Monday, June 18, 2012

UAE wants to control toys that mock Islam

But is mocking the people afraid of mocking allowed?

The United Arab Emirates Federal National Council (FNC) has issued a recommendation to the Cabinet to pass legislation on children’s toys that “mock Islam.”

The move has already created a round of sarcastic responses from parents in the Emirates, who say the effort on cracking down on toys seems “unwarranted.”

“These are children’s toys. What are they going to do? I think it’s ridiculous,” Kuwaiti mother of two Mona AbdelRahman told Bikyamasr.com.

But Mohammad Msallam Bin Ham, FNC member, called on the government to issue a legislation to tighten controls on imports of toys that are against Islam.

According to news reports, Bin Ham said that such toys should be prohibited from entering the country and to confiscate those found in the market.

“This is the responsibility of the ministry of economy, which should be in charge of securing the country’s borders and gateways through enhancing inspection on imported products,” Bin Ham said.

Bin Ham called on airport, seaport and all border access points to be vigilant.
What kinds of toys are against islam, you may ask?

Well, there's the toy gun that either says ""Go, go, go. Pull over. Save the hostages." or "Shoot Aisha!"

And there is the McDonald's Happy Meal Power Ranger toy with a squiggle that some people think says "Mohammed."

I think they might be insulted by a blow-up sex toy with one of Mohammed's names.

And we cannot possibly forget Mohammed, the Teddy Bear, a version of which you can buy here. But not if you are from the UAE.