Monday, June 11, 2012

Yemeni Muslim says what he REALLY thinks

So refreshing to read a Muslim who writes what the others only hint at.

From Yemeni site Al Tagheer, by Fatah Amri:

We are Soldiers of God, and we do not want to live in this life; it is just a corridor towards the Hereafter....we did not get ahead because of the infidel West, and dignity for us is only by the sword; the computers that come from the West, America and China , is a conspiracy and deception, you want to spend our future, and spread immorality, God forbid; these computers are infidel...

...We are the best people, we are God's Soldiers, we want access to power, and cutting people's hands and feet, in application of the law, and will not fail to do so, technology is will help us, electric saws, for cutting people's hands and legs, steadiness steadiness ..

Democracy is Kufr, secular atheism, a liberal trap; freedom lies, the technology lies, and all this said evidence 1400 years ago

Right now we go along with the infidel democracy, but this is temporary, and we use it only to reach power, and you will see how the law of God will prevail, and the infidels will know it will be overturned, and Israel will die, and during the resurrection, we will enter Paradise in crowds... ..
I couldn't translate it all but it looks like there were plenty more juicy parts, including about women and why Japan had an earthquake (because they didn't wash themselves before praying five times a day.)