Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"Assad ordered terror attacks in Lebanon"

From Ya Libnan:
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad gave his direct orders to executing terrorist attacks in Lebanon, details of an investigation with former Lebanese information minister Michel Samaha, detained for alleged involvement in the plot, revealed on Monday.

Lebanese daily newspaper al-Jumhourya reported that Samaha had admitted to investigators that he was working for the Syrian regime trying to execute a plan to blow up explosives in the northern Lebanese city of Akkar.

Samaha admitted to having collaborated with General Ai al-Mamlouk, head of the Syrian national security bureau, whom Samaha said is now holding a senior position within the Syrian regime.

Samaha was arrested on Aug. 10 and was accused of planning to detonate bombs prepared by the Syrians with the aim of “inciting sectarian fighting” in Lebanon.
And as I have mentioned, Jordan has uncovered Syrian spy cells among the refugees.

Looks like Assad is planning to take everyone down with him.