujahadeen said "We thank the mothers of these children who baked festival cakes for the the mujahideen, and assure them that we will not deviate from the option of Jihad and resistance at all costs and no matter how great the sacrifices and difficulties."

"These aren't exploding candies, are they?"

"Hey, one kid is eating my candy! I must shoot him!"

"Say 'Jeeeeehad'"
Isn't that sweet?

(h/t Challah Hu Akbar)