Monday, June 25, 2012


From Ian:

Karma news - Anti-Israel BDSers “The Co-Op” caught out desecrating the dead.
Families horror as its revealed Co-op funeral firm piled naked bodies up in grim warehouse morgue
Channel 4 Dispatches programme shows casket lid was removed to cram four bodies into a van which left elderly woman's nose nearly touching roof
Horrific moment when the wrong body is discovered at a funeral and family wait 30 minutes for the right coffin to be found
Undercover programme also reveals that if a family member requests to see their relatives again bodies are quickly returned to the funeral home
Last year firm handled 100,000 funerals and made £51million profit

The media’s despicable silence on Israel
"The world’s media constantly blasts and attacks Israel. A simple monitoring of the media over the last few days shows a deafening silence on issues – and there’s no explanation other than media bias against Israel:
In the last week, there have been 150 rockets fired into Israel, and it’s far from major news. It’s a non-issue for the Western media – damage to a school and factory on Saturday. It will become news when Israel responds and kills some terrorist(s), and world headlines will speak of “tit for tat violence.” No, in reality it’s a sane democratic country defending herself from terrorism."
Should Israel Exist? A Sovereign Nation under Attack by the International Community

PA TV glorifies Palestinian terrorists who killed over 100 civilians in video by Palestinian national band
“Palestinian Authority TV has twice broadcast a music video honoring terrorist prisoners, including Ibrahim Hamed, serving 45 life sentences for orchestrating suicide bombings at Hebrew University (9 killed), Cafe Moment (12 killed), Cafe Hillel (7 killed), and Abbas Al-Sayid, serving 35 life sentences for planning the suicide bombing at the Jewish Passover Seder in Netanya (30 killed), and others.”
Congressman Allen West calls upon Obama to cut off U.S. aid to Egypt and repudiate Muslim Brotherhood

Egyptian cleric launching Pres. Morsi’s campaign promised new Arab empire with Jerusalem as capital

Malaysia to extradite Iranian suspected of attempted attack on Israeli targets

Australian-Israeli Venture Turns Emissions Into Fuel With Solar Energy
An Israeli-Australian venture aims to use concentrated solar power technology to turn carbon emissions from coal fired power generators in Victoria into fuel.