Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Links

From Ian:

The least surprising story of the day.
David Duke endorses anti-Israel candidate from Brooklyn
Ex-KKK leader and Louisiana congressman backs Charles Barron’s Democratic primary bid, citing shared hostility to ‘Zionist control’

Another dog bites man story - Berkley Pol Sci Professor thinks Iran should have nukes.
Kenneth Waltz Thinks Iranian Acquisition of Nukes is a Good Thing
More at Commentary:
Iranian Nukes? Don’t Worry, Says Prof

Turkey's Defense Minister: Israel will not be given access to NATO data designed to protect against missile attack from rogue nation

'When there is quiet in the south, there will be quiet in Gaza'
"Israel's Ambassador to the U.N. Ron Prosor sends letter of complaint to U.N. Security Council following recent barrages of rockets fired from Gaza into Israel • "The only thing that Hamas is 'reforming' in the area are the capabilities of its rockets to reach further and further into Israel," Prosor says."
The West's embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood – Dore Gold

From Yoel:

"Arab Spring" like protests in Sudan

Egypt border terrorist fought alongside rebels in Libya

Peres on CNN says "time is running out" on Iran sanctions